Do you want to attract new users in 2021? Do you want to boost your sales in the new year? Then, you can’t expect everything to happen on its own – you have to make changes before the dawn of 2021 to make your business website a highly profitable joint. Out of all the changes that you have to foremost made on your web portal is to update your websites UX design.

Yep, if you haven’t upgraded your website’s user experience in the last few years or basically never, then you are losing business because your web page lacks aesthetic appeal, informative structure, and easy navigation system. Now, if you are scratching your head and thinking how will you quickly able to fix UX of your web pages, then you can drop your queries at Protocloud Technologies and meanwhile try to read important Website UX design boosts fabricated by experts.

Why UX Design Is Important in 2021?

Imagine a scenario, when a new user lands on your homepage in search of some information, but instead of browsing for a couple of minutes – user leave your website instantly after one glance because your website layout is old, it takes time to load and the user can’t easily navigate the information. On the contrary, the user finds the desired information quickly on other websites. Then, why will users waste time on your website – when they are getting better experience on other websites.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with customers physically or on the digital platform, you have to offer them a high quality of hospitality. Traditionally, business owners can directly offer good user experience to their customers by interacting with them, but that’s not possible digitally. So, here, business owners have only one option to optimize their web portal to offer well deserved UX design to their users.

Ideal website design has the following components that can bind a user to the website –

• Easy to Navigate Features
• Eye pleasing Design
• Well presented Information

How To Update Websites UX Design?

Okay, so if you want to quickly give a new look to your website as per your users’ expectations, then you have to start by following four pointers and leave a dynamic first impression on your users’ mind.

1. Follow Up Conversational Approach

In the physical business environment, it is easier for business owners to establish an interaction with their customers to understand their requirements. But, on the digital module, your website has to be fully optimized to establish a conversation relationship with the user. That’s because it is a common human tendency that they connect better when they get a personalized experience.

With technology approaches like AI, you can start making your website interactive and conversational so that users can better connect with your portal. For instance, if you have a form or questionnaire to fill from your customers, then instead of using traditional tick mark style – use an innovative and personalized method that makes emotional connect with your users.

By integrating the latest artificial intelligence and virtual reality like other technologies in your Websites UX design – you will be able to generate an updated website design!

2. Reflect Gestural Control

With the advancement in touch sensitivity technology, an array of touchscreen mobile gadgets are now available in the market. Moreover, today, 80% of traffic is coming from mobile users. So, it is essential to provide dynamic user experience to your mobile users. Now, if you are saying- you have already mobile optimized your website, then it’s good, but it’s not going to be sufficient for 2021 users.

To satisfy 2021 users, you have to elevate mobile surfing experience by adopting the gestural control system. Yep, you need to minimize navigational buttons and keys on your website and let users navigate using their hand gestures or facial gestures. Like, you can introduce fingerprint lock in your website where users can log in to their account by scanning their fingerprint rather than entering a password or login ID every time. However, to make the gestural control technology part of your website, you need strong hardware support, otherwise, instead of providing dynamic user experience, you will end up annoying your users.

Try gestural control only if you have full confidence in your coding and hardware skills.

3. Integrated Connectivity

Today, every user has multiple gadgets and they use all the gadgets as per their convenience. Such as – when you are at home, then you will prefer your desktop computer to browse something on a bigger screen, but on the other hand, when you are traveling, then you might use your portable mobile or tablet to browse. So, here, you need to offer a solution to your users where they can pick up their last session without browsing further.

You have to think of something on the line of Apple’s handing-off technology, or the ability to share a Netflix account across several devices. If you have used Google products like Google Drive, then this cloud technology enables you to open your last work from your all devices.

This connectivity technology can be used in multiple ways to improve the user experience of your digital services.

4. Majestic Browser Capacity

If you travel a little down the memory lane, then you will foresee that browser capabilities have travel long way back from being only medium to present text and images. The capabilities of browsers have shown significant growth with the ability to carry out their own processing and communication skills. Software and hardware have advanced hand in hand to make mobile and desktop browsers into small computers in their own right, and with the added functionality comes many new options for websites UX design.

With on board processing like facilities, the entire process will gain speed as the back and forth flow of data between device and server will be eliminated. Plus, it will allow devices to use a large portion of memory on the task of browsing. This will eventually give the opportunity to web designers to incorporate new features and functions to improve the user experience like chat bots.

The speedy browsing experience is something that you can’t ever let go and need to always prioritize – this point.

UX Design of 2021

Well, if you haven’t considering giving a new look to your website in 2021, then tell us – are you still wearing clothes that you bought in 2000? Of course not because either you can’t fit in them or they are just out of fashion. So, if you aren’t wearing old clothes, then why are you offering an old-style website to your users. Guys, you are not revamping your website for your users, you are doing that to maintain your business reputation which is highly important.

Now, if you are all set and convinced to dazzle by your website to give updated user experience, then give Protocloud Technologies a call and know about all the trendy UX designs.


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