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PPC management is an internet marketing model in which advertisers are charged whenever someone clicks on their ads, which drives them to the funnel where you want them to, and the most shared ads appear on the search engine. Here are points to support the query :

  • Manual Biding Option
  • Keyword Refinement
  • Image Ad creation
  • Creative Ad Copywriting
  • Automatic Bid Optimization
  • PPC Call Tracking
  • ROI Conversion Tracking
  • Analytic Improvement
  • YouTube Campaign Refinement
  • Expansion Opportunities

PPC Services Which we Provide to Our Clients

In the field of paid marketing, Protocloud Technologies as a PPC agency has received great superiority. We use all the different Pay Per Click marketing channels in the right direction to make a progressive marketing plan for your business. Our experts use various PPC channels like :

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Search Advertising

Search advertising is one of the extraordinary PPC advertising methods that have the power to revamp your search results entirely. To achieve this goal, we use paid search, SEM, etc.,

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Display Advertising

When you want to reach more and more users online, the best Pay Per Click advertising plan for you will be display advertising to increase your online reach to the desired users.

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Social Media Advertising

The most powerful and high-reach advertising method is social media advertising, where you can increase your engagement and become a popular name among your target audience.

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Re-marketing is an intelligent advertising technique that a good PPC agency will recommend to you, letting you show PPC ads to customers who have visited your website earlier.

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Google Shopping Ads

Online retail marketing business owners need to use Google shopping ads to market their business. By creating Pay Per Click marketing campaigns, you will be able to sell your products.

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Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a critical paid search marketing technique that can increase your mobile user base and penetrate large businesses.

Numerous Benefits of PPC Campaign

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Fast Result

PPC and A/B testing is a vital part of advertising; our campaigns experts create different versions of Ads to choose which drive to start and then optimize for high ROI.

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Quick Experimentation

PPC and A/B testing is a vital part of advertising; our campaigns experts create different versions of Ads to choose which drive to start and then optimize for high ROI.

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Immediate Traffic

PPC works effectively with SEO to enhance brand exposure as it helps drive the targeted traffic to the website; this is the fastest method to run a paid campaign.

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Pure Customization

You can easily beat the competition with custom and highly relevant PPC campaigns to your targeted customers; it helps collect the data for further use.

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Increase Brand visibility

IT is a sure-shot way to get the product and services placed in a place where your targeted clients are spending their time; it gets more prospects & conversion.

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Trackable Data

These services help to easily measure and track the campaign data, eliminating guesswork in campaign reporting and following Google analytics tracks all details.

Industry Expertise of Our PPC Services in USA

Our PPC experts in USA & UK can create customized solutions for your business – no matter which industry you operate in. We can assure creating the optimal PPC solution in sync with your specific industry and as per your project requirements with sure gains of cost.

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We provide an team of expert PPC campaign creators for the healthcare industry to global clients who will provide the service that will be cost-effective, compliance fit & scalable, and help them grow their business exponentially.

Here Are Some Glimpse of Our Past Work

880% ROI via Website Leads

880% ROI via Website Leads

100% Health Score via Speed Optimization

100% Health Score via Speed Optimization

546% Increase in Website Traffic

546% Increase in Website Traffic

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Why Should You Trust Protocloud as your PPC Company?

We are one of the well-renowned names in the PPC marketing services as we have skilled staff and high-quality tools that will create a perfect marketing plan for your business. We are known to deliver high-quality services as per our promise.

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Keyword Centric

The keyword is one of the crucial parts of PPC campaigns. The ranking of your campaigns depends upon the keywords targeted. We help you in targeting the perfect keywords.

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Impeccable Ads

We design the ad copy in an innovative manner that will increase your conversion rate. Our copywriters and graphic designers will create some highly impeccable ads for your business.

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Complete Transparency

When we use dynamic SEO strategies, it will create a fully transparent work environment and send you complete campaign reports.

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Deep Tracking

We aim to maximize your profit and fully utilize every penny spend on marketing. Our tracking tools are very efficient in the department.

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Customized Solutions

We create a PPC management plan as per your budget so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of PPC marketing and grow their business.


Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team of PPC marketing managers that will establish seamless communication and deliver high-quality services.

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Let's Get Started?

Our PPC services experts have over 7+ years of average experience to help you achieve your business goals. Pay Per Click advertising can help start-ups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive market.

Our Process For Paid Search Marketing

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We follow every word of yours and then plan a process to help our team develop a campaign to run using the PPC model.

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Creating Campaign

Once you finalize the vital content, our team starts creating the campaign to run a successful ad using Google ads.

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Running Campaign

After creating a campaign, we optimize it according to your needs and requirements and start running an ad campaign.




Your PPC ads costs are calculated based on your targeting, your ad quality, and your bid.

The amount you’re willing to spend for a user to click on your ad is known as your bid.

You enter your bid amount in an ad auction, and the highest bidder wins, so you might sometimes end up paying less than your bid amount, but never more than that.

Targeting factors will include all aspects of your goal, from the keywords you’re ranking for to your audience’s demographics. The more competitive you want to target, the higher the costs are for pay-per-click advertising.

For instance, bidding on a very competitive keyword will cost you more as it features a higher cost-per-click (CPC).

Google also monitors the quality of your ads. If your ad is of high quality, you can often maintain lower costs because Google will rank your ad ahead of competitors who have low-quality ads.

Understanding and accounting for all of these mentioned factors are how you determine your PPC budget.

PPC is a very flexible online advertising method that helps you create a budget, and you can adjust it at any time necessary.

But most importantly, you can target your ideal customers directly, which is not possible with traditional advertising or digital marketing campaigns.

The insights collected from the data tracked from PPC advertising campaigns is valuable because it gives you a better idea of your user’s behavior.

Your paid advertising campaigns will appear ahead of all organic results in search results, helping you instantly outrank your competitors and support your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Search engine advertising is a prevalent form of PPC. It’s a digital marketing term or tactic, and it buys quality traffic to your website.

You, the advertiser, pay a small fee each time one of your PPC ads is clicked on by a user. However, many other platforms, such as social media giant Facebook, now offer PPC ad models.

You can easily promote your company in search results, on websites, and across social media platforms. PPC ads can feature text, images, and video.

If your PPC marketing services goals are more aggressive than average, then you will need more hours.

In addition, if you need help with multiple marketing services simultaneously, then more hours will be required.

We don’t charge by the hour (we usually charge a monthly retainer), but we can give you an idea of our hourly rate once we know more about your goals and needs.

Pay-per-click management will help you in boosting your sales instantly. These marketing services can be easily managed, monitored, and regulated to get effective results.

It doesn’t matter which pay-per-click services you opt for, you will get prompt results. So, you don’t have to wait long to see the results of PPC marketing services.

Yes, we believe in complete Transparency, thus, we will be sharing a complete campaign report and draw a deep analysis to show the impact of PPC marketing services.

We believe in the clear communication and involvement of the client in the marketing process. So, we use all the latest communication tools to establish clear communication with you.

If you want our team to suggest some dynamic marketing strategies, then we are fully competent and capable of offering domain-specific marketing strategies. We have helped a significant number of clients grow their businesses with our pay-per-click marketing strategies.

Talk to us and get your project moving!

Let’s discuss your project with our expert and let us know your project idea to turn it into amazing digital product.