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In Recent years E-Commerce platforms are in the trends which give maximum profit to the entrepreneur. E-commerce apps reduce time by providing products on digital platforms and it also saves money by providing material at a good price.


Our E-commerce app fulfills all demands and expectations by providing all the latest features that can boost online business. We provide an innovative way to buyers & sellers by giving them an easy-to-use application and making them connected. Our development process includes designing, testing, rechecking the app through our team which includes experienced developers who have worked upon many client business requirements.


Now being a champion in the E-commerce industry is very easy with customized e-commerce app development solutions that will meet all your expectations and demands at a reasonable cost. We are here for you to provide any kind of help in e-commerce app development services.


Features of E-commerce app development

Customer Application – we give features to your customers so that they get used to it

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    Swift Registration

    Users can easily create their account just by linking it to social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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    Search Products

    These features allow users to make a quick and easy search of the products available on e-commerce platforms.

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    View Rating

    Customers can yield reasoned purchase decisions by browsing through the reviews and ratings expressed by those who bought the product.

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    Wish rating

    Customers can make their wish list in which they can add their favorite products that can be purchased in the future which saves their time searching for the same product.

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    Review & Rating

    A review and rating option is given to customers for getting their feedback on products and services. This also helps sellers to improve their quality and services.

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    My Orders

    A list of products that are ordered previously can be seen easily and in just a few steps customers can repeat their orders.

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    My Cart

    Customers can check the list of products with their pricing and availability.

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    Shipping Address

    Customers can update their shipping address along with the contact person and number

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    Instant Sign-up

    Customers can log in easily just by using their social media account.

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    Return & Cancel the order

    In case customers are not satisfied with the delivered product they can easily return it by just putting a cancellation request.

Advance features of E-commerce app

Let’s take a look at amazing features


Instant sign-up

Customers can log in easily just by using their social media account.

Advance search bar

This advanced feature helps customers to search for a specific product with sorting and filtering elements.

View categories

Customers can easily compare the product price, availability, quality by looking at the categories of products. This saves their time for looking at the entire range of products.

Save products

With this feature, customers can search for a product and save them to purchase it at a later date.

Add to cart

Customers can add their favorite product to the cart with their availability and with their price.

Multiple payment options

Customers can order their products by using a diverse range of payment options based on their convenience.

View my cart-

Customers can check their added products with the information of pricing, availability, and rating.

Update shipping address

Customers can change and update their shipping address with the information of location for the delivery of the products.

In-app support

In-app support gives users assistance to solve their queries and problems related to e-commerce apps.

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Here are answers to your top questions

Here are answers to the most common questions that we get

Won’t there be any issue of copyright?

Our e-commerce application gives you design, features, code, layout similar to Flipkart, Amazon. We don’t copy exactly any e-commerce applications by using their design, features, and layout. So there won’t be any issue of copyright. Even international gives permission to launch an e-commerce store.

Where can I get E-commerce software?

If you are looking for a good quality of software and a unique range of customization then no doubt we are the right option for you. 

What are your hiring models?

We have a diverse range of hiring models. Just have a deep look:

ON-SITE TEAM MODEL –If you want to choose a closely monitored environment then we will deploy a team who would be working on your project from the beginning to the end. 

FIXED PRICE MODEL – We develop a fully functional e-commerce application after getting knowledge of the fixed price and major characteristics.

DEDICATED TEAM MODEL – We assign a fully and dedicated team of developers, brilliant designers, QA personnel, and project manager you develop your dream application.

HOURLY PRICE MODEL- Under the hourly pricing model you can hire our developers on the verticals to be worked upon for which you have to pay on an hourly basis. Therefore, it is also called a flexible hiring model. 


Is there any limit to use the number of products and categories to be used in the app?

Absolutely not, a limitless number of product categories can be created and uploaded in the app according to the efficiency and speed of the server. 


What are the payment methods that can be used in your e-commerce app?

We give you all the payment options which are used widely such as debit/credit cards, net banking through gateways like PayPal, and online payment options such as Paytm, Google pay, and much more.


How user-friendly is your e-commerce app?

Our e-commerce includes all the user-friendly features such as an advanced search bar empowered with sorting and filtering elements, various payment options, and much more. 


How much time does it take to launch an e-commerce app?

Our team always ensures to deliver your project on the mentioned date. We deliver your dream project in just a few days.

What kind of support do you provide after the development process?

We always believe in maintaining good terms with our clients. So we are always there for technical support and bug removal support for a period of 100 days.