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Why dating app development companies are important for future

Online dating is becoming a big industry day by day. These apps are pocket-friendly, which gives the highest return in minimum time. At the same time, it needs no maintenance cost that makes it a source of secondary income. A match-making app gives many options to an individual to select their perfect match.

If you look at the stats, online dating is not limited to Dating Websites. Mobile match-making apps are popular among customers. As reports suggest, more and more people are going online to find their match. It gives the most immense contribution in revenue generation, which makes it more useful in the future.

Entrepreneurs who want to join the dating industry ensure that they have a unique concept and specific niche for their dating app idea.

Protocloud Technologies is a well-trusted dating app development company. Our mobile app developers will convert your unique app ideas into reality.

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Features of our online dating app

Customer application – we give features to your customers so that they get used to it

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    Alert notifications

    Our dating app support development team gives app alert notifications that notify the user when they gets a match according to their profile and needs.

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    Profile match percentage

    Our team gives you an option that on each profile matching percentage will be shown to you according to your fitment.

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    Profile details

    Our dating app development team gives details of user person to you which give help you to better understand regarding person profile.

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    Location friendly

    Our matchmaking app development team makes sure that you will be shown those profiles which are near to your locations.

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    Private chat

    Our team provides you the platform for secure chat which makes you more comfortable while doing private chat.

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    In-app features search

    We provide you searching features like forwarding / backward click, left/right-click options to swipe the profiles.

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    Safety of profile and data of users

    Our primary focus is on providing safety of profile and keeping users’ data safe. Relevant profiles are shown to relevant ones.

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    Secure Chat

    We provides you the platform for secure chat which makes you more comfortable while doing private chat.

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    Fully controlled system

    Our dating app is developed with such technologies and ideas which makes the app free from any kind of errors and faults while logged in.

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    Quick login using Google/Facebook

    When a user wants to login in to their dating app, he doesn’t need to add login credentials each time.

Advance features our of matchmaking application

Today online dating apps are most in-demand in adults. Our app developer will create high- end custom dating apps with high security, user-friendly, and more personalized.

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In app search feature

In-app search feature

The list of best dating app features won’t be considered complete without having the In-app search feature in it.

User Profile creation 1

User profile creation

The dating apps work only when your profile is matched successfully with the other user’s profile.

Real time alerts 1

Real-time alerts

adding real-time alerts and in-app notifications that are based on and defined by the person concerned



Many people do not do it because they don't know how to begin the conversation or become underconfident.

Capacity to search for nearby matches

Capacity to search for nearby matches

To make a perfect dating app, an organized search filter needs to be arranged well in the app.

Like dislike options

Like / dislike options

Our app development team gives you options for likes and dislikes which are used to make sure that disliked profiles are not shown to you again.

Fully controlled system

Fully controlled system

Our matchmaking app is developed with such technologies that make the app free from errors and faults while logged in.

Verified Profiles

Verified Profiles

It is exciting new people; it can be daunting too. There is a rise in cybercrime activities, and many of them have been associated with dating apps.

Find Events Meetups

Find Events & Meetups

The best dating apps like Her for LGBTQ and Clover app thought of going one step ahead.

Discover nearby matches

Discover nearby matches

For your ideal dating application, a structured search filter needs to be arranged well in the app.

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Security & Privacy

Our company is very conscious of client security data standards. So, our team ensures that the client’s data and application are highly protected, unlike others.

Experienced Team

Our experienced team provides statistical methodology programming expertise as well as the reporting accuracy necessary to deliver your trial efficiently and on time.

Effective Communication

Your communication will be with the project developers who will give you up-to-date reports on the development of your project.

Advance Features

Our team uses the latest technologies in development. Our team improves productivity at the beginning of the task.

On Time Delivery

Our team is experienced and smarter to deliver high-quality mobile apps on time that give positive feedback when launching the app.

Custom Design

We have web and graphic designers who design every pixel of the dating app with custom designs according to your projects.

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Everything you want to know

Here are answers to the most common questions that we get

How many team members will be required to make our project a dating app?

We will deploy mobile app development from the iOS and Android department, Creative Designer, Software Tester, Technical Manager, and Product Owner.


To set up the smooth Project Execution Process, the Product Owner and Technical Manager will be a direct point of contact for you. If you want to chat with developers directly, we also provide open communication support.

How much time will it take to develop an excellent app?

The time to build a dating app depends on the complexity of the app and the structure of your project. Each stage in the process takes different amounts of time to complete.


On average, apps can take anywhere between 4 and 5 weeks to make a successful app that will meet all expectations of clients and customers. Furthermore, it depends on the app size, difficulty, and features.

Do you provide a complete App solution?

Yes, we do provide complete App solutions (design, development, testing, etc) too.


We also provide maintenance for the apps as we understand the importance of maintaining the apps to keep you stay ahead of your competitors.


At Protocloud Technologies we have an expert maintenance support team that will guide you on what to do if you come across any issue.


Support system & annual maintenance is available free for two months after that a small amount will be charged from your side. This cost goes up to 15% of the project.
All the fees and costs depend on the intensity of the work.

How do you provide project progress details?

Our team will provide you a work plan before we start work on the project & we will update you from time to time regarding the progress of the project.


For further inquiry, you can contact us by email or phone at any time. There are customer cares who can give you feedback on your queries.

Will I get a source code full access after the completion of the project?

Yes, you will get a source code full ownership, all login credentials, source code everything’s after completion of the project.

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    Protocloud team is very helpful and work to ensure the whose system runs perfectly. Ihighly recommend him.

    Obadiah K

    Testimonials icon

    Protocloud team is very helpful and work to ensure the whose system runs perfectly. Ihighly recommend him.

    Obadiah K