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The current pandemic has emerged in the online education sector with a maximum audience. Both educational institutes and parents prefer to use digital classes for their children. There’s a big change in learning which includes online classes with advanced features rather than old classroom-based learning.

As a reputed company, we offer an online educational clone app with customized features & all the latest technologies. Our team helps businesses & educational institutions to build their online learning platform in the quickest time. Our team has the top online learning software in the industry because we build a platform where professionals can learn new courses in an easy way given by experts.

Our developer’s team creates an education learning app platform with world-beater solutions as per your business requirements and needs which gives you control over prices & courses offered to your users. So, if you want to launch your E-learning platform then definitely you are at the right place.

Our Developers will provide you best educational app development services over the globe and effortless teaching solutions with maximum results.

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Features of education app development

Let’s take a look at amazing features of our scalable Education App

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    Instructor Dashboard

    The teachers will have their dashboard, which will help them to use the application with ease.

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    Show ads without any difficulties. The ads can be customized as per the season or as per the advertisers' requirements as well.

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    Online Exams

    We give the online exam option on our education app which helps to take online exams according to your time.

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    Download Lectures

    Users can easily download their lectures which they can watch offline. It will give them a friendly experience.

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    Multilingual Support

    Our courses are available in major languages of the world with multilingual subtitles.

Education App Development Company
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    Advanced Search Option

    The advanced search option gives multiple filters & algorithms to users for a better user experience.

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    Daily Task Routine

    You can set the easy daily tasks of teachers and students according to you.

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    Fee Management

    The admin dashboard is designed in such a way that helps instructors to access easily through a unified dashboard.

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    Admin Dashboard

    The admin dashboard is designed in such a way that the admin can set price & other parameters with ease.

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    Promo Videos

    These videos help in user engagement and give more awareness among users.

Advance features of education app

Let’s look at the amazing features you will get in our Education App Development Solutions

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You can take teachers' and students' training according to needs as on your time.

Multilingual support

Language Option

You can easily select the language of your choice for a better understanding.

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Advanced Search Option

The advanced search option gives multiple filters & algorithms to users for a better user experience.

Advanced earch option

My Courses

It includes all details of courses enrolled by users, syllabus, and completion date are made available to them.

My Courses


Gamification helps in the cognitive development of a student and increases the level of engagement.

Promo Videos

Live Tutorials And Sessions

We gave interactive live sessions as well as tutorials for the students to polish their skills by mobile app.


Download Lectures

Users can easily download their lectures which they can watch offline. It will give them a friendly experience.

Courses Quizzes

Course Quizzes

A general quiz is given to evaluate the user's learning power in this feature, in which immediate results are given.

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Clone Apps that we provide

Byju Clone App
Byju Clone App

It is the most famous education platform for school students where they can learn and easily understand the topics of the subjects they wish to continue with. The students are taught in very creative and interesting ways for their understanding.

Udemy Clone App
Udemy Clone App

It provides a platform for the its users to learn new course program in an easy and engaging way, we can also call it a place for subject matter expert/instructor to bring their expertise for a particular subject and make it available to interested participants.

Coursera Clone App
Coursera Clone App

It is considered as the best platform for the professionals to upgrade their skills and increase their knowledge by learning new courses according to the career they are serving or they want to serve while working on their current job or if they want to switch their job.

Benefits of Embracing Mobile Technology For Education

Security & Privacy

We provide services with complete security & privacy of your data for your projects. We also ensure the safety of all your data to eliminate any possibility of difficulty.

Experienced Team

We are experts in education app systems, experienced across a range of various platforms, and have exceptional problem-solving and communication skills. 

On Time Delivery

Our experienced team provides statistical methodology programming expertise as well as the reporting accuracy necessary to deliver your trial efficiently and on time.

Advance Features

Our developers always develop mobile apps according to clients’ needs and requirements and we give advice from time to time about your project features.

Effective Communication

We are big enough to handle the largest engagements and small enough to maintain a collaborative relationship with our clients.

Custom Design

We have UI/UX designers who design every pixel of the dating app with custom designs according to your projects. Your design visually and looks-wise good.

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because our Education App is the best!

Here are answers to your top questions

Here are answers to the most common questions that we get as a Leading Mobile App Development Company

Can I scale up in the future in case my business gains more users?

As your business takes flight, you’ll start to grow month over month, year over year.

Then you will able to change easily upgrade the app anytime as per your requirement to add new features, functionalities, capabilities, and redesign as per your preferences with our team.


What is the delivery time for the E-learning app?

We are a leading education app development company for client’s dream projects therefore protocloud gives complete training to our seamless team before submitting client projects who able to work on the right way and on time.

Then, our team builds an educational app on time after covering all factors and requirements as mentioned to clients.

Approximately 5-6 weeks are required from our side to build an education mobile learning app.

How will you update me about project progress?

How do we present a Project Update?

  • We assign a project manager who updates you on your app development project progress.
  • Our team is available to solve your business-related queries to make your business more successful.
  • We provide a 1-page document for your understanding.
  • We provide easy-to-understand status indicators status for each updated item.

What if an app gets rejected during app submission?

First, our team figures out all problems, that why the app is not submitting to a search engine.

Our team is to help you in case your app gets rejected by the app store.

Our team gives a better solution to the problem to run your business smoothly before checking the issue, solving it, and submitting it.

As a leading Educational App Development Companies in India, we will always provide you will all the solutions and the answers that you need from us.

What range of customization do I get in an education app?

Yes, you can easily get a range of customizing.

Our team can easily customize apps by adding or removing features at your will and requirements.


What type of education apps do you create?

There are three most used platforms (Web, Android, iOS) for using education apps but Our education app developers hold expertise in almost all the technologies required for developing robust, scalable, and feature-rich education applications.

We can create any type of education app (Like School app, learning app, Coaching app, online learning education app for students and teachers, etc.) according to your particular business requirements.

How much does it cost to create an Education app?

It depends on your project requirement- the type of the app, time duration needed to complete the project, web design, features & complexity of the app, etc.

If you do not have app programming skills, you can seek help from Protocloud technologies.

We can provide you with your particular app requirements to get an estimated cost for the education app development.

What are benefits of education app?

There are uncountable advantages & importance of Education mobility solutions for students and school management.

Education app is easy to understand and use as compared to books and lectures that students attend in the classrooms.

If we use education app then so benefits of education app for learning
Benefits of Education Apps are given below:

  • Benefits of Students for study ( Like availability 24*7 )
  • Student tracking (Like Attendants, students performance, students home work details etc.)
    Teacher performance (like leaves, salary, progress reports etc.)
  • Better Communication between teacher and parents.
  • Study with gaming techniques

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