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Hire Dedicated AngularJs Developer

Looking to hire AngularJs developer in India? At Protocloud we have dedicated and highly skilled AngularJs developers who have vast knowledge and experience in their respective fields. You can hire our angularjs developers with flexible hiring models (hourly/full time) for your next angularjs projects.

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Comprehensive AngularJS Services by Our Developers

Hire our angularjs developer for angular website development

AngularJS Web Development

Developers of our team are experienced enough to develop a native or hybrid mobile app platform for any kind of business domain and produce a brand-oriented mobile web app.

Hire angularjs developer for ecommerce development

AngularJS Ecommerce Development

To increase the operational area of your business, you can contact our eCommerce expert developers who can design a traffic generating angularjs based eCommerce app and website for you instantly.

AngularJS Single Page Application Development

AngularJS Single Page Application

It is very important to have high performing single page application to increase the productivity of your business. Our developers keep that in mind and offer a high performing SPA to you.

Custom Angularjs project

Custom AngularJS Project

It is very important to have high performing single page application to increase the productivity of your business. Our developers keep that in mind and offer a high performing SPA to you.

Angular 2 Development

When you want to build an app based on Angular 2, then you can use the expertise of our developers and the best quality Angular 2 app for your precious business

AngularJS Game Development

Programmers selected by Protocloud can produce some feature-rich and graphical AngularJS games producing the best ROI from addictive gamers

AngularJS CMS

If you want to get an interactive web portal, then you must be in search of some competent and innovative AngularJS that you can instantly hire from Protocloud without any hassle

Angularjs consulting by dedicated developer

AngularJS Consulting

To get a consultation on the subject of the AngularJS platform or hiring procedure, then our senior project managers will give you a free consultation anytime.

Angularjs support by our angularjs developer

AngularJS Support

Our dedicated developers are always prepared to handle complicated AngularJS complications. Once you hire developers from our team, then you can contact them anytime to address any maintenance related issues.

Why Choose Our AngularJS Developers for Your Next Project?

We are a well-known web app development company in India with the best class AngularJS dedicated team who are fully competent to interpret business needs and offer the best AngularJS development services.


Technical Support

Our AngularJS team is creative and innovative in its approach, with in-depth knowledge in working with the latest tools based coded in JavaScript, technologies, and frameworks while keeping themselves updated to deliver custom website UI and mobile application UI.


Expert Guidance

We offer free expert consultation so that users can understand the AngularJS platform better. To make sure that our vision and your vision matches, we present free visual consultation to our clients.


Team of your Choice

We aim to please you so you can select the best AngularJS developer from our team according to your requirements. We never push our thoughts on customers, they can hire a team as per their own desire.


NDA Security

The security of customers’ personal information is a very important topic for us. That’s why we sign an NDA with our customers before entering into the contract with them.


Code Ownership

It is clearly stated in our contract that IP ownership of the entire project remains with you from the time the project has been started.



We offer a free flow of communication between our clients and developers. The client can demand report of the project anytime from the developer or can contact them whenever they want to discuss anything important. We use all the latest modes of communication such as email, Skype, call, shared accounts and much more.


Solid Testing

Before submitting the final product to our client, we conduct numerous extensive tests to address all the aspects of system performance. We conduct quality analysis to make sure that our clients secure and safe websites.


High Maintenance

We offer extensive maintenance and support to our clients after the delivery of a project. Our developers are available to help out customers around the clock through various communication channels


Edge to edge Solution

Our team offers edge to edge AngularJS development services including web hosting, cloud services, strategic development, UX design and much more.

5 Easy Steps to Hire AngularJS Developer in India

We are fully aware that you are tired of interviewing numerous freelancers and still you haven’t found the perfect AngularJS programmer. That’s why we have selected the best AngularJS talent and formulated an easy hiring process so you can swiftly hire the best programmer and start developing your dream project.

Contact us to hire angularjs developer
Contact Us

You have to drop a call or an email to us and book a consultation with our project where you have to share your requirements from the AngularJS platform.

Access our angularjs developer

Our AngularJS Experts will analyze your requirements and creative thoughts to determine whether it is possible to shape your ideas. Once our team brainstorm on your project, then they will contact you to discuss further.

Finalizing for hire a dedicated angularjs developer

Once our developers made the roadmaps to design your AngularJS Based app and website, then they will customize the quote and hear your input on the initial plan.

Hire talented angularjs developer
Pick the Talent

Now, you can dive into our pool of talented AngularJS developers and select the best out of the best developers for your project.

Pay to hire angularjs developer
Pay & Control

Once you pay the agreed amount, then you will be able to see, monitor and regulate progress made by our developers

Our Flexible AngularJS Developer Hiring Model

The hiring process of our team is very interactive and strategic. Users can hire AngularJS developer from our team as per their convenience and budget. The hiring model designed by our team is very competitive and impressive.

Full-Time Hiring

You can hire a full-time developer who will assist you 8 hours daily on 5 working days and will be able to interact with through vivid communication channels.

Part-Time Hiring

You can hire the part-time AngularJS developers for 5 days a week and they will work stand 4 hours a day. You can contact them during working hours using different communication channels.

Hourly Hiring

This is the most preferred model in which you can developers from our hourly basis and use their expertise to make your AngularJS project effective.


If you aren’t sure about the AngularJS platform and hiring process, then you can clear your bobbling thoughts by reading the following facts.