10 Smart Ways to Improve Your Mobile Conversion Rate

by Bharat Arora · Updated on October 12, 2021

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Are you trying to improve your mobile conversion rates but not sure of the best strategies for doing so?

Today you are going to learn 10 smart ways for increasing your mobile conversion rate.

I will share with you those techniques that give sure-shot results with high conversion rates in mobile marketing.

Let’s dive in…

What is Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization?

In layman’s terms, the mobile conversion rate refers to the percentage of people who take action on your mobile campaign out of the people who merely just saw your campaign.

The higher you have conversion rate, the better will be your mobile marketing strategy.

It is simply some people who convert on mobile devices.

Now, the process that helps you in improving your conversion rate is called optimization.

You have multiple ways ahead of you to optimize your mobile conversion rate – from SEO optimization to website speed optimization.

But, if you are looking for Protocloud Technologies experts’ opinions on innovative mobile conversion rate strategies, you can try the following tested solutions.

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How to Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rate? (10 Proven Ways)

Below we are going to discuss all the points which are used to increase your mobile conversion rate.

1. Website Speed is The Most Vital Factor in Conversion Rate

You might have heard it a hundred times already, but I can’t just ignore this topic.

Website speed optimization is a golden opportunity to mobile-ready your website.

If your user has to wait for more than 3 seconds to load your landing page, you can immediately say goodbye to that user.

In the mobile page speed, you have to improve your render start time.

It is time taken for the first content to appear on the mobile screen.

So, simply if you have a better RST rate, your engagement level will improve, and you have taken one giant step towards mobile conversion rate optimization.

To increase your website’s RST, you can try multiple different things like image optimization, content delivery network, or getting the caching plugins.

If you are using WordPress, you have a variety of cache plugin options to select from.

2. Mobile Search Engine Optimization Helps in Rendering Search Engines to Find Relevant Content

Okay, so I am not stating the obvious facts here, but as website speed optimization, mobile SEO optimization is vital, I can’t let it go.

Mobile search engine optimization helps in rendering search engines to find relevant content.

Mobile SEO optimization is further a very deep and multilayered concept.


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You have buffet options to make your website mobile SEO friendly, such as optimizing metadata, using structure, CSS rendering, site configuration, and so on.

When you coordinate with a proficient digital marketing company, they can suggest the right SEO solutions.

3. Your User Should Be Able to Navigate All Web Pages Easily Through Their Mobile Screen

When designing the navigation system for your mobile website, you should never forget that your user only has a few inches of screen.

Thus, your site navigation should show all the components on a small screen.

Now, if you have very tiny CTA buttons on your site, your user will keep on slapping the screen, but it won’t budge.

It will eventually frustrate your users, and they won’t take any action on your website.

According to an MIT study, the average button size should be between 10 to 14 mm that the user can easily touch.

Apart from the touch buttons, you should ensure that your website design can be easily navigated on a small screen with enormous fingertips.

4. Images on Your Website Make a Notable Impact And Should Be Related to The Content

With the help of attractive images, you can grab the attention of your visitors and form a connection with them.

When you adorn your content with informative images, you can cut the monotone created by plain text, plus people love to see beautiful images.

Some of the best image ideas to include in your website are –

• Photos of other people to form a connection.
• Images exhibiting emotions work perfectly to elicit emotions.
• E-Commerce sites should use high-quality product images to encourage buyers.

5. Once You Start Trending on Social Media Platforms, You Will Gain People’s Precious Trust

When you start trending on social media platforms, you will gain people’s trust and can establish your brand.

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You can share your customer testimonials, reviews, and user experiences to gain the trust of the social media community.

Social media marketing is a beautiful way to reach your audiences on mobile phones because most people use social media platforms on their mobile phones.

Today, people have social media apps installed on their smartphones.

Thus, when you maintain a significant presence on social media platforms, you are always under the radar of mobile users.

By regularly posting, sharing interactive images and relevant videos, you can trend on social media.

Plus, social media channels gives paid advertisement opportunity also.

So, to target mobile users, social media presence is a must.

6. Create Engaging And Easily Scannable Content For a Better User Engagement

Now, if you write an extensive essay on your home page, your user has to keep on scrolling to find the action button.

Plus, nobody likes to read long content, especially on a small screen.

Thus, you should create engaging and accessible skim content by highlighting the crucial points.

Your web pages have to be short and crisp and easily browsed by users while waiting for a train or during lunchtime.

Even your blogs need to be short with lots of bullet points, subheadings, and highlights.

Your website should speak more in a few words.

7. Minimize Your Home Page Content With a Brief Introduction of Your Services or Products

If you have minimized the web page content, it doesn’t mean that you should go crazy with images, buttons, and other elements.

Your web page should focus only on one element because nobody wants to keep scrolling on their phone.

Developing a homepage should be like a sales pitch with a brief introduction to your website, services, and other features.

Ideally, a homepage should contain 3-4 sections only.

However, you should create multiple pages to talk about your services and goals so that if users want to know about any specific service, they can easily click on the page link.

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Keeping a minimal but engaging website layout is the best solution to grab the mobile user’s attention.

8. Assist Mobile Users By Use Filters And Autocomplete Search Features

Users are lazy; you always have to remember that.

No user wants to type long text in the search field, especially on their dainty devices.

Thus, you can use autocomplete search plugins or install search filters to push your lazy users.

If you have ever visited the amazon website, you must have, you have to type a word, and Amazon will automatically suggest popular search results.

Moreover, there are plenty of different filters to find the right products.

So, if you are an eCommerce website, you should install autocomplete search and product filters to reduce the scrolling trouble of mobile users.

Additionally, when users can quickly find the products on your website, they will have less time to change their minds.

9. Create Urgency And Trigger FOMO of The Users

Human beings are emotionally charged.

They take a majority of their decisions based on their emotions.

Thus, you have to trigger the emotions of your users on your mobile website.

When you should create a fear of missing out using your content and layout, you can push your users to purchase.

The FOMO phrases that can encourage people are –
“Limited stock.”
“Hurry up, shoppers.”
“XXX people have already bought.”

When you create urgency through your content, you can tweak human emotions and compel them to take action.

10. Add Smooth And Secure Payment Getaways to Encourage Users to Pay

When you want people to purchase from your website, you have to provide them with a smooth payment getaway.

While entering credit card information will discourage the buyer, and he might drop the plan of shopping.

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Additionally, you need to offer multiple payment options to your customers like Google PayApple PayAmazon Pay, etc.

When people can easily navigate, search, and buy from their mobile devices with few taps, they will likely revisit your website.

Mobile Optimization Is The Must

Optimizing your website for mobile has many benefits, most of which we’ve looked into in this article.

Today, if you are still thinking about Mobile CRO, you should immediately stop because mobile optimization is something that every mobile app owner must do.

Working on the mobile conversion rate is a requirement now even Google has been stressing about it.

So which strategy are you going to use?

Do comment your views & suggestions on the blog…


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