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Nowadays, people are leaning more towards online sites in this phase.

If somebody wants to sell the product, they don’t go to market for selling their products.

They try to sell it from the comfort of their home without any headache of going anywhere.

Customers dint have to wait for a long time to search for the product of their choice at the desired price range. They can get it from your app.

Features of education app development classified app provide the platform for new and small business owners to sell their products with multiple features available in the app, which can help them promote their products.

Your Key to Launch an Enticing Classified App is Here.

Features of Classified App development

Let's take a look at the fantastic features of our scalable Classified App.

  • Password reset

    The password can be easily reset in case someone forgets the login password to their account.

  • Social login

    Login can be done quickly by the use of integrated social media reports.

  • EMI option

    Customers can opt to pay in installments for the purchase they have made.

  • Seller app

    Sellers get more additional features to sell their products with ease and comfort.

Education App Development Company
  • Advertisement

    Sellers can opt to promote their effects on the app through different types of ads.

  • Pay per lead

    It is one more way to encourage the Seller's products on the application only.

  • Buyer + Seller

    Users can perform both as a seller and a buyer of the products.

  • Payment status

    Paid ads will help the Seller reach more and more people by paying some amount.

Advance Features of Education App

Let’s look at the amazing features you will get in our Education App Development Solutions

Classified mobile app development company

Easy sign In

The customer can sign in very quickly in the app using either a mobile number or email id.

Easy search

Customers can easily search for the product by applying the filters.

Order status

The status of the order which they have placed is available within the application.


Notifications to give to notify the people about any updates and other features.

Multiple product images

Various photos can be uploaded for a single product to get a perfect idea about the product.


Customers can rate and review the products which there have bought for further reference of other people.

Add to cart

You can easily add the product to the cart for checkout, or you can continue to shop for more products.

Push notification

A lerts your customer about any new discounts, offers, special deals, and many more offers.

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Clone Classified Apps That We Provide

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Clone app like eBay

The highly innovative online classified app like eBay clone app, i.e., 100% customizable & ready to launch!

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Clone app like Craigslist

Are you looking for an app with features like Craigslist? Yes, we have a solution, and we can deliver it in 7 days.

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Clone app like Gumtree

This classified clone app has a lot of benefits. You can customize this readymade app to become an industry leader.

Benefits of Using Our Classified App Development Solutions


Technical mastery

Our mastery is inclusive of business analysis, building, and launching high-end classified solutions for customers.


Quality-driven approach

We can give you robust and quality-driven classified app solutions to make your business appealing.


Devotion to our services

Our devotion to delivering quality services helps companies to improve their functions and features.



One of the essential benefits of our Classified Solution is that it is evenly compatible with various platforms.


24×7 customer support

We plan to create highly efficient and flexible classified applications with customer support.


Unique solutions

We truly realize that a distinct type of classified application may not work for another company.

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How Much Does It

Cost to Build a Classified App?

The classified app is an outcome of our team of mobile app developers consisting of Android, iOS, and developers who work with classified website and app development company experts to equip your app only with the most desirable features and technologies.

The cost depends on the precise use of technology, resources, and model behind our extensive development process, and it changes from project to project.

To know the exact cost, connect with our experts now!

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Here Are Answers To Your Top Questions

Here Are Answers To The Most Common Questions That We Get As A Leading Mobile App Development Company

We provide the best-in-class app for your business.

The app is made for your business according to your needs and requirements.

It takes approximately 4-5 weeks to build a successful app to meet all clients’ expectations.

Furthermore, it depends upon the size and complexity of the app.

Money can be made in the form of a commission charged.

It can also earn from ads and paid listings from the sellers who want to promote their products.

Yes, there are many such charges which are not covered.

Like SMS gateway charge, registration on Google plays store, Apple play store, Web hosting charges, etc.

The cost to build an app depends on various factors.

If you’re looking for a readymade app that is already available, then the price can be minimum, but you need to have a reasonable budget if you are looking for an on-demand app according to your plan & ideas.

Feel free to contact us, ask your queries.

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