Top 5 Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors to Increase Website Ranking in 2023

by Bharat Arora · Updated on June 15, 2020

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SEO is a remarkable tool in the hands of marketers and digital business owners to enhance their ranking on Google. 

But, while talking about SEO optimization, we forget to distinguish between on-page and off-page SEO practices.

Yep, one has to pay equal attention to on-page SEO strategies and off-page SEO strategies so that proper SEO mapping out can be done.

One brilliant SEO company like Protocloud Technologies always starts with on-page SEO and then goes away from the website.

This is because intelligent SEO gurus know that many Google ranking things take place away from the site.

Off-page SEO strategy won’t be complete by sprinkling a couple of links in your post.

No, it is a way of indirectly diverting the attention of Google or other search engines towards your website.

Thus, linking is one of the essential aspects of off-page SEO, but it isn’t everything.

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What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO refers to all the search engine optimization activities performed away from the actual website to increase the ranking.

In simple words, off-page search engine optimization factors are performed offline, unlike on-page SEO activities.

The commonly practiced off-site SEO actions include branded searches, social media appearance, building backlinks, etc.,

This practice is an indirect way to get the attention of Google and other search engines by showing how trustworthy and reliable your website is.

When search engines see that other people are interested in your website, this will immediately send a message about your credibility and authenticity, which ultimately helps in better ranking.

Top 5 Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors that Help to Appear in SERP

If you want to dedicate 2023 to better website SEO optimization, off-page optimization techniques will help you. 

But, don’t just stick to simple link building as a plethora of innovative and trusted SEO factors have been revamping ranking games in 2023.

1. Always Start with Linking

We have mentioned that off-site SEO isn’t all about linking, but it always starts with connecting. 

You have to begin off-page SEO with linking and take it further. However, it doesn’t mean that you can get a couple of random links on your website, and you are done. 

No, you have to focus on building authentic and reliable connections to show your worth of search engines on your website.

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In the link building process, the preparation part is significant, which most site owners ignore. 

But, it is essential to pay attention to link building preparation process, including –

Internal Links – Don’t go outside in search of links when you have dynamic internal pages ready to link.

Optimization of internal pages includes interlinking your web pages using your targeted keywords while emphasizing your brand name.

You should structure silo pages that connect to your category pages.

This way, when you divert a link to your homepage, the SEO juices will automatically flow through category pages.

Proper On-Page SEO – When you want your links to perform well, you have to make sure that your basic on-page SEO is fixed correctly, such as your keywords are relevant, tags are correctly sorted, metadata is optimized, and so on.

If your on-page SEO is on the mark, your link building will automatically work well.

Strategic Guest Blogging – Guest blogging pushes your off-page optimization in many different ways – open your website in front of an entirely new audience, helps in unlinked branding, and links building from the guest posts.

If you guest blog on high-ranking and reliable websites, you can fuel your multiple linking notches up.

2. Brand Building

Once you have prepared relevant backlinks for your website, you should take your off-page SEO factor ahead and build your brand.

The brand signals indicate Google whether your website is a legit brand or not. In the words of Google’s Eric Schmidt, “Brands are the solution, not the problem… Brands are how you sort out the cesspool”.

You can work on branding in the following ways –

Brand Search – First, you have to figure out how many people are searching for your brand on google.

You can just put your brand name in the search engines to know your brand search or use tools like Google Search Console.

Trust YouTube – Today, leading SEO companies are using YouTube marketing to boost their client’s site awareness. Because – your video can be exposed in front of lots of different people, which means more talking, covering, and writing about your brand.

Second, people who have watched your YouTube videos will search your brand on Google.

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Track your Brand – When you are working so hard to build your brand, you need to monitor changes in the pattern over time.

This will show you whether your brand-building efforts are fertile or not. You can use a tracking tool like BuzzSumo to track your brand online.

Research Backend Content – Research-backed content can directly help your off-page SEO by sending high-quality links your way.

Google is super smart and knows that you can easily buy Facebook likes.

Thus, when other brands talk about your brand, this will eventually get some leads.

3. Work on EAT

One of the critical parts of SEO optimization is EAT, aka Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

This is the undiscovered pathway of off-page SEO, which needs to be discovered more.

Apart from adding your writers’ bio, EAT multiple other components that you can strengthen by using these strategies –

Brand Mentioning – When your brand is mentioned by some excellent online review or news website, it can spike up the interest of Google towards your brand and helps in authenticating your website.

Get Seed Site Links – Now we all can’t get links from websites like the New York Times, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get links from sites that have links from New York Times.

Getting links from seed websites also have the potential to boost up your EAT.

Positive Reviews – You can strengthen your site’s EAT by getting positive reviews or testimonials from your clients.

When Google sees that your clients are satisfied with your services or content, it will automatically improve your authority.

4. Take of Off-Page SEO Tricks

You should not stop here once you have worked on linking, branding, and EAT of your website.

You have to take your SEO optimization one step further and work on some dynamic off-page SEO strategies, including –

Press Release – Sending Press Releases about your new product or brand to the high-ranked website can help generate leads to your business.

The critical point here is to pick the right site to publish your press releases from where you can drive more traffic.

Roundup Posts – On other websites like Quora, you can share your knowledge and tag your website link to get more viewers.

You should occasionally do roundup piers to get links and mentions. This method is more effective than traditional guest blogging in some cases.

Get Interviewed – If you are providing specific services or products, you can get yourself interviewed on trending blog sites, YouTube channels, or even podcasts. Suppose, if you are an SEO company, you can share your experience or trending SEO tips in the interview.

This will search engines that people are talking about your brand and even helps in generating new leads.

Partner with Big Brand – You might think of yourself as a big brand, but there are numerous more prominent brands than you are present in the market.

So, you should collaborate with more famous brands and share space with them. Once your business logo and a trending brand logo comes together, you can see a shift in your lead generation rate.

You can partner with big brands in multiple different ways, such as you can start a cooperative program with them to help others.

Like, if you are a developer, you can collaborate with your senior developers and create a webinar to help other developers.

Focus on Visual Content – Instead of creating long blog posts, you can target LSI keywords through creative infographics also.

The visual information can be understood and remembered by your audiences better.

People can relate to images quickly and even take action fast.

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You can use the high defining visual content when you want to target random users on social media.

5. Social Shares

Your social media appearance plays a vital role in how the public views you, but it is a vast way to increase your website traffic (and, therefore, your ranking with Google).

As you know, there are many social media sites out there, so use this guide to decide which ones are the most desirable for your company and focus your efforts there.


Conclusion of Off-page SEO Ranking Factors

Guys, it is high time to get off your site and network with other industry bloggers and site owners if you want to boost your search engine ranking.

You have to ditch all the SEO jargon a stick to white-hat SEO tricks.

With the proper off-page SEO optimization, you can’t survive in the long run.

There’s no shortcut to success and rank on Google.

So, if you want to grow and expand on the dark streets of the internet, you have to customize your off-page SEO strategy and keep on evolving.

When you want assistance from an expert SEO company to develop a high-performing SEO solution for you – both on-page and off-page, you just have to drop a call to Protocloud Technologies only.

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