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We believe in delivering intuitive & robust real-time messaging app solutions to our clients. Those days are gone when people used SMS, telegrams to pass on any information. Regular advancement in-app technology and demands by the youths have now resulted in the origination of many instant messaging apps.

Today instant messaging has become a thing that gives us real-time communication, observing the needs of today’s people who want to chat instead of calls to save their time & effort.

Protocloud chat app developers provide you a platform where you can have all your business demands fulfilled by getting a feature-rich secure messaging app.

Our main motive is to design solutions that are adaptable and flexible & custom chat apps following your typical business requirements. Our team guides you at each application development stage by providing you with the right solutions for a reliable and secure chatting system for all your formal & informal messages with multiple unique features.

If you want to experience the perfectly developed application that has changed the chatting app market. Then undoubtedly, you are at the right place.

Don’t panic if you don’t have time for building an app for your business; we can provide you readymade Chatting App Development solution that will save your time and cost too and give you a better experience. We are here for you to provide any help in Chat App Development services (We work on readymade app scripts as well as our developer will create apps as per your needs).

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Features of Mobile Chat Application

Have a look towards features which Protocloud chat app developer offers you to make it more convenient for your users:

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    Group chat

    The group chat option is available for users to add their known one to share media, audio messages in the group, and to do chat

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    Security & privacy

    Our chat app developer’s give you the option to make your profile public or private to keep your data secure.

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    Video calling

    Users can easily make video calls to their families, friends, teams. It’s very simple and secure.

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    Multimedia sharing

    Various types of multimedia files can be shared like pictures, audio files, contacts & videos.

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    Social integrations

    Users can easily connect their social accounts to multimedia sharing and much more.

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    Our chat app developer’s give you a built-in notifications system which will allow users to see important messages at the same time.

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    Backup & storage

    The backup option is available so that chats, multimedia can be recovered whenever it’s required.

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    Manage users

    Users can easily manage their accounts by easy login/logout.

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    Contact syncing

    Your contacts will be sync automatically from your SIM, email & address book.

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    Location sharing

    Our chat app developers allow users to share their live location by sending and receiving text messages.

Advance Features of Chatting App

Have a look towards features which Protocloud chat app developer offers as a instant messaging app development company in India:

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Our developers have created an easy-to-use and very user-friendly app for all customers so that they can easily navigate through all the app features according to you.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing

Share the ongoing video call, presentations, to multiple users to make collaboration and information sharing easier by integrating cloud-based screen sharing APIs.

white board


Leverage the classroom teaching experience into a virtual one through video conferencing and with a real-time drawing whiteboard interface to make learning more interactive.


Picture-In-Picture -

The Picture-in-Picture mode will let you make video calls in a floating window within the screen, where you can access all of the other apps without disturbing the ongoing video calls.

Multi party


Organize group or conference video calls for up to more than five users with crystal clear quality to get things done in real-time.


End to End Encryption

The conversation is sealed with E2E encryption to ensure you and the respective recipient alone can view the messages.

Auto Message Deletion

Auto Message Deletion

Enable deletion of the chat app conversation with a customizable span or an optional to focus on data security.

Time Stamping

Time Stamping

Serving the precise record of date and time for every message sent or received in the app regardless of the time zones.

Two way Deletion

Two-way Deletion

Backup is a two-way sync, allowing you to delete the chats from both ends during unlawful access.



To provide an instant solution to the customer, there is an option of support agent in the app.

browser support

Browser Support

Make HD 1-to-1 or group video calls compatible across the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

SSL Security

SSL Security

Communication servers from MirrorFly & clients are encrypted with 256-bit SSL to defend against traffic hackers.

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Clone Apps That We Provide

Whatsapp Clone App
Whatsapp Clone App

Get to the top with our whatsapp clone app that is build to create a big splash across the messaging industry , as we have developed it with the cutting edge technology. Our app include all the features from sending instant messages to the high quality audio and video calls.

Telegram Clone App
Telegram Clone App

Our telegram clone app is an instant solution for those who are looking to launch an instant messaging app which can be used by both business and personal user.We can help you in launching the application with all the necessary features which are there in telegram app .

WeChat Clone App
WeChat Clone App

We strive to build an advanced chat app which is clone to the original wechat app that is basically used to send instant message. The users can easily scan the QR code and add other user or they can simply add the phone number of the another user and start the conversation.

Benefits of Hiring a Chat App Development Company


Our chat mobile app development company is very cost-effective and flexible for your project. For any type of app, whether gaming or eCommerce application, Our company will complete your project within a budget as per your need. 

Experienced Team

We have a brilliant team of android/iOS developers that have expertise in creating a variety of online dating app development solutions and can create an attractive dating app that will be custom-tailored as per your preferences.

Advance Features

Our chatting app development team has a reputation for delivering perfect projects and they do all the necessary work to maintain their fame. In addition, they are updated with the recent technologies and new programming languages.

Security & Privacy

When you hire our company for mobile app development. All your data and information are highly protected by our team.

Custom Design

We have UI/UX designers who design every pixel of the chatting app with custom designs according to your project’s requirements and needs.

Effective Communication

You can track your work progress and monitor the timely updates of each segment of the work process.

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Here Are Answers to Your Top Questions

Everything you want to know instant messaging app development

How do your chat app developers create chat apps?

We are a mobile app development company. Our company develops an app like Chat app, e-commerce app, education app, dating app, online food delivery app, etc. at a reasonable price.

Our app development team has expertise in all types of chat development. We never compromise with the low quality and never use old technology.

We use the current trend technology process and requirements during the app development process. We always discuss with the client about app design and features.

When the client gives the responsibility then we begin our process with perfect planning.

Protocloud is absolutely one of the most feature-rich instant messaging applications out there.

How much does it cost to build a chat app?

For this reason, it is hard to put a fix figure on just how much a mobile application will cost to create, it’s depend on you on how complex you want to go and what are the features you want to add in your mobile application.

We believe in charging money for the services as per your business requirements. If you need a basic chat app with key features then it will cost low as well as you can get a rich chat app with all the advanced features.

How long does it take to build a chat app?

The time for developing a mobile app depends on what type of chat app you are required. Development of a chat app as per your requirements can take 5-6 weeks.

Find more information about the development of a Mobile-like app in our blog – How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Chat App like mobile? And do not hesitate to contact us if have any question because we are a leading chat app development company in India.

Why should you choose to protoclud for developing mobile chat app?

First, we are a reputed mobile chatting app company of 2021. We provide a better service of mobile chatting app with 100% advance and unique features.

We provide complete training to our dedicated team before giving clients dream projects under an experienced team after that our chat app developers focus on each step of standard software development & instant messaging functionalities. We believe in delivering the best in the mobile app as per your business requirements.

We provide a complete solution to the mobile chat app requirements of clients for projects at a reasonable cost.

Our team time to time discusses the project with the client and gives the easy-to-understand report to the client.

Unfortunately, any issue comes after giving project then our team provides better suggestion according to your project’s problem and solve it within 24 hours.

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