12 Innovative Ways to Increase Your Online Sales in 2021

by · Updated on July 14, 2020

If you have achieved a decent number of followers on your social media and getting good traffic on your website, the next step is to increase your online sales. Your sales are equivalent to your revenue; thus, it’s time to convert your leads into buying customers.

At Protocloud Technologies, we never stop until you achieve your sales targets. That’s why we are called the best online marketing company. However, if you want to try some of our tried and tested online sales-boosting marketing strategies, you have clicked on the right post.

Online Sales Increasing Tricks in 2021

In this post, we will talk about some innovative and straightforward online sales increasing tricks that the best online marketing company practices in 2021. So, tie your seatbelt and let’s launch the rocket of sales.

1. Highlight a Service on your Homepage

If you want your website to look unique and stylish, you must be following the latest website development trends of using slider images on the homepage. It is an excellent move to creatively present your products or services, but it doesn’t come with any robust sales-related benefits.

Highlight A Service On Your Homepage for increase online sales

Yep, instead of encouraging your visitors to buy, the slider images can confuse them. They will work as a distraction for the new visitors as they keep on looking at all the services and don’t think of buying them. Thus, you should pick one of your primary services and boldly highlight it over your website so that visitors won’t get confused or distracted by all the fantastic services offered present on your site.

2. Trigger Psychology of your Audience

When you want to increase your sales, you have to target an elementary psychological principle. We, humans, have a straightforward psychological trait, if we find someone already using a service or product, they will automatically want to buy that product.

Trigger Psychology of your Audience to increase online sales

If you can convey your visitors through your content that professionals recommend your services, this will significantly impact your sales. Imagine, if you are selling medicines online and use words like “Our Medicines are Recommended by Doctors” – it will automatically encourage buyers because professionals trust your brand. You should try to trigger the psychology of visitors through your content.

3. Easy to Access Contact Information

Some online buyers want to connect with the vendor personally before placing the order. It is a very simple sales boosting trick to clearly display your contact details on the website. If a buyer can’t find contact details easily, he or she might drop the idea of purchasing from your website.

Easy to Access Contact Information to increase online sales

For better sales, you should insert your full contact details, including your phone number, email address, mail address, and other social media handles to contact. This way, a prospective buyer can communicate using the various communication channels as per his convenience.

4. Encourage to Upgrade

If you are offering a precise tool or software to your visitors for free under limited features, you should continuously encourage your users to upgrade. You have to show your users how they can grow or improve their performance by upgrading the tool.

Encourage to Upgrade Software or Apps to increase online sales

Look at Grammarly’s example of Grammarly; it is a grammar checking tool that offers some grammar checks for free. But, every time you use a free version, it won’t forget to highlight how many premium errors are still present in your content. It is a silent way to encourage free users to upgrade for the premium version. Similarly, you should show your users how the premium version is better for them.

5. Avoid Mentioning Price on the Site

Mostly, websites mention the price of their products or services on the main page, and it is the wrong move. You haven’t introduced your features to your new visitors yet, and you are already scaring them with your hefty prices. Now, you have to first show your features and how they can help visitors, and once you feel that you have used all your skills to encourage your visitors, you should reveal price on the next page by creating suspense with the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Avoid Mentioning Price on the Site to increase sales

Once the visitor has clicked on the buy now button after getting impressed with your site, there are 50% fewer chances of a visitor not buying your product. Without not disclosing the price right away, you can actually sell.

6. Match your Landing Page and your Ad

If you’re using paid ads as part of your sales strategy, there’s a simple tweak that will increase your conversion rates and skyrocket your sales. You should not try to mismatch different landing pages and ad patterns to make them work together. No, you should customize landing pages to match your ads or vice versa. While designing paid ads for a landing page, keep following things in your mind –

Match your Landing Page and your Ad

Matching Layout – The layout of your landing page should closely resemble your ad’s color and layout. This cohesive approach won’t distract potential buyers with the change in visual appearance.

Matching Message – The message imparted by your ad should reflect on your landing page also. You don’t have to copy the message, but the message’s essence needs to be the same.

7. Assure your Customers

When customers trust you with their confidential credit card or e-wallet details, they want assurance on each step that you follow all the right security measures to keep their data secure. Especially on the checkout page, you have to provide some proof to your buyers to convey that you completely protect their financial information.

Assure your Customers

You can show how many different security tests you have conquered to provide a safe shopping environment for your customers. When your customers feel that you have genuinely made efforts to provide secure payment gateways, it will work as a final push to make a purchase.

8. Add Photos with Testimonials

Add Photos with Testimonials

As the leading online marketing company, we have always talked about, including testimonials on the websites. But, you can create a sales-worthy testimonial by adding photos on your testimonials. When photos are added along with the testimonials, it will show visitors that you have received a person from the real customers. It is a simple and effective trick to convince your visitors to shop.

9. Offer Money Back Guarantee

Giver Offer Money Back Guarantee

A customer who is making a significant investment on your site – you should try different ways to assure customers about the quality of your product. When you offer a money-back guarantee to your customers, they will be assured that their money is safe with you even if they don’t like your product. On the other hand, it shows to your customers that you are fully confident about your product’s quality. Essentially, this promise encourage your visitors to make a purchase.

10. Simplify the Checkout Process

Each layer that you build between the customer and the final checkout point will drive your customer away from the sale. You should try to make your check out process as simple you can. Especially for eCommerce companies, it is very useful to create a simple checkout point. Amazon has introduced a One-Click Ordering option to simply increase their sales.

Simplify the Checkout Process

To simply checkout process, you should put all checkout details on one page because each new tab will increase the chance of abandonment. Next, you can hide checkout options until the potential customers don’t enter the previous information. Just ask information step by step to reduce the friction in the checkout process.

11. Adopt your Customers Voice

To approach the customers, you should talk in the voice that they understand. To talk in your customers’ voice, you need to understand the requirements of your customers first.

Adopt your Customers Voice

Suppose, if you offer accounting software for small scale companies, you have to talk about the problems of small businesses and how your software can overcome them. When your content is related to your customers’ requirements, you can easily compel your potential customers to buy from your site.

12. Sell for Long Period

If you sell software or tool, you should offer a longer subscription period to your customers. That’s because the longer customer uses your software, the longer they will become dependent on your tool. To encourage users to subscribe for a longer period, you should offer multiple packages, but in your yearly package, include some extra features or reduce price range. This will encourage your clients to order from your site for a longer period.

Sell Smartly

When you are selling online, you don’t have direct contact with your potential buyer, so you can’t directly sell your products or services. Thus, you have to pull your smart pants and think differently. You have to design your website in a way that can encourage visitors to make a purchase. Your website design, layout, theme, and content need to be perfect because you can only encourage your visitors through it.

If your site isn’t generating revenue for you, you need to get the help of a professional online marketing company. Your trusted Protocloud Technologies is always ready to help you.

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