How to Grow Your Taxi Business Within 6 Months [9 Powerful Ways]

by Bharat Arora · Updated on September 21, 2021

What is the secret to growing your taxi business?

It’s not an easy question to answer.

But you probably wonder why Uber and Ola grow their business rapidly just about every year.

Actually, yes, they do!

It may occur behind the scenes, but we know some ways to grow your taxi booking business with ease.

And now, we are going to show you how you can grow your business.

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Top 9 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Taxi Business In 6 Months

1. Online Presence and Promotion

One of the most reliable ways to grow your growing taxi business is the assistance of an online presence.

The very initial thing to do is to get a user-friendly and responsive website.

Most of the time, 83% of the online population has purchased something online.

And 70% of people assume that they are going to get a great deal out of it.

If you don’t have a website with the latest taxi booking features of 2023, you will miss out on big-time exposure.

Your website will generate brand awareness and make you noticeable to a broader population.

If you have a website, you will increase your reach to many people at the same time.

A website is not only for building or expanding your online presence.

It is for helping you to realize that being online is an essential factor that most businesses need online promotion.

Besides, an online presence can help you provide a brand name and recognition and grow your company’s profits.

However, please think about the disadvantages before getting started.

Online has created a lot of benefits, and at the same time, it can make you flick.

Creating your appearance with the help of a precise and integrated taxi booking application system is the primary step in growing your taxi business.

once you got this covered

now what you need to do is

2. Create Social Media Presence

The total number of social media users across the globe will increase from 3.06 billion in 2020 to 4.41 billion in 2025 

You can visualize the potential of social media in building a vast customer base as 77% of internet consumers also use many social media platforms to stay updated!

Get a business account on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and everything you can lay your hands on.

Constantly update your taxi business page with related content like videos, articles, images, and other media.

You can produce unique stories featuring your drivers and passengers to retain and engage your customers at a greater level.

Also, please respond to the questions or issues posted by customers and reply to their feedback frequently.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say…

That social media does play a very essential role in the growth of a business.

that PR and Media is also as crucial as everything

3. Reach Out through PR and Media

Companies like Uber and Ola rely on conventional media and PR tactics to expand their existing customer base and get new customers.

You can write interesting stories in the local media and even create content for radio and television.

If you don’t have the talent in-house, you can go for a PR company to take care of everything on your account.

Powerful PR will build brand awareness, brand loyalty and leave a positive opinion about your business on the mind of the consumers.

You can also transform your audience to customers via PR tactics.

4. Targeted Advertising

You have a greater chance of conversion when you target a person who has shown concern in your ride-hailing services.

The same appeals to taxi advertising ideas!

You can target taxi business customer groups on various platforms through algorithms and customer preferences and behavior.

Then you show them to your advertisement, and they are more likely to choose your services.

You can choose to go with targeted advertising through PPC campaigns.

Your advertisements appear on search engine results and web pages when someone searches for something similar to a taxi booking service.

You will be charged for every click viewer makes on your link.

Social media can also be an excellent stage for targeted advertisements.

For example, Facebook has a unique plan for marketers to select their target consumers and send them ads.

Social media campaigns will also work to draw in new clients.

5. Fleet Branding

Uber and Ola always put their logos on each of their cars that are in their fleet.

This strategy of putting your logo or wrapping your vehicles in your company’s branding is an excellent way to reach out to a more extensive consumer base without putting in much effort.

More than 2,500 people see a moving car with company branding and graphics in a busy area.

91.26% of other drivers notice ads on vehicles, and 35.32% study them with close observation.

Marking your vehicles need only minimum expense but gives you higher returns.

Vehicle branding is an effective and standard method to promote your taxi business.

6. Driver Recruitment

You will need to hire drivers to run your taxi business online.

Companies like Uber hire drivers who have their vehicles, reducing the cost of maintaining a line of cars.

Your drivers are not only the strength of your business, but they can act as perfect PR agents and do miracles for your company.

Operators generally interact with the passengers and will be able to tell them about your business for free!

You can ask 100 operators to sign up on the app and test your application, and shortly they will get more drivers on board through referral codes.

The number of cars in your fleet will also increase with the increase in drivers, and you will achieve the growth you want.

7. Offers and Promotions

Promotional and discount coupons offers are tested methods to gain new customers and retain the existing ones.

79.9% of users use coupons regularly. 91% of customers who redeemed a coupon will become repeat clients to a business.

You can offer discounts to users directly through your clone taxi app like Uber or send a text message.

The promotions can also be announced online on your website or social media platforms.

Also, you can spread flyers, coupons, and leaflets to increase your taxi booking app.

It can give you a vital business as companies expect around 19% of expected business to come from the consumers who used a discount or promotion.

8. Referral Marketing

People usually tend to incline towards the apps that are recommended or trusted by their family and friends.

Referral marketing is based on the same approach, where a user refers a service or a product with their family and friends in return for a discount or referral points.

You can add this feature in your mobile app for taxi booking so that your users can share a promo code with the people in their contacts list.

The new connection then tries out your app like Uber and refers it to their friends and family.

This way, you will know how to boost your taxi business in 2023.

Once you got referral marketing covered

Stick with me here, because…

in this final point, you will know

how getting customer feedbacks ad ratings

will help you grow your taxi booking business.

9. Customer Feedback

Passengers can leave real-time feedback and reviews and rate the drivers in the taxi booking app once the ride is complete.

The rating feature in the cab app gives you a perfect chance to track the drivers with low ratings and take improvement actions.

You should also attend to any accusations or feedback immediately and solve them, whether small or big.

Replying to customer feedback eventually improves customer satisfaction, creates brand loyalty, and enhances customer engagement to grow taxi businesses.

How a Taxi Booking App Will Help You Grow Your Taxi Business? (3 Easy Ways)

These creative ideas for growing your taxi business can help you in retaining and serving your customer base.

1. First of All You Have To Get Custom Taxi Booking App

Everyone constantly uses mobile phones now.

A mobile app for taxi booking can help increase your taxi business in 2023.

An effective app with minimum but valuable features and a user-friendly user experience can create a brand for your taxi business.

The application permits access 24/7 and calculates the number of rides in a day.

Don’t know how to start a taxi booking service or how to make an app like Uber?

Find the most promising taxi booking app development company for an authentic Uber-like clone app solution.

Read Here: How to find the best Taxi Booking App Development Company?

A taxi booking application will provide you with:

  • An app will provide real-time analytics for canceled and completed trips as a whole or individually.
  • Users can schedule, reschedule, or cancel their rides. The company does not make a loss by such reschedules and cancellations.
  • Before accepting or rejecting a request, drivers can check customer details (area, location, and user details).
  • Drivers and users can see riding and payment history.

A straightforward app can assist you in beginning an online cab business and grow it ultimately.

It is like insurance which gives a good ROI.

Nowadays, you don’t need many skilled people to strengthen your business.

Now, you only need an engaging taxi booking app to take care of both driver and customer requirements.

2. Hacking Driver’s Database

For a thriving taxi business, choose drivers with Commercial Driver’s licenses and an outstanding record.

The behavior of your driver with the customers will, in turn, improves goodwill for the business.

Create a taxi booking app for drivers which can easily integrate with the administrative division of the company.

You can easily monitor any misbehavior by the driver or cabs being late on the Uber-like clone app.

3. Improving Customer Loyalty by Providing Offers Through The App

Customer comfort is the key to successful company growth.

Not only is it necessary to get customers, but it is also required to retain these customers.

It would be better to give them reasons to pick your taxi service every time over other apps.

Now, you might be thinking.

How do you do that?


You don’t want to make losses, so you should strategically plan deals like credit card points.

Most cab booking services give the first one or two free rides, but they charge regular fares after that free period.

To draw more users, you can give exclusive discounts to frequent passengers, which will make them choose your services.

Giving services to senior citizens and students at more affordable rates will draw them towards your cab services.

You can also add insurance covers at minimum prices to attract them.

A customer can also profit from a ride-sharing feature in an app that can quickly get them to pay half of the price by sharing a ride.

You can also make specific requests like wheelchair friendly or other accessories with the cab.

Thus, this will help retain more customers and grow your taxi business.

It is necessary to consider giving services and features in a mobile app that helps both people.

Are you still in the early stages and thinking about how to start your own Taxi business and marketing ideas for taxi companies?

Here’s What To Do Next…

Starting and running a taxi business for the first time is fantastic.

And, I hope this article helped show you how to grow your Taxi business through a mobile app.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

What’s helped you grow your taxi business?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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