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Mobile App Development

The canopy of Our Mobile App Development Services

Mobile application development is more complexed than web development. To produce a successful app, multiple things need to be considered like app store guidelines, operating system structure, dedicated platform rules, and regulations. As our app developers have worked with various platforms, thus they know all the rules and regulations to comply with a high traffic generating app. Being a full-fledged mobile app development platform, we offer complete mobile development services to our clients with the utmost perfection.

Android App Development

To target the android app market with a fully functional app, you can trust the expertise of our professionals. Our android app developers team is highly specialized in developing an attractive Android app to maximize your user’s rate. Our app developers perform several tests to fend off anomalies and check the latest updates.

iOS App Development

If you want to grow your business among the iPhone and iPad users, then we can handle that as well. Our designated iOS developers can provide you with a competitive solution to deal with the respective digital industry needs. They will understand your business industry and then provide a perfect solution for your iOS app.

Hybrid App Development

You can get the attention of both the Android and iOS users by developing a hybrid app. To develop a hybrid app, highly creative professionals are required who have a grasp over the technology and can produce a custom native app with their dramatic knowledge.

Our Mobile App Development Proficiency

At Protocloud, we integrate all the latest happening technologies to develop your dream mobile app. In our team, only those talents are giving the position who has a hold over multiple mobile development technologies and can integrate them to produce a high tech mobile app.


Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a new unavoidable technology that has been used in numerous different projects. Our app developers also integrate this technology in multiple ways like real-time tracking, connecting home automation devices with apps and much more.


Augmented Reality

Our mobile apps are designed on the interactive augmented reality technology that enables a mobile app to relay information in the real world. This will capture the interest of your audiences and make your business app highly popular.


Biometric Sensors

Our company is also able to include biometric recognition technologies in your mobile apps. With integrating fingerprints, voice and face recognition along with other biometrics, we can provide high-security features to our clients.


Wearable Tech

Our team has resources to develop wearable mobile apps that can be easily paired with smart wearable gadgets. Our well-integrated app will connect with the embedded sensors and displays to offer multiple facilities.


Geo Tracking

Mobile apps produced by our team is rich in GPS technology. We include a variety of geo technology features in our apps such as geotagging, geo-fencing, geo-conquesting and much more.


Location Sensing

We are one of the selective mobile application companies in India with location awareness technology. Our team is equipped with technologies like Near Field Communication, BLE Beacons, and Wi-Fi standards for the enhanced in-store experience, secure contactless payments, thus we are capable of providing location sensing

Delivering Services Across Vivid Business Domains

Being part of the mobile application development industry for seven years, we have gotten the chance to work with numerous business industries. Our team has always served every business industry with the same level of dedication and excellence. With our futuristic vision and global ideologies, we have served almost every business sector today.


Online Reputation Management is very important for PR agencies as they have to become a public face. We make PR agencies a reputable public name that can be trusted by more and more clients.


ORM services also help out famous personalities in creating their positive image in front of the public. The image of a celebrity is everything and we just groom and trim their image better so that they become a next-gen heartthrob.


It is very important for political parties to maintain their strong reputation so that opposition won’t ruin their reputation. We have advanced tools and technology to repair the reputation of government bodies.


Manufacturers need to maintain their reputation so that their competitors won’t get ahead of them. Plus, if you don’t have a good online reputation, then how will you sell your products to the customers. We work closely with manufacturers to build a decent brand.


For lawyers and law firms, it is important to create a legitimate image among the public so that people can trust them. We have worked with various legal representatives and fully create a positive brand for them.


For people working in medical professionals, it gets very crucial to gain the trust of the public. If you have a positive online appearance only, then you can make people trust you with their loved one’s health. We have special strategies to strengthen the reputation of doctors and hospitals.


Why Trust Our Mobile App Development Services?

We have been delivering high performing industry-centric mobile application development services from the ages. With our giant experience and grasp over the different business domains, we can provide dynamic solutions to our clients. We have served each client with full honesty and dedication because we aim to please our clients at any cost.

Quality Service

High quality under minimum wages is our motto and we aim to stick to it.

Business Approach

We follow the latest and trending business approaches to boost the performance of your business.

High Functions

We maintain high standards and produce some unique features.

Visual Technology

Our team developers highly eye-pleasing and visually appealing web app solutions.

Complete Solution

From native to cross-platform app development – we offer everything to our precious clients.

Technical Support

We are always present to provide you with technical assistance even at odd hours of the day and night.