Must-Have Features For Your Taxi Booking App to Be Successful like Uber in 2023

by Bharat Arora · Updated on September 30, 2021

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What is the secret of building a profitable taxi booking app?

It’s not an easy question to answer.

But you probably know that Uber can generate profits with just about everything that they do.

How do they do it?

Do they use any advanced features in their cab app that people are not using?

Actually, Yes, they do!

And today, I’m going to reveal to you our favorite advanced features of all time.

What Is A Taxi Booking Mobile App?

Currently, the conventional ways of using taxi services have been in the backseat, and new ways of booking a ride are in the front seat.

The app stores are overly filled with on-demand taxi booking apps with features that lure one to book only via these applications.

The determination and hard work of the taxi mobile app development companies have led to these applications’ growth.

One can entirely rely on them when it comes to booking a ride for themselves.

Now, how do these apps function?

It is straightforward.

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The customers have to download and install one of these applications on their smart devices.

The choice of the online taxi application can depend on many factors like the ratings and reviews of the app, the location it is available in, and services, and the type of services given by them.

After the app is downloaded and installed, users can register in the app and save their office and home locations so that it is effortless for them to book a cab with just a click.

The app also allows them to choose the car they want to commute in.

Users can also compare the cars’ fares after the application calculates the time and distance of the journey.

Lastly, one can book a taxi and get the waiting time for it.

And before you know it, your ride is waiting for you right outside your home.

Isn’t it easy?

Now let’s move ahead and look at some Advanced Features that you must include in a taxi booking app!!

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Advanced Features That You Must Include in A Taxi Booking App

One must continually advance to enter the contest as there is tough competition in this field.

However, including advanced and unique features can help you stay ahead of the opponents and grow your user base.

Please have a look at the advanced features you must incorporate in your taxi application to make it rise to the top of the ladder.

1) Driver/User Authorization

This feature allows the drivers to get permission to drive the car under the cab application. They get permission to take bookings and connect with the cab mobile app.

2) Auto Dispatch Software

Drivers get help from this feature as they can control all their ride bookings through this one feature.

They don’t have to go back and forth to check on all of them in one place.

It also assists them in getting precise guidance about the place they have got a booking form.

3) Driver Queue Algorithm

This feature works best in helping the taxi service owners know the number of drivers and taxis available in one place, which could be sent out as options to a user trying to book a cab.

This method is speedy, as, within 2-5 minutes, the user has to be intimidated about the taxis in proximity.

4) Surge pricing

If there is a lack of cabs because of the raised demand, the taxi owners can increase the price and earn higher profits on that very day.

5) Zone Pricing

Each place in a city might have its constraints, roads, laws, and time limits.

Therefore, the pricing of these places can change.

This feature helps the cab owners make money accordingly.

6) Heat Map View

With the help of this feature, the application owners can know about the cars providing services to the users during the most hectic time of the day.

More cars and drivers can be assigned accordingly.

7) Phone Number Masking

If you don’t want to give your contact details to a driver or vice-versa, you must know that the application lets you keep it confidential.

With the help of an in-app call feature, one can keep his number from being shared.

8) Loyalty Programs

How about providing an extra push to your passengers and drivers by giving them loyalty plans like offers, discounts, etc.?

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This feature always attracts the users, getting them to use the app even more.

9) Real-Time Analytics

This feature allows the app owners to know the number of taxis in service and the zonal positions.

It helps them know how strongly their application is working and how many people are utilizing it as they get to know about the user making bookings by it.

10) Multi-Lingual Support

The most helpful feature is that it lets people from other countries book cabs without the trouble of interacting with the people and asking someone to secure them a taxi.

This particular feature is best for tourists.

11) Automate Driver Payment

By incorporating this feature, one can link their bank account or a digital wallet directly with the app and let all deductions happen automatically from their accounts instantly.

It saves them plenty of time and eliminates the need to carry cash and wallets.

12) Multiple Payment Options

These days, Uber-like apps have adopted advanced payments methods, including payments through cards, online banking, and mobile wallets.

It has made it valuable.

13) Push Notifications

The app would always notify the user of the taxi app with a push notification once he makes the booking and when his cab appears at the location.

These messages come into use when the app has to be notified about any new offers or discounts being launched.

14) Social Login/Sign-Up

Each user needs to have a separate account; therefore, all users must register before proceeding with the services.

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It is an excellent idea to integrate social media accounts with the sign-up system.

It helps them save their favorite locations and add payment systems.

It allows the users to save a lot of time, and they would not have to record all their details time and again.

15) Fare Calculation

It allows the passengers to calculate the amount that they will have to spend on a single ride.

One can know the amount they would have to pay on the ride before starting the ride.

16) Bill Splitting

Can you split the total fare into two parts and pay your shares from your accounts? Well, yes!

Two people are likely to share a cab and the fare.

This feature lets them pay their share individually, keeping things simple.

17) Multiple Bookings

Those days are over when you could only make one booking with one account.

The new generation of online taxi applications has the feature that allows its users to make various bookings for themselves or their families simultaneously.

18) Book Cab For A Friend

With the help of this feature, you can book a taxi for a friend who is at a different location.

All a passenger has to do is insert that friend’s pick-up and drop details.

19) In-App Call

A user is in haste and doesn’t have the liberty to make a regular call to the driver.

The in-built call feature allows them to tap on the icon to get connected to the operator.

20) Emergency Contact

The online cab booking application enables the users to save emergency contact to call them in case of any misfortune.

21) Live Tracking POP Mode

The feature enables the user to share his ride status with a friend or a family member, allowing that person to trace the live location of the taxi.

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22) Smartwatch Access

Now that smartwatches are the new mobile accessory everyone wants to carry, it is even achievable to book a cab.

It is helpful to use these applications now from your smartwatches and make bookings and payments through the same watch.

General Features To Incorporate In A Taxi Booking App

For Passengers Panel

  • Sign-up/Social Login
  • Create and maintain the profile
  • On-demand taxi booking feature
  • View expected wait time for taxi coming
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Amenable billing and payment choices
  • Push Notifications, SMS alerts & emails
  • Provide feedback and rate the drivers
  • View cab and rates options
  • Schedule bookings
  • Auto-generated fare
  • Pay via in-app wallet
  • View cab booking history

For Driver Panel

  • Update availability for passengers
  • Accept/Deny passengers booking requests
  • Push notifications
  • In-app chat and call with customers
  • Live map navigation
  • View ratings and reviews
  • Automated fare estimation
  • Check trip routes
  • Accept offline/online payments

For Admin Panel

  • View/Manage operators
  • Manage cab availability and scheduling
  • View trip routes
  • Manage surge prices and rate card
  • Manage offers and discounts
  • Tracking of cabs
  • View/Manage feedback and reviews of drivers
  • Generate daily reports for transactions and revenues
  • Manage geolocation boundary


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That’s it for all the advanced and general features that you must have in your online taxi booking app.

Which feature do you think must be included in an online cab booking app to provide the best user experience from this blog?

Or maybe you have a question about something.

Either way, let me know if you have any suggestions by leaving a quick comment below.


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