What is eCommerce Website Development and How to Build an eCommerce Website?

by Bharat Arora · Updated on July 21, 2020

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Many people have the dream of becoming an entrepreneur so that they can be their own boss.

But, before the intervention of intervention, it was a far-sighted dream.

However, now with the presence of eCommerce website development technologies – anyone can go online and start selling online without any glitch

Today, if you have an idea or product that you want to sell online, you just have to consult an eCommerce development company like Protocloud Technologies, and they will handle the rest.

Within a few days, you will become an entrepreneur!

What is eCommerce Website Development?

Building an online business involves multiple steps.

Foremost, you have to come up with a unique product idea, find a way to create or source your product, and finally, you have to create your online store where all your products will be available for buying.

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Your online store is an eCommerce website where people will come and buy your product.

Today, with the easy availability of web development tools and global exposure, anyone can create an eCommerce website.

Thus, the eCommerce development process’s definition has been expanded – it is a complete process of developing business strategies, marketing plans, and prospective expansion ideas.

Nowadays, eCommerce development company not help you with a website, no they start from the very beginning.

Foremost, they help you understand what you will attain by selling your products online.

So, let’s step by step, check out everything regarding eCommerce development.

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Why You Should Sell Your Products Online?

Before the pandemic of the century, the need to sell your products online was completely different.

People used to sell online to target global buyers and create brand value.

But, now, when your buyers are confined in the safety of their homes, online selling is the only way to reach your customers.

However, if you still looking for a reason to sell online, let us give you some prominent reasons-

People Prefer to Shop Safely

After the pandemic, eCommerce sales have grown by 49%.

That indicates people who are idling present in their homes – are shopping online?

They are spending money online on essential as well as non-essential goods.

Many people don’t want to step out of their houses, and they are shopping safely using their computers or mobile devices.

Cost-Effective Solution

To run a storefront, you have to bear numerous expenses, including rent, utility bills, staff’s salary, furnishings, maintenance, and so on.

But, in online selling, you need to buy a good hosting and marketing plan with some helping staff based on the size of your business, and you are all set to make profits.

Comfortable Shopping Environment

Not many customers want to dress up and drive a few miles for just shopping.

People are just lazy and busy, so they prefer to tap over the screen of their smartphone to shop.

Online Presence

Today, before visiting a shop, customers go online and check reviews and ratings of the brand.

If your customer doesn’t find you online, they will think that you don’t have modern and trendy products.

Thus, to get a good ranking of your products on Google, you have to develop your eCommerce website and focus on online marketing also.

Spontaneous Shopping

With the advancement of mobile devices, customers can buy instantly when they think of shopping.

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When you are online selling, you can target these spontaneous mobile shoppers and increase your sales revenue.

Key Ingredients to Build an eCommerce Store

If you are ready to make your presence known online, you have to pay attention to a couple of things before starting your online journey.

The process of eCommerce website development starts with –

  • A store name or domain name
  • Web hosting service provider
  • Integrated payment gateways
  • Technology to build a store
  • Packaging and delivery system
  • Digital marketing company to develop your online brand

An eCommerce development company can smoothly handle all the services that you required to build a high revenue-generating eCommerce website.

One progressive company can help you in finding a suitable domain name, web hosting, payment processors, and effectively market your store.

So, if you wanna grow online, just find the right eCommerce development company to assist you in your venture.

Easy Way to Build an eCommerce Website

The process of developing an eCommerce website is slightly different than the other websites.

That’s because you have to add products, payment gateways, and plenty of other elements to your eCommerce website.

From finding your market to reaching your market, the eCommerce website development process includes multiple layers as –

Find your Niche

Foremost, you have to find your niche around which you have to develop your eCommerce website.

But, finding a niche isn’t a simple task because you have to keep the market trends and demand in your mind while finding your niche.

Now, you don’t want to spend all your money on an eCommerce website that won’t offer you a good return, right?

Thus, you have to find your niche after accessing on following grounds –

Understand Trends – One way to ensure that you’ll start selling products right out of the gate is to align yourself with current trends.

By creating an eCommerce website around the trendy niches, you have a direct gate pass to increase your sales.

To find the trending niches, you can do basic market research using tools like Google Trends, Instagram, etc.

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Explore your Passion – If you are passionate about something, you should find your niche in that area.

For instance, if you are a professional life coach, you should sell online books, courses, and provide consultation in that area.

Test the Waters First

Before you get into a full entrepreneur mode, you must first test the market with your product.

You should design a lightweight and prototype version of your products and load them on your website.

Don’t overload your website with thousands of different products at one time.

You should slowly-slowly expand the operational area of your business.

If you instantly load truckloads of different products in your store, you won’t be able to understand customers’ reactions, plus you single handily can’t manage your customer.

You should pay attention to customers’ feedback on you can design products to satisfy your potential buyers.

It is a key point here to understand your customers’ feedback and work on it.

Once you understand your customers better, you can create products according to their requirements.

Pick the Building Technology

It is one of the crucial phases of the eCommerce website development process.

Your website is your store.

Thus, it has to be fast, attractive, and stylish. And, without the appropriate eCommerce building technology, you can’t create a fully functional store.

Nowadays, a platter of eCommerce development technologies is available in the market, such as Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, and many more.

All the eCommerce development platforms are highly functional and loaded with numerous features.

But, selecting the one platform as per your product requirements is very complicated.

An eCommerce development company can help you find the right eCommerce development platform after accessing your requirements.

Build a Store

Once you have picked a platform to build your store, you have to design your eCommerce store.

You have to create web pages that can properly flaunt your products in front of your customers.

To design a professional and attractive looking website, you have to consider the following things –

• Your website needs to be easy to navigate and access.
• Products should be properly displayed on your site along with a description and photo.
• Each product page should have a clear buy now button.
• The layout of the product display needs to be engaging, etc.

Launch & Marketing

Now, your eCommerce website is all ready to launch.

You should run different pressure tests on your website to evaluate performance, speed, and layout before launching your website.

Once you receive the positive initial results, you should launch your website.

If you are wondering if your work is done, you are wrong.

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Now, the actual work of marketing and promoting your brand starts.

The digital business world is very competitive, and to survive, you have to make lots of marketing efforts.

There are plenty of different online marketing solutions that you can use to make people aware of your new online store. For instance –

Content Marketing – Content marketing is a perfect method to search engine optimize your eCommerce store.

This style of marketing requires continuous efforts and investment.

The common way of content marketing contains blogs, long-form content, video content, audio content, etc.

Social Media Marketing – To increase your brand awareness and drive relevant traffic, social media marketing is the best solution.

For the eCommerce website, some of the useful channels to promote their products are Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Multiple Marketing Methods – Nowadays, eCommerce websites can be promoted through multiple different methods such as email marketing, SEO marketing, paid advertising, influential marketing, and so much more.

You have to try all the trending marketing methods to grow your business.

Let’s Become eCommerce Star

With the simple eCommerce website development structure, you can become a popular online brand easily.

You have to closely follow the process of eCommerce development without any haste, and you will surely achieve your business goals.

If you truly want to create your own eCommerce website, it just requires your dedication, time, and a small portion of your capital.

Importantly, you need the help of the best eCommerce development company that can assist you throughout the process.

To build your eCommerce brand from scratch, just contact Protocloud Technologies today!


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