Hire Android App Developers from India

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Custom Android App Development

Our android developers develop highly secured apps using the latest technologies like AR/VR, Blockchain, AI/ML, IoT, etc.

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Android App Re-Engineering

Our remote android app developers are highly skilled in re-engineering app and enhance their features and functionalities accordingly.

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Dedicated Android Programmers

We are having a team of android app developers who build interactive and innovative android apps using the latest technologies.


Android App Migration & Upgradation

Our android application developers will help you to migrate your existing app to an Android app and will also help in the up-gradation of the app.


Maintenance & Management

Our android developers will help you improve the performance of apps as they are experts in the management & maintenance of the app.

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Android Application Testing

We have a strong team of android app testers and QA professionals who provide you high performance and reliable application testing services.

Android Developer Frameworks We Hold Expertise In

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Is Android the Right Choice? Sure it is!

We have designed our services to make sure the development of our powerful apps is tailored according to your business. If you leverage our services, you can be assured of the following:

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  • Open Source
  • Easy Customization
  • Easy Approval For Registration
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Optimum Scalability
  • Faster Deployment Time
  • Assured Enhanced Security
  • Target Multiple Platforms
  • Higher Return On Investment
  • Distribution In 3rd-party Marketplaces

Do you know?

3.1 million+ Android apps have been launched via Google Play Store!

Benefits of Developing a Professional Android App

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You can easily choose your desired plan as per your needs,from the various hiring options we have provided.

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Security & confidentiality

We ensure complete confidentiality of your ongoing projects with strict data measures.

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Experienced developers

Our android developers keep your applications managed & maintained following the best practices.

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Flexibility & scalability

Hire expert android programmers based on your needs with the option to ramp up or scale down.

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Regular reporting

You can continuously monitor our dedicated programmers and get regular updates for the project.

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Control Over Project

Our hire developer model for android apps provides direct control over the project and the entire working team.


Industry Expertise Of Our Android Developers

Our Andriod developers can build customized solutions for your business – no matter which industry you operate in. We can assure developing the optimal Android-based web solution in sync with your specific industry and as per your project requirements with sure gains of cost.

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We provide health care app development teams to the clients, who create cost-effective compliance fit & scalable applications and help them in the exponential growth of the business.

Work Done By Our Android Developers

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Hire Expert Android Developers from Our Comprehensive Team

The main aim behind an Android application is to provide users a more suitable and comprehensive alternative from the website where users can enjoy your services quickly and effectively. Keeping the objective of Android app development in mind, our team of dedicated android app developers is fully ready to produce high-quality android apps for our clients. Our developers are trained to handle the workflow of different industries. We can develop the perfect app according to the requirements of our clients.

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7+ Years of Average Experience

We provide dedicated android app developers who are experienced & skilled with the latest technologies of android app development.

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Hassle-free Project Management

We will keep you relieved of project management issues as our experienced project manager works on your project.

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Flexible Engagement Models

You can hire an android programmer online on a part-time, monthly, hourly, or fixed cost basis as per your requirement.

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Transparency & Integrity

You can trust us with your ideas as we respect your secrecy. Our developers work transparently and follow strict NDA’s.

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Free no Obligation Cost

Once you share your project idea with us, we provide you with a no-cost estimate, within 24 working hours.

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Guaranteed Transparency

We will regularly keep you posted via email, skype, and call with your complete project status details.

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Ready To Get Started?

Hire Android developers with 5+ years of average experience to build an interactive, secure, and scalable PHP web application that helps start-ups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive market.

Comparative Analysis : In-House, Freelancers or Protocloud

We offer a team of highly skilled Android developers accompanied by a testing professional for a quality audit, a project manager for streamlined execution, and a variety of in-house experts to provide guidance. This entire onboarding event is done through a quick, easy, and transparent hiring process.

  • Protocloud
  • In - House
  • Freelance
  • Time to get right developers
  • 1 day - 2 weeks
  • 4 - 12 weeks
  • 1 - 12 weeks
  • Time to start a project
  • 1 day - 2 weeks
  • 2 - 10 weeks
  • 1 - 10 weeks
  • Recurring cost of training & benefits
  • $10,000 -$30,000
  • 0
  • Time to scale size of team
  • 48 hours - 1 week
  • 4 - 16 weeks
  • 1 - 12 weeks
  • Pricing (weekly average)
  • 1.5 X
  • 2X
  • 1X
  • Project failure risk
  • Extremely low, we have 98% success ratio
  • Low
  • Very High
  • Developers backed by a delivery team
  • Yes
  • Some
  • No
  • Dedicated resources
  • Yes
  • Some
  • Quality guarantee
  • Yes
  • High
  • High
  • Assured work rigor
  • Yes
  • Some
  • No
  • Tools and professional environment
  • Yes
  • High
  • Uncertain

Hire Your Personal Android App Developer on Flexible Hiring Model

If you are tired of interviewing freelancers and want a competent Android developer to start your project, then you are in the right place. We provide you a perfect opportunity to select a dedicated Android developer suiting your needs from our pool of tested developers. Our dynamic coders can offer you their experts on your terms.

Full-Time Hiring

Under this model, you can hire dedicated developers from our team for the whole day. Their working hours for the day will be eight hours a day and five days a week.

Part-Time Hiring

You can hire our dedicated developers for part-time (4 hours) on working days to design and develop your website and get the regular work status report.

Hourly Hiring

You can customize the number of hours on working days you required assistance from our dedicated developers at your convenience.

5 Easy Steps to Hire Android Developers

Contact Us

You can drop an email or call us and book a consultation with our team where you have to share your requirements for the project.


Our Experts will analyze your requirements and creative thoughts to determine whether it is possible to shape your ideas.


After thoroughly analyzing and creating the roadmap for your project, our developer will build a quote and take your views on the plan.

Pick The Talent

Now, you can dive into our pool of talented Android developers and select the best out of the best developers for your project.

Pay & Control

Once you pay the agreed amount, the team will start working, and you will be able to monitor and regulate the progress made by our developers.

Excited to create your app? Get your free quote today

Take a step forward in growing your business with us. Connect with our experts to get the best quotation for the growth of your business.

Our Partners

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Here Are Answers to Your Top Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions that we get

What is the cost of creating an Android app?

It is a very well-known fact that the Android App costs less if we compare it to Apple. Android apps are cost-effective as it only costs around $25 at the time of registration, and for the same, Apple asks for about $100.

If we talk about the cost of developing an Android app, it depends on the factors like:
1- Process of App discovery– The team does research and analysis of the market, and it also includes competitor analysis.

2- Level of Complexity – The level of complexity in developing the app also contributes to the cost of the app, and the more complex the app it will cost more.

3- Type & Category – The cost of Android App Development depends on what type of app the customer wants. There are many categories like E-Commerce Apps, Stand Alone Apps, Enterprise Apps, Social Networking Apps, On-demand Apps.

These are also some other factors like Design, Wireframing, Animation, and Maintenance.

Which is best Android development companies in India?

If you have a limited budget to develop an Android App, it will be a great choice to hire a local Android App development company that can provide you with cheap costs and will surely complete your project.

They will deliver your project, but that doesn’t mean that the quality of their work will satisfy you.

At Protocloud Technologies, we deliver our projects timely. Our developers make sure that their work should always provide the client what he asks in an app as We are one of the prestigious Android development companies in India with years of legacy.

Is it a good idea to hire a dedicated Android developer?

Yes, it is always good to hire android app developer or an android app development company.

Working with an android app development company will guarantee that your project will be exposed to fewer risks.

Other benefits of hiring a dedicated developer are:

1. Their specific programming skills
2. Dedication towards their work.
3. Flexible engagement
4. Fully controlled project progress
5. Access to the latest technologies
6. Cost-efficient
7. Non-Disclosure Agreement

How to select an Android development company?

If you are looking to hire dedicated software developers and getting your work done cost-effectively and want to get your project completed timely you should be looking for the following points:

The company should have:

1. At least 5-6 years of industry experience
2. Have build at least 300+ apps
3. A team of more than 10+ software developers
4. Clients in more than ten countries

You can go for Protocloud Technologies to hire the best Android developers as we have experience of more than 10+ years and we have delivered 1000+ projects to 800+ clients all over the world.

Why use Android development services?

You may listen to the names Android or google once a day or even more.
Play store statistics show that 3.1 million+ Android apps have been launched via Google Play Store.

If this reason does not interest you in making an Android app, there are some more reasons:

1. Low investment and high returns
2. Increase in the reach of your customers
3. Improved sales
4. Enhances Brand image
5. Create a loyal customer base.

Which is a better solution to hire a dedicated Android development company or create a new team?

Hiring a dedicated android development team is always a better option as it’s a budget-friendly option and consumes less time.

If you want to create a whole new team from the ground, you have to put a lot of effort and time into the process and costs you more money.

There are various number of benefits on hiring a dedicated development team like;

1. Timely delivery of your projects
2. Total control over the process of development
3. Highly secured applications
4. Access to the latest tools and technologies
5. Pocket friendly

Do you sign NDA with your developers?

Yes, all our developers sign the NDA forms before starting any project. We believe in the complete authenticity of your data and respect the privacy of that data.
We believe in providing the best results to our clients.

What are your hiring models?

We offer a team of developers who are world-class developers and have skills with an in-house team- you can easily hire dedicated developers and mobile app experts.

Full-Time Hiring
You can hire full-time iPhone app developers from our team who will work 8 hours a day and 5 days a week for your project. All our developers will freely communicate with you during working hours via Skype, email, phone, and other preferred methods.

Part-Time Hiring
You can hire an iOS application developer from our team of developers on a part-time basis who will work 4 hours a day for 5 days a week for you.

Hourly Hiring
You can hire an iPhone app programmer on an hourly basis from our team if you have small requirements.

What all stages involved in the mobile app development process?

Usually, there are three stages in the process of app development.

The first step is to plan and understand the business and its objectives.

The second is the design and development stage, in which we create the app and then test the app until we are delighted with the product that we have created.
The final step is to launch the app on the client’s preferred platform, followed by the application’s marketing.

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    Protocloud team is very helpful and work to ensure the whose system runs perfectly. Ihighly recommend him.

    Obadiah K