How to Build a Taxi App Like Uber: Informative, Step-by-Step Guide for Taxi Businesses

by Bharat Arora · Updated on October 4, 2021

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Can you imagine a successful taxi business without an Uber-like Taxi Booking App?

No, you can’t!!

Do you know why all taxi businesses need an on-demand taxi booking app at the current time?

Don’t worry; this blog will clarify all your doubts on this topic!

So, let’s dive right in.

Taxi booking apps have now taken over the traditional ways of booking a cab, which is not changing now.

Today, mobile app development is a must for startups and all the existing taxi services.

Unfortunately, to stay ahead of the competition, an application is not enough.

Once you become a part of the taxi industry, you’ll face intense competition.

So what else do you need to know to stay ahead of the competition?

So let’s start with what you need to know first!!

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Why Should Taxi Businesses Invest in Taxi App Development?

Searching for a cab has become a simple task because now the startups and existing taxi service owners are investing money in mobile taxi app development.

Passengers are now using the taxi booking apps to locate the nearest cabs and book them with just a couple clicks.

Other than the excellent booking experience, passengers can connect with the drivers immediately.

With the increasing number of smartphones, the transportation industry must expect a mobile app to improve its business.

Go through this list of 11 reasons why you should invest in taxi app development

1) Brand Building

2) Riders’ Data Gathering

3) Real-Time Location Tracking

4) Increased Visibility

5) Increase Driver Efficiency

6) Higher ROI

7) Users’ Feedback

8) Technical Benefits

9) Financial Benefits

10) Getting User Feedback

11) Auto-Pilot Mode Aids in Business Development

Now that you know why investing in a taxi booking app is important,

Let’s move forward,

And check out the secrets of growing your taxi businesses.

What are The Secrets to Grow Your Taxi Business in 6 Months

The total number of users in the ride-booking and taxi market is increasing as you read this blog.

Don’t believe us read this,

There were 1358 million app users in 2017.

The estimate is expected to reach 1532 million in 2024.

The cab business is making significant profits given this steadily growing demand in the market.

The principal maxim of any company is “Earn huge profit with fewer investments.”

The taxi companies have shown to be the most profitable business module in this flourishing taxi business-oriented world.

Here are 9 powerful ways to grow your taxi business that have worked wonders for our clients recently

1) Online Presence and Promotion

2) Create Social Media Presence

3) Reach Out through PR and Media

4) Targeted Advertising

5) Fleet Branding

6) Driver Recruitment

7) Offers and Promotions

8) Referral Marketing

9) Customer Feedback

Now that you know what has helped people grow their taxi businesses.

Check out how getting a taxi booking will help you succeed!!

  • First of all, you have to get a custom taxi booking app.
  • Hacking driver’s database.
  • Improving customer loyalty by providing offers through the app.

Now that you know how to grow your business.

Keep reading to learn about advanced and general features that you can include in a taxi booking app….

Advanced Features That You Must Include in A Taxi Booking App

You must continuously improve to enter the competition as a formidable rival in this field.

However, including advanced and unique features can help you stay ahead of the opponents and grow your user base.

Please have a look,

The advanced features you must incorporate in your taxi application to make it rise to the top of the ladder

1) Driver/User Authorization

2) Auto Dispatch Software

3) Driver Queue Algorithm

4) Surge pricing

5) Zone Pricing

6) Heat Map View

7) Phone Number Masking

8) Loyalty Programs

9) Real-Time Analytics

10) Multi-Lingual Support

11) Automate Driver Payment

12) Multiple Payment Options

13) Push Notifications

14) Social Login/Sign-Up

15) Fare Calculation

16) Bill Splitting

17) Multiple Bookings

18) Book Cab For A Friend

19) In-App Call

20) Emergency Contact

21) Live Tracking POP Mode

22) Smartwatch Access

Follow the link below to learn more about the advanced and general features that you can include in your taxi booking application.

Now that you know which advanced features are present in a profitable app like Uber.

If you want to get a taxi booking app, you must have some knowledge about how to create one.

Let’s dive right in…

How To Create Clone Apps Like Uber in 2023?

In most cases, any taxi booking app development involves building an app like Uber.

Everyone uses Uber’s business processes and strategy as a basis.

You have most likely heard the word “uberisation,” acquired from a taxi-hailing app Uber.

The group became an absolute success by following existing user behavior regarding economic and practical transport.

In 2018, Uber made $10.02 billion in income and was rated the second most significant innovation company worldwide, overtaken only by SpaceX.

Unsurprisingly, Uber is the most dependable taxi app globally and operates in 600 cities across 65 nations.

Even with opposition from related taxi booking apps, the company is still the commanding player in the ride-hailing market.

Among other apps like Uber is Lyft, Easy Taxi, Curb, Summon, Gett, and Ola, etc.

Now, let’s check out some things,

You must keep these 9 things in mind before building a clone app like Uber

1) Programming Languages for App Development

2) Database Management

3) Admin Development

4) Request Handling With Queuing and Messaging System

5) Backend API Development

6) Data Security in The Application

7) Payment and Wallet Integration

8) Real-Time Messaging

9) Geolocation

Moving on,

Here you will learn about the process of taxi app development with the help of these 5 steps:

1) Design

2) Backend Development

3) API Integration

4) Testing

5) Launch

To learn more about the

  • Uber app interfaces
  • Why choosing an app like Uber is best for your business?
  • Taxi booking app development process

Please follow the link given below.

Now that you have learned about how to create an app like Uber and advanced features in it.

Here comes the part that excites most people, and most of you are here to find out the cost of a custom mobile app like Uber.

How Much it Will Cost You to Create an App Like Uber & Ola

The development process Uber-like app begins with making a minor functional product.

MVP only works for supply and demand and the dashboard but with limited functionality.

For example, the first release of the Uber app didn’t include many functionalities and features that it has at the current time.

But, it helped connecting drivers and passengers and allowed them to make payments instantly from the application.

After the first version is delivered, you can test the strength of the idea and market facilities.

You can add features once the app is in the market and performing well.

Uber app development cost depends on many factors and features that you want to add to the app.

Anyway, a set of parameters and required time for the work can be considered and calculated at the early stages of development.

If you are serious about making an app, you should not stop your research here.

Learning these topics will also make sure that you make the correct decision.

1) Global software rates of taxi mobile app development

2) Taxi App Development Process And Technology Stack

3) How Long Will it Take to Build an App Like Uber?

And don’t waste time finding these topics separately.

We have explained everything in just one blog,

We hope that you have read the complete blog about the app development cost.

Because now, we will give you some tips on choosing a perfect taxi app development company.

As if you end up choosing a development company to does not take their or your work or project seriously.

You will lose your hard-earned money and time also.

But don’t worry,

We are sharing tips on choosing a taxi app development company that we have accumulated by talking to our clients.

11 Ultimate Tips to Select the Best Taxi App Development Company As Per Your Needs

In this modern time, there is no shortage of android or iOS mobile app development companies.

You will face many challenges in choosing the best taxi app development company in 2023.

The app development company you plan to go for, mobile application development, should have expert developers who can work dedicatedly on your project.

These 11 tips have assisted many companies in selecting the best mobile app development company

1) Find a mobile app development company

2) Previous work experience of the company

3) Search for their happy clients

4) Transparency they provide in their work process

5) Coding standards of the company

6) Data security

7) Service Package

8) Technical support and maintenance

9) Project completion timeline

10) Ask if they provide app testing

11) NDA agreement is a must

This process does need a little bit of additional work.

But choosing an ideal app development company that can help you grow your business and deliver on time can help you grow your business rapidly.

Once you go through all this process of deciding to invest in a cab application, select the best taxi app development company and get yourself a profitable taxi booking app.

It is now time to,

Market The App in Which You Put so Much Hard Work

Don’t worry about it!

We got your back!

We have made a complete guide for you on this topic to ensure that your investment doesn’t get wasted.


By now, you are equipped with all the knowledge to convert your Taxi booking app idea into a reality.

The Protocloud Technologies’ best app developers in India & the USA will be an asset for your company.

I believe this blog unfolds the necessary aspects of building a taxi app like Uber.

It will all benefit you in the long run.

Now that you understand everything,

Let me know by dropping a comment below right now.


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