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In today’s time, where covid-19 cases are raised, there is also an increase in the demand for the pharmacy app, or you can also say digital pharmacy.

Protocloud Technologies, as a pharmacy app development company, provides you with the safest, most convenient, and efficient solution for today’s pharmaceutical needs.

It includes all the features to be called the best pharmacy app.

Also, it saves time and brings convenience to your customers who shop medicine regularly. Therefore, no need to wait in a queue at the pharmacist shop for hours.

Enable your customers and the growth of your app for pharmacy in the USA and the UK with innovative pharmacy app development solutions.

Be a champion by launching an online medicine delivery app with our development solution and help the customers to get fast rid of their illness by using your e-pharmacy app and website.

Your Key to Launch an Enticing Pharmacy App is Here.

Features of Our Medicine Delivery App

Let's take a look at the fantastic features of our scalable Pharmacy App.

  • Order management

    The pharmacy application will receive notifications through emails and messages whenever they receive a new order.

  • Dedicated interface

    Medical pharmacists can provide their customers with required help through email and phone call whenever they need it.

  • Tracking payment

    You can earn revenue through notifications by observing the status of pending and successful payments of customers.

  • Login registration

    Vendors can easily log in to their accounts and have access to serve customers through their pharmacy website.

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  • Payments and receipts

    Vendors of the healthcare pharmacy can easily manage all the copies of receipts of payments and income.

  • Reply to customers

    Medical pharmacists can directly respond to queries and build a strong relationship with them by gaining their trust.

  • Reporting and analytics

    Get all applicable information regarding revenue, profit, loss for the business, and data-driven decision-making.

  • Other reports

    Apart from reporting and analytics, you can get other reports such as target reports, performance reports.

Advance Features of Our Medicine Delivery App

Let's look at the fantastic features you will get in our pharmacy app development solutions.

pharmacy mobile application

Manage profile

Customers can manage their profile by just inserting a few details. They can also manage notifications, payment details.

Payment and offers

Multiple payment options and offers are available in the pharmacy app to make their payments.

Accessible search medicine

Accessible search medicine

Patients can easily search for the treatment as per their requirements in just one click, which you can purchase.


You can reorder the medicine quickly through the app by choosing it from the order history and paying.

Easy upload of prescription

Prescription can be uploaded quickly by the customers to search for their medicine.

Track Order

Customers can track their orders in the app to get time to time information.

Accessible search medicine

Search with categories

With this option, users can search within types of medicine, saving their time.

Compare Price

Patients can compare the prices of medicine in the app for their satisfaction.

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Clone Apps That We Provide

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Clone App Like MPR

Storm into the profitable online pharmacy business with our white label MPR clone app. 100% customizable & ready to launch!

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Clone App Like Medscape

Are you looking for an application with similar features to
Medscape? Yes, we have a solution, and we can deliver it in 7 days.

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Clone App Like Epocrates

With this pharmacy clone app, you can run a unique business with all benefits. You can customize this readymade app as per your wish to become an industry leader.

Benefits of a Pharmacy App Development Company


Earning more customers

The real chance to interact with your users is a huge benefit. You become closer and more directly to them, and you are always “at hand.”


Enhanced competitive ability

As you might have already guessed yourself, pharmacy apps are just ideal for improving the company’s competitiveness they belong to.


Recognizable corporate brand

The healthcare pharmacy mobile application, which comes with an appealing UI design, might help implement the idea by becoming the logical of the pharmacy chain brand.


Online sales of medicines

Online medicine sales are the reason to develop healthcare app. Harshly speaking, we’re facing a perfect win-win situation where both the individuals in the process are fulfilled.


Non-stop business development

To hold your corporation afloat, you need to meet your customers’ expectations. The pharmacy app is a great tool to know your target audience.


Enhanced patient care

Of course, a drugstore is simply a hospital, and you cannot operate your consumers. However, pharmacy applications are still able to contribute some help to patients.

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How Much Does It

Cost to Build a Pharmacy App?

The Medicine delivery app is a development of our team of mobile application developers consisting of iOS, Android, and web developers who work hand in hand with pharmacy app industry experts to equip your app only with the most popular technologies and features.

The cost to develop a pharmacy app depends on the exact use of technology, resources, and model behind our complete development process, and it varies from project to project.

To know the actual cost, connect with our experts now!

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medicine delivery app development services
medicine delivery app
medicine delivery app
medicine delivery app services
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Here Are Answers To Your Top Questions

Here Are Answers To The Most Common Questions That We Get As A Leading Mobile App Development Company

As we all know, no one wants to stand in a queue for purchasing medicine in today’s time.

When everything is going digital nowadays, it will be an excellent opportunity to earn more profit in the pharmacy shops.

Your app can save the customers’ time, cost, and effort in buying the medicine.

Also, it is well said that owners providing pharmacy services have to work with all the latest trends and technologies to be a market player.
It will give new reorganization to your health pharmacy.

Our team has designed medicine apps by keeping in mind both customers and vendors.

Both users and vendors can benefit from the pharmacy app. Customers can shop medicine online, which will save their costs and time.

Vendors can sell their medicines online to earn more profit.

Various features are included in this app to make it more convenient for customers and vendors, such as payment options, tracking systems, support services, order management, and much more.

Our app will empower you to earn more sales and grow faster.

When it comes to delivering a project, we are always very clear.
We don’t want to make fake promises that our pharmacy app developers can’t fulfill.

So completion of the project will depend on your requirements and needs.

We have a powerful group of developers who will work on your project.

One of our project managers will update you regarding the project completion stage.

But we will develop your project on the pre-decided date or before the delivery date.

Our project will take minimal time, but it will help your business grow more than you expect.

We are the best service provider for pharmacy app development services. These are not our words, and these are the words of our clients.

They are all happy with our development service because we have 10 + years of experience in application development.

We believe in delivering the best services to build a long-term relationship with our clients.

We provide both pre-delivery services and post-delivery services to our clients.

You have the full rights and authority to modify the pharmacy delivery clone script.

Our developers will provide you with various codes for the android and ios platforms.

You can edit your script as per your choice, which conveys your ideas very well.

But for this part, you should have some technical knowledge to make changes in the script.

You should have coding knowledge.
Our developers can also provide you with support for the same.

You have to pay a small amount for this service.

We charge only for the actual services we provide for the project.

We believe in taking the exact price from our client to build a strong relationship. To maintain this relation, we tell the project’s cost to clients before working on their project.
There is no hidden cost from our side.

We provide the best services at a lower cost.

The Pharmacy delivery app is a product of our team of mobile app developers consisting of iOS and Android app developers who work hand in hand with medicine delivery app experts to equip your app only with the most popular technologies and features.

The cost to develop a pharmacy app depends on the use of resources, technology, and model behind our entire development process, and it differs from project to project.

To know the actual cost, you can drop us a mail or send us a message, and our pharmacy app experts will get in touch with you asap.

Talk to us and get your project moving!

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