How to Become a WooCommerce Expert in 5 Easy Steps?

by Bharat Arora · Updated on June 9, 2019

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If you are fascinated with the global e-commerce platform WooCommerce and want to become a WooCommerce expert to earn your livelihood, then you can follow your dream in just 5 steps.

Have you been using the WordPress platform to create e-commerce stores online?

If yes, then you must have used the dynamic WooCommerce plugin offered by WordPress.

This open-source platform has become the first preference of online retail store owners due to its easy user interface and functionality.

So, if in this scenario, you want to become the first choice of retail store owners, then you have to become a WooCommerce expert.

To become a prominent part of the small but highly evolving WooCommerce community, you have to make yourself an advanced WooCommerce developer who can exploit every feature offered by this platform in the right direction.

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Why Become a WooCommerce Expert?

WooCommerce expert is a person who has earned masters in site setup, implementation, and development of custom-made WooCommerce websites.

The WooCommerce community is very small and only a few developers are available on it.

But, these days with the increased requirement of WordPress-based websites, the need for WooCommerce developers has been increasing drastically.

Today, if you become a master of the WooCommerce community and earn a significant position in this family, then you will gain numerous benefits, such as;

You will be a brand – By getting the title of verified WooExpert, you can open your profile on the directory where you can showcase your achievements as a WooCommerce developer.

Clients can directly approach you – Interested clients can directly approach you and you can easily get leads for yourself.

WooCommerce features – You will get the opportunity to try out millions of new features in WooCommerce themes or extensions and use them to create functional websites for your clients.

Help – If you are stuck somewhere, then the WooCommerce team is ready to help you out 24*7. Moreover, there’s a huge open source community is present which is always ready to help fellow developers.

How to Become an Advanced WooCommerce Expert?

There are plenty of different online Certificate courses available which can teach you the basics of  WooCommerce, but if you want to practically learn this platform, then you have to follow a few steps.

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WooExpert has to be fully competent in this format with solid practical knowledge. You can easily possess the skills of a WooCommerce developer by following these ferocious five steps.

Step 1. Establish your Base

Okay, so there are no second thoughts on this point, to become WooExpert, you have to clear your basics and get familiar with WordPress first.

Numerous developers commit the mistake of skipping this step and moving directly to WooCommerce.

But, that’s the wrong approach, you can never learn WooCommerce properly before getting yourself familiar with the following studies;

Developers always forget that WooCommerce is a part of the gigantic WordPress family.

So, if you aren’t familiar with it, then you can’t move ahead and Learn WooCommerce.

Once your basic foundation has been established, then you can construct the building with your WooCommerce skills by learning the following studies:

  • Read WooCommerce Docs once
  • Explore different WooCommerce Settings
  • Try to understand the basics of WooCommerce
  • Take up a small WooCommerce project for practice

Step 2. Become WooCommerce Engineer First

If you want to create customized WooCommerce services and sell them at higher rates, then you have to become a WooCommerce engineer first.

You have to understand the structure, coding, and development process of the WooCommerce plugins.

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To become WooExpert, you should download all the WooCommerce plugins on your computer and have to open all the folders containing PHP files.

The knowledge of the WooCommerce language will help you in becoming a better WooCommerce expert. This helps you in understanding the customizing themes in clear light.

Step 3. Learn the Art of Customisation

Now, you learned the basic structure of the WooCommerce plugins. So, the next phase is to get familiar with the customization features of WooCommerce.

You should now learn all the curves of CSS and PHP for making one stylish and functional website for your clients.

This is the time when you have to understand the requirements of your clients and find the correct plugins to meet your client’s requirements.

In the beginning, you have to sweat a lot and you don’t know why a given snippet offers that function. But, when you try different snippets and codes, then you will slowly become a WooCommerce expert.

The journey of a WooExpert isn’t an overnight journey, you have to practice a lot to become a flawless WooExpert.

Step 4. Integrate WooCommerce

If you want to be an advanced WooExpert, then your journey is a bit long.

You have to understand the different things to integrate WooCommerce as per your likings such as SEO, cache, payment gateways, e-mail marketing, invoicing, pos, design, graphics, and whatnot.

Here, you have to understand the difference between the good and bad plugins, you have to find a way to connect third-party apps with your WooCommerce site, and especially you have to become a specialized WooExpert.

An Advanced WooCommerce expert can only get mastery in one field. Such as if you want to specialize in coding and want to create customized WooCommerce plugins, then you have to dwell deep into the plugin world.

Similarly, to specialize in WooCommerce scaling, you need to understand the problems of the WooCommerce platform.

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Step 5. Handle Troubleshooting

When your WooCommerce website breaks and you have no clue what’s wrong, then no amount of your customization or integration skills are going to be helpful here.

In this case, your practical knowledge and experience to handle a crisis will come in handy.

You have to guess the cause of the problem and have to check every try to find the solution. To become a WooCommerce expert, you have to develop skills to tackle the adverse and troubleshooting situation like a pro.

The biggest tip to become a WooCommerce expert would just get a start. If you want to become WooExpert, then stop thinking and start learning today.

This platform is very vast and developing every other day so to start your journey as an Advanced WooCommerce developer, you have to continuously evolve.

You have to repeat the process of – Customization, Integration, and Troubleshooting regularly. Just start and chase your dream of becoming an Advanced WooCommerce Developer!

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