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Why Choose Our Healthcare Software Development Services For Your Healthcare Solution?

As being a well-recognized company, Protocloud Technologies has studied the industry to offer custom healthcare solutions so that patients can consult with doctors.

The pharmacist can connect with healthcare customers to get quick medical services.

Our pharmaceutical mobile app developers have 10+ years of experience recognizing the unique requirements.

Hence, they build a 100% custom healthcare software design with easy logos, theme, color, and other details as per your requirements.

We believe that a successful custom healthcare app development can be developed by focusing on the requirements of the users & patients. As healthcare leaders, we have taken care of every aspect before designing the medical apps to know how to use the application when we need immediate medical care.

Your Key to Launch an Enticing Healthcare Software is Here.

Features of Our Healthcare Solutions

Let’s take a look at the fantastic features of our scalable Healthcare App.

  • Healthcare App

    Doctors can easily view a medical report which helps them make a quick and accurate decision.

  • Appointment scheduler

    Doctors can manage their appointments based on preferences, seriousness, illness, etc.

  • Decision support system

    Doctors have patients’ reports and analyses to make accurate decisions.

  • Instant in-app chat

    Patients can chat with doctors for a medical emergency using instant messaging.

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  • Manage to rate

    Doctors can view the rating and reviews given by patients.

  • Availability updation

    Doctors can post their availability slots to their patients.

  • Video recorder

    Doctors have the option to record their consultations video for quality analysis.

  • Share prescription

    Doctors can share their prescriptions through email and any other requested medium.

Advanced Features of Healthcare Software

Let’s look at the fantastic features you will get in our Healthcare Software Development Services.

Healthcare software services

Registration & appointment

Patients can create their profiles in just a few steps by entering the name, age, and medical conditions with their preferred hospital.


Patients can quickly get their prescriptions from their doctors without any error in the form of electronically connected pharmacies.


Patients can quickly get suggestions and information from the doctors about their illness via video conferencing and phone calls.


Patients and doctors can record reports in a safe and secure location. Also, this empowers doctors to decide in medical emergencies.

Doctor finder

Patients can search for the doctors as per their requirements based on specialty.

Hospital Way finder

Under this option navigation map of the hospital includes different complexes, departments, parking, etc.

Emergency services

Patients can book an ambulance for medical emergencies just by clicking from their app.

Medication reminder

Patients can set timers and alerts to remind of medications regularly through calls, emails, and texts.

Technologies We Use

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

“Ajay is a pure class at work. He takes his time to understand the requirements in details and always delivers quality. Was so much fun working with him, I will surely be working with him on later projects too. ”

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Executive Director

“Nice working with Ajay and his team. For the set amount, I’d say it’s worth the cost and a good quality work done. He clearly understands the client’s needs and gets the revision done fast. Thanks!”

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Clone Healthcare Apps That We Provide

Benefit's Image

Healthcare App Like Better Help

Are you looking for an application with similar features to Better Help? Yes, we have a solution, and we can deliver it in 7 days.

Benefit's Image

Healthcare App Like MyFitnessPal

Storm into the profitable online healthcare industry with our white label MyFitnessPal clone app. 100% customizable & ready to launch!

Benefit's Image

Healthcare App Like Medical ID

With this healthcare clone app, you can run a unique business with all benefits. You can customize this readymade app as per your wish to become an industry leader.

Benefits of Hiring a Healthcare Software Development Company


Task-oriented approach

Keeping in mind the demands of every department, we create custom healthcare solutions to increase your staff efficiency.


User-friendly UI/UX design

As healthcare software developers, we create refined UX designs for your employees to perform the tasks without wasting any time.


Integration of various systems

We make the mobile apps a gateway to other solutions in your infrastructure, including scheduling, practice management, etc.


Security assurance

As a healthcare mobile application development company, we realize the importance of data security in healthcare mobile app development.


Effective communication

Our company cares about your products. Our team is more capable of building long-term relationships of trust with our clients.


Dedicated developers

We provide dedicated developers to enhance your projects. They have experience in many platforms and several verticals.

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How Much Does It

Cost to Build a Healthcare Solution?

The healthcare app development is an outcome of our team of healthcare specialists consisting of Android, iOS, and web developers who work hand in hand with healthcare app industry leaders to equip your app only with the most desirable technologies and features.

The cost depends on the exact use of technology, resources, and model behind our extensive development process, and it varies from project to project.

To know the actual healthcare software cost, connect with our experts now!

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Here Are Answers To Your Top Questions

Here Are Answers To The Most Common Questions That We Get As A Leading Mobile App Development Company

Our healthcare solution is a quick and efficient method to launch an on-demand doctor application.

Our healthcare app development will save you considerable time, money, and effort.

We will offer you various features which will enhance your experience.

We understand your security concern. Therefore we provide you OTP, login, encryption features that give your customer a great user experience.

Yes, we offer a full-fledged after-sale service.

Our app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app when you gain new users to integrate new features, functionalities, and preferences.

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