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Why Your Business Requires UI/UX Designing Agency?

A great design constantly improves the brand reputation and status of the company and helps the user to effortlessly navigate through your app and figure out your app’s features and options with ease.

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  • Brand Building
  • Consistency
  • Increased Traffic
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Time and Cost Effective
  • Clarity
  • Attractiveness
  • UI/UX Helps in Establishing Your Brand Reputation

Protocloud Technologies UI/UX Design Services Hub

Protocloud Technologies believe in creating engaging and simpler user interfaces that can leave a long-lasting impact on the user’s mind. Our interactive UI/UX design services have helped numerous businesses to achieve their goals. To gain a competitive edge and earn the trust of your users, you can try our innovative UI/UX design services also.

UX Design Services

We have figured out the right manner to adjust the frequency of content so that users can easily find solutions on your platform. Our designers opt for the user-centric approach to craft a comfortable environment for the users.

Easy to Navigate

Our designers focus on creating easy to discover interface where users can effortlessly find information on your portal without any struggles. If you can’t provide the ease to your users, they won’t visit your portal again.

Design Auditing

At Protocloud Technologies the head of design department closely monitors all the layers of user interface and user experience layout of your portal so that not a single ounce of bad quality designing can impact your portal’s success.

Visionary Framework

Our entire design department sits together and brainstorms different ideas to create a perfect user interface structure for your project. We will create a visionary UI/UX framework based on the core value of your brand and business structure.for your project.

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UX Testing

All UX processes under one roof Protocloud Technologies is a one-stop solution for your user experience needs. We are experts of UX services, starting from imagining, researching, analyzing, designing, and prototyping to the last UI/UX testing stage.

Mobile UX

We are designing great Mobile user experiences for people. We define and develop user experience strategies that create excellent functional enterprise mobile applications, which fall in the category of generation next app experiences.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Good UI/UX Desiginig Company For Business Websites?

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Ease of Reading the Content

SEO rewards websites that are readable. It is because it makes it easy to pick the keywords and the content highlighted. Moreover, readability attracts more users to the site. The other thing that the interface should have is a good font for the text. It will make it easier for people with visual challenges to comprehend the content written.

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Boosts User Interactions

When designing the user interface, there is the motive of reaching out to the end-users. You will also find out that the platforms are personalized. It implies that the text and images used are specific to the user to visit the website. Moreover, the interface will make it easy for the startup understands the reaction of the users.

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Improve Conversion Rate

One of the reasons why businesses develop websites is to attract more users and clients. To achieve this, web developers are expected to come up with an excellent user interface. Here, it is likely that the interface will encompass a call-to-action. Essentially, a good UI/UX is supposed to include call-to-actions at specific points of the web page.

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Clarifies Your Vision

It is this vision that you wish to share and make users understand. But, on the other end, the user experience aids in improving the interaction between you and the users. This way, you are guaranteed that the users resonate with your vision. Essentially, the UI uses aspects such as images to capture the content and message of the site.

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Helps in Navigation

When it comes to the website’s interface, it is anticipated that users can move from one page to another without hassle. This includes actions such as fast loading speeds and swipes. It should be emphasized that most users are annoyed by sites that have a slow response. By featuring this, the site minimizes the time taken to research and peruse the content.

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Draws the Attention of the Readers

With thousands of websites being developed daily, users have the task of selecting the best. What this means is that your site needs to be eye-catching, or otherwise you will lose the visitors. Some of the parameters scrutinized include; theme color, images, videos, and texts.

Industry Expertise of Our UX/UI Designer

Our UX/UI Designer can build customized designs for your website and application – no matter which industry you operate. We can assure developing the optimal website solutions in sync with your specific industry and your project requirements with sure gains of cost.

Php development company


We promote healthcare teams to global clients by building beautiful, cost-effective, compliance fit & scalable websites and help them grow their markets exponentially.

Why Opt For Protocloud Technologies UI/UX Design Services?

UI/UX designing revolves around behavior sciences. It is the implication of website or application design in a manner that can compel users to take action. Our designers have to dwell deeper into the behavior sciences and gathered the right methodologies to capture the interest of your customers.

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Years of Experience

We have been serving our clients for the past seven years. Our designing team has vast experience in creating customized UI/UX designs for our clients.

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Skilled Staff

In our team, we have programmers who are skilled in research, wire framing, prototyping, and visual communication and they all work in coordination.

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Customer Satisfaction

We are working to satisfy our clients only and with our customer-centric ideology, we have satisfied our customers by designing great UI/UX designs.

affordable plans

Affordable Plans

UI/UX designing plans offered by our company are the most reasonable in the market. We are working to produce affordable plans that generate high profits.

express delivery

Timely Delivery

Once we commit to deliver your project on a certain date, then we use all our resources and energy to make sure that you get your project delivery on time.

result driven approach

Result Driven Approach

UI/UX designing is all about getting quick results. And, we are just aiming to offer our clients our result-driven designing approach that has worked for us.

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Ready To Get Started?

Our UI/UX designing experts have over 10+ years of average experience that can help you achieve your business goals. UI/UX can help you provide a better environment to your users, you can trust our UI/UX programmers without any hesitation.

Our Work Process

We believe in delivering the best quality service to our clients. Thus, we use the simple and clear process of delivering our work so that the client doesn’t face any problem during the construction of their dream website/app.


Planning & Discussion

We follow every word of yours and then plan a process that will help our team develop a design as per your requirement.


Designing & Development

Once you finalize the design created per your needs and requirements, our team works on developing the website.


Launch & Support

After successfully testing the website, our team launches it on the respective platform. In addition, we provide high-quality 24X7 support.




1. User experience (UX) design is a general term representing the entire process of creating products and services that provide an intuitive and delightful experience.

2. People use terms like “UI/UX Design” to represent User Experience Design. But, UI (User Interface) Design and Usability Design are subsets of UX Design.

3. Even though User Experience is everything that we use in our everyday lives (like a door, coffee mug, or TV remote), of late, the term UX Design is mainly associated with digital/technology products.

4. The objective of user experience designing is not just creating products that are usable but also engaging, efficient, and fun to use.

If any business provides its products or services through a website or an app, UX design is as critical as branding, sales, or marketing.

Because a good UX design directly improves the bottom line of every business.

Even if it is a finance company with just brick mortar branches all across the nation, their most crucial channel will be their app in which customers interact with their business. Creating a user experience is a critical factor as it influences customer happiness and revenue.

It is a fact that “every buck invested in UX brings $100 in return”. It is an average figure, but it’s an ROI of an impressive 9,900%. This stunning return is due to increased conversion rate, increased customer retention, lower customer acquisition cost, lower support costs, improved trust, and increased market share.

When it comes to the User experience design process, there is no universal process as such. Different companies, designers, and product managers follow different approaches, tools, and techniques.

There are many stages in the process as per the methodology you prefer. Our process includes- Discover, Define, Design, and Deploy.

1. Discover:

It is the first stage where we try to understand the needs of the business, stakeholders, and end-users. We evaluate the desired outcomes, KPIs, and full scope of the project in this phase. The activities include:

• Stakeholder interviews
• User research and interviews
• Business, market, and competitor analysis
• UX Audit (if revamping existing design)

2. Define:

This is where we will analyze all the inputs, feedback, observations and arrange them to define the problems. The Define stage include:

• Define the User Personas
• Define the problems
• Red Route analysis for feature prioritization
• User Journey Mapping

3. Design:

The design stage starts after the client approves of our findings and solutions in the Define phase. The design stage begins with quick sketches to iterate and finalize the solutions. The deliverables include:

• Information architecture
• Wireframes
• User Interface design
• Interactive prototypes
• Design systems

4. Deploy:

If the client wants us to deploy, we have a dedicated team of in-house engineers to deploy the designs created by our team. The services included:

• iOS/Android/Web development
• Front-end engineering
• Usability testing
• Software/bug testing
• Final deployment (Project go-live)

Multiple factors are influencing the cost of a UX design project. The factors include scope and scale of the project, nature of the project (starting from scratch, revamping existing design), platforms (mobile, web, TV, kiosk), technology involved, and design services included (user research, interviews, testing) and the delivery deadline to name a few.

It’s challenging to provide a number upfront without understanding the requirements and full scope of the project. We usually charge $40 to $50 per hour based on the complexity and size of the project. Our typical UX projects range anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000 and could go well above $100,000 depending on the scope.

All the factors influencing the price (complexity, scope, budget, client feedback, platforms) will also affect the delivery of a UX design project. A typical user experience project can go anywhere between 1-3 months to 5 months for a small to medium-sized project. More significant projects can take more than five months to 1 year, depending on the scope and complexity.

They can change based on the requirement and nature of the project. Typically we deliver:

• UX audit report (if revamping an existing design)
• Red route analysis
• User persona
• Customer journey maps
• Sitemaps
• User-research report
• Wireframes
• UI sketches
• Interactive prototypes
• Design systems

Usually, we kick start every project with a detailed brainstorming session with all the stakeholders from the client-side. These are the details/data we require before the start of every project.

• Business/organizational goals
• Target audience details
• User analytics data, if any
• Product goals
• Expected outcomes and KPIs of the project
• Business reports
• Technical specifications
• Market research data, if any
• Previous user experience audit results if any

We use the most valuable tools mentioned in this list for UI design. 


One can create archetypes and mockups doing its vector-based tools. UI designers can collaborate in real-time. The versatile tools are helpful to design web, mobile, games, and voice. It allows faster development and creates impactful experiences.


Figma has excellent tools for designing and prototyping. Also, it is handy to build mockups, test their usability, and collect feedback. It provisions real-time collaboration. The constraints feature makes the designs versatile to different screen sizes.


We are specialized in Graphics Design based on business goals and targets. Our dedicated team of graphic designers works with complete dedication and creativity to make your Design look and work best for your business. Here at QTC Infotech, detailed research will be initiated for any design project so that that client will get 100% satisfaction and results.


Our Illustration design agency creates images that depict your products with different approaches comprising details of original and professional concepts. We love to create elegant, high-end creative solutions for children’s publishing, art licensing, advertising, editorial, branding, logos, packaging, and character design projects.

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