10 Benefits For a Website to Redesign to Bring in More Targeted Customers

by Bharat Arora · Updated on October 28, 2021

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If you created your business website around 3-4 years back and haven’t touched it again and now you don’t get desirable traffic like before, this is happening because of your laziness.

Yes, now if you go and check your competitors’ websites and compare them with your website, you will see how your website has gone outdated, and you need to redesign your website immediately.

Your website is the first impression of your company, and if customers don’t find your website appealing and trendy, they won’t give a second glance at your site.

Before we dwell further into the structure of the best website design and why you need to redevelop your website.

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There are various reasons why you should redesign your website in 2023.

Top 10 Reasons to Redesign Your Website to Drive More Targeted Traffic And Leads to Your Business

If you think that you are not running a popular website like Facebook and you surely don’t need regular updates on your website, you consider upgrading the website a mere wastage of money.

Then, my friend, you need to check out these key reasons behind the need to redesign your website.

Reason 1. Remove 404 Error To Increase Ranking on Search Engine Results

Okay, so the foremost reason for creating your business website is to make it rank among the top ten websites on the search engines.

But, this isn’t an easy task because Google uses a centralized approach to examine the content and links attached to your website.

That means Google crawler can visit your website at any time, and if crawler finds 404 error links or broken links on your website, then it will automatically reduce your ranking.

Broken links are nothing but outdated links that are moved to other servers.

So, if you want to make the best website design, you need to fix these broken links from your website, and this is only possible if you spend some time redesigning your website.

Reason 2. Know Your Competitors and Create a Bigger And Better Website Then Them

The online industry is very competitive.


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Today, if you want to become a top-ranked on Google, you have to examine your competitors’ websites and create a better and bigger website compared to your competitors.

The induced qualities of the best websites are where high-quality images, content, graphics, and plugins need to be used.

If you don’t have the qualities on your website per your competitor’s websites’ standards, you need to rethink and redevelop your website today.

Reason 3. Update Your Website To Be Easily Available For The Search Engine Crawlers

If you have created a website, you want it to be easily identified by search engines.

But, if you haven’t updated your website in a long time, search engine crawlers can’t identify old metadata styles, headers, image tags, social media tags, or schema markup.

Search engines will initially review your Sitemap and Robots files; these files assist the crawl bots in determining what to crawl.

From this point, the crawler will examine your website’s metadata, headers, keywords, and content.

Now, suppose you are using the older content with outdated keywords on your website.

In that case, the crawler will never make your website visible because search engines only highlight the latest information.

Reason 4. User-Friendly Design To Achieve The Best User Experience

It has been noted that a user only spends 10 seconds on one website.

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If the user cannot find the required information within the first few seconds, then the user will not waste their next breath on the website.

This means that the best website design is – easy to navigate, well presented, and has clear visibility of the content.

If your old website doesn’t offer any of these features to your web users, then this is a clear scream from your web users that you need to redesign your website and make sure that it is user-friendly.

To make your website user-friendly, you need to follow the latest trends and analyze different factors that Protocloud Technologies can better explain.

Reason 5. Old Images and Script Libraries Make Your Website Heavy and Slow

When you compare the new websites with the older ones, you will foremost notice the difference in their load time.

Graphics and images will load up more quickly on the new website than older ones because older sites are abundant in script libraries, images, and styling.

On your outdated website, you must probably be using non-compressed and non-optimized images and styles to reduce your load time.

So, if you don’t want your user to bounce back to your competitors’ websites, then you need to update your old website right now.

Reason 6. You Lose Security Because of The Older Tools and Plugins

One of the primary reasons behind the hacking of the website is the old version of the control management system.

Usually, CMS software updates its system and plugins to fix all the security loopholes and bugs.

But, if you are still using the older version of CMS, you are giving a silver lining to hackers to attack your website and steal your personal information.

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  • WordPress always recommends their users update their plugins and themes frequently to fix security loopholes. Moreover, WordPress has shared data that 83% of users who won’t update often attack cybercriminals.
  • In April and May 2018, Drupal, a popular free and open-source CMS, announced two critical security updates that their users want to update immediately.
  • Lastly, Google has made it compulsory for all websites to have SSL certificates, and if your website doesn’t have SSL certificates, this will affect your website ranking.

Reason 7. Outdated Structure of The Website Also Slows Down The Website

This might sound a bit weird to you, but the way your website is designed and structured also affects your website’s load time and visibility.

If you haven’t updated the structure of your website in some time, you might be wasting your money and resources because your website won’t deliver the right results if it isn’t designed on the latest trends.

Such as if you are using tables on your website to structure your content and websites, then this approach will negatively impact your website.

On the contrary, if you are using a div HTML tag to block content and images, you can improve your site’s SEO optimization and load time.

Additionally, tables create lots of markup for you, making it difficult to edit the content, and tables are not easily recognized by search engines anymore.

So, if you include the qualities of the best websites on your business website, you need to use div instead of tables to optimize your content.

Reason 8. Outdated Content Can Decrease The Dwell Time And Increase The Bounce Rate

So, if you have outdated content on your website, then the user will move away from your website because they are not getting any new information from your website.

If you have a piece of year-old news or old copyright on your website, the user won’t wait for another second to switch from your website.

Today, content management has become very easy with the help of content management software like WordPress.

You don’t need to work with different confusing HTML codes anymore to update content on your website.

You need to write content the way you do on a word document and instantly press the publish button to add fresh content to your website.

Reason 9. Website Which Is Not Mobile Friendly Will Not Survive In This Tough Competition

Today, where most of the world’s population is using smartphones, and in this, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you won’t be able to survive another day online.

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You need to make sure that your website is fully optimized and users can easily view the content of your website on their mobile devices.

Reason 10. Change Your Old Keywords To Target New Audience

If you have introduced a new range of products on your website, you need to target a new audience according to the products.

It means that your old keywords and links won’t deliver the best results for your new products.

So, you need to upgrade your website so that the client can quickly identify new products present on your website.


I hope you have understood why you should redesign your website for business in 2023.

A website redesign can provide your company with a completely new face. 

It’s a good start for your company and can help you improve your business value.

You can improve your website rank and performance after redesigning the website. 

It also helps your website drive more valuable traffic and leads for your business.

If you are convinced that you need to redesign your website to ensure that your site consistently ranks on the top, you must be looking for the best website development company to do the job for you.

To know more about redesigning the website, you can contact Protoclouds Technologies today.

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