The Ultimate Guide To Content Strategy For SEO Of 2021

by · Updated on June 26, 2020

Content Marketing is a dynamic nuclear weapon in the hands of businesses to spin the wheel of growth.

By presenting valuable and informative content to your readers, you can build a community of relevant audiences who blindly vote for your brand.

According to 67% of marketers, despite the alternative solutions, SEO is still the most robust approach to growing your online visibility in 2021.

But, one should not think that content marketing merely means creating and publishing content. No.

The entire set of content marketing strategies is designed to lure and engage customers and compel them to take action.

In this article, Protocloud Technologies, the leading content marketing agency, will unfold some compelling content strategies for SEO of 2021.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the preparation, planning, distributing, sharing, and publishing of content via social media, blogs, websites, podcasts, apps, press releases, print publications, and more.

The goal is to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness, sales, engagement, and loyalty.

So how does your brand build a content marketing strategy?

Build your content marketing strategy by following the below steps:

Key Ingredient of Content Marketing Strategy in 2021

When you aim to create an impactful content marketing strategy for your business in 2021, your plan must be stood on the four pillars of progress –

Top content marketing strategy for 2021

Defining your Brand

You have to define your brand and products to provide a trustworthy environment and experience to your users.

All of your content marketing strategies need to be developed around the core values of your business.

To define your brand, you have to focus on the following standard questions –

  • What kind of existing and potential customers do you have?
  • What drives your customers?
  • Who are your core competitors?
  • What is the branding strategy of your competitors?
  • Which brand has a unique value?
  • How your brand value is unique from others?
  • How can you enhance your brand value?

Uniqueness in your Content

If you want to become a credible content publisher, you need to develop a unique voice for your content.

You have to provide exceptional value to your audience that no one else is offering.

You have to think from a reader’s perspective and try to present information most easily and appealingly.

Unique Content Marketing Strategy

Begin with researching the behavior of your audience to know what they are looking for.

Then, look at your competitors and see how they have formulated their content for marketing plan.

Keeping an eye on other content creators is very important to bring uniqueness to your brand.

1. Identify Goals

You are providing value to your customers through your content, but that’s not sufficient.

The main motive of content is to drive your business ahead.

Thus, you have to map out your business goals and determine how your content marketing strategy helps achieve them.

It would help if you created a complete roadmap – from investment to results.

You should compile a proper business document dedicated to your content strategy plan.

2. Systematic Planning

The systematic content plan focuses on what are your business goals and how you will achieve them.

It walks you through each step of your content marketing plan.

The well-compiled plan helps in attaining the maximum results from your content efforts.

Compelling Content Marketing Strategies of 2021

To swipe your content of a marketing plan for 2021, you must keep the essential key ingredients in your mind and tweak with the following strategies –

Content marketing

Tap Down Video Content

When a content hub like Facebook adds a select video tab in its app, it is time to consider video marketing content seriously.

Not even big companies, but almost 37% of businesses are using videos.

On the top, YouTube is the second top-ranked search engine after Google, so you can quickly grab so many eyeballs with your one video.

Tap Down Video Content Marketing

Plus, you get multiple other optimization options with videos to rank better.

You can create different types of related videos to boost your brand, such as introduction videos, testimonial videos, products explaining videos, content videos, and so on.

Apart from YouTube, you have Facebook and Instagram to flaunt your videos. With the videos, you can easily attract lots of eyeballs.

Email Marketing

What! You must be thinking about why we share years-old content marketing techniques with you when email marketing is outdated.

You see, folks, you are wrong here – email marketing isn’t dead – it’s just that your old tactics don’t work anymore.

In fact, according to The Content Marketing Institute, 79% of marketers state that email is their most effective content distribution channel.

Content for email Marketing

To make your email marketing content a hit, you have to refurbish your content structure.

The high converting email content contains –

  • Point to point information without any chase.
  • Visually appealing email content with lots of graphical information.
  • A catchy subject that compels a person to open the email.
  • Send a personalized email to your subscribers to build a strong relationship with them.

Use Publish Resource

Today, tonnes of information is available online – Some right and some wrong, but there’s no one to determine the authenticity of the information.

Thus, when you are writing a piece of content containing a part of reliable information, you should cite the source to authenticate your claim.

If you write a blog over a new study or report, you will be the first mover, and your post gets more advantage.

However, regularly sharing authentic information will also increase your responsibility because people expect you always to post the correct information.

Thus, you have to cross-check your source information before including it in your content.

Now, if you are spending your time researching the authentic sources, you have to make sure that it is highlighted on your website.

You have to use visual content formatting options like bold, italic, underline, and other color codes to highlight the resources.

Moreover, when you are the first to write a blog on a particular resource, you should use press releases to spread the word about your new blog.

It will bring traffic from other websites also.

Take Leverage from LinkedIn

If you wonder that LinkedIn is a just place to create your resume, you are utterly wrong, my friend.

LinkedIn in 2021 is much more than a resume creator.

It has many excellent features such as active groups, visually appealing profile views, and video posts.

Notably, content marketers, it is a place to increase their reach.

Content marketing Strategies for Linkedin

Unlike Facebook, the organic reach of LinkedIn is incredibly high.

You can quickly get excellent views with constant posting on LinkedIn.

But, to get organic growth, your content needs to be super engaging.

Thus, if you insert a link into your post, it will genuinely be buried by LinkedIn. So, you have first to grab attention, provide information, and enter your link in the end.

You can share a snippet of your content over LinkedIn to get the attention of many professionals.

Additionally, you have to correctly optimize your LinkedIn profile keeping the norms of SEO in your mind.

Your LinkedIn profile plays a vital role in your content marketing growth, so make sure to optimize your profile correctly.

Create Impressive Content

Today, if you ask a blogger or content writer what their biggest challenge is? Then, it’s going to be getting traffic.

In today’s time, where a truckload of content is published every minute, it is next to impossible for bloggers to shine out their content.

So, what’s the solution?

Create impressive content strategies

You have to create Impressive Content that has to be in-depth and massive.

If you create Impressive Content based on the following guidelines, you can easily get noticed –

Design – You have to play with the design structure of your content. Today, if your word content isn’t performing well, you can spice up things by inserting infographics, videos, or other 3D elements into your content.

Quality – It doesn’t matter in which year we are. The quality of the content is always going to be supreme.

You have to put lots of energy, hours, and resources into compiling an Impressive Content piece.

So, never compromise with the quality of your content – not today, not tomorrow.

Experience – If you don’t have digital marketing experience and start writing digital marketing blogs, you can write the content based on the available information.

You can’t provide anything new to your audience.

But, when you have the first-hand experience and try all the digital marketing services, you can offer better insightful information.

Refurbish your Content

This is yet another old but golden content marketing strategy.

Instead of starting over, you can refurbish your old content.

Suppose you have published a blog in 2018 that has received 10K views; you can use that blog’s content and turn it into a video or infographic.

Refurbish your content

After 2-3 years, the content presentation and formatting norms change.

So, you need to polish your old content with the new style and squeeze the full potential out of your old content.

Content Is Always King

Yep, the content was, is, and will be a king.

Thus, you can’t ignore your content to grow in 2021.

You have to map out a progressive and reactive content marketing strategy to touch the new heights of growth.

Your strategic content can help your business in the long haul.

However, if you don’t know how to create your innovative content strategy for SEO and Website, you can contact the best content marketing agency – Protocloud Technologies, and grow your brand.

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