How To Make online food delivery clone app Like DoorDash in 2024?

by Bharat Arora · Updated on November 30, 2021

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In current years, people have favored online food delivery clone app. Restaurant owners are also adjusting to this on-demand business to boost their sales and grow their consumer base.

DoorDash is one of the business models that multiple startups follow for their companies.

COVID-19 is also one of the main reasons for this unexpected rise of on-demand food delivery providers.

This pandemic showed that the current generation prefers online food ordering services instead of eating out.

Food ordering applications like DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats, Zomato, Postmates, and Swiggy, offer this option of online payment and limitless food establishments that makes their lives more comfortable.

Steps to Develop DoorDash online food delivery Clone App

Creating an online food delivery Clone App like DoorDash is quite complex, and also it looks like a lengthy process. New startups can build a food delivery app with the assistance of the best mobile app development company.

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  1. Pick the correct target audience for your company.
  2. Build a complete mobile application business strategy for your food delivery app to bypass any obstructions that may come in the future.
  3. Create a connection with the most famous restaurants and food-producing companies.
  4. Hire both contract and payroll employees for having fluid delivery fleet services for your company.
  5. Choose or Hire the best food delivery app development company to develop your business application.
  6. Work excellently for the consumers and continue upgrading as per the consumers’ reviews
  7. Perform the marketing process of your app like DoorDash.

It is just a tiny version of the process to launch your own DoorDash alternative food delivery app.

Key Features of Doordash Clone App

Features of Doordash Customer Application

1. Registration

Mobile app users should have the opportunity to sign in to their consumer accounts quickly. Make sure that you provide them an option to sign up via their social media accounts too.

2. Restaurant Search

Make sure you have considered all the restaurant options accessible for your app users. Including menu, dishes, add-on, reviews, and offers/ discounts are open to them. It’s easier because your DoorDash clone app has the most advanced search option that allows your customers to find by dish name, restaurant name, or place.

3. Order Placing

Application users should have the option to add, delete, or edit their preferred food orders. Before the users make the payment, you must provide an order summary if they like to change the order/cancel the order.

4. Different Payment Methods

Make sure you give your white-label restaurant software users various payment methods to assist them in performing their reliable and fast activities.

5. Set an Exact a Drop Position

Ensuring your consumers can find the right drop location is crucial to get your meals at the doorstep or any area they are at that time.

6. Feedback System

Consumers must have the choice to drop their reviews and rate out of stars. Allow users to know what’s going at the restaurant exactly – the menu, Doordash clone app, delivery executive, or any other aspect.

Features of Doordash Delivery Boy Application

1. Profile Creation

Delivery guys have to identify themselves before starting their food deliveries through an app like DoorDash. All the guys need to ‘sign in’ on their delivery mobile app to include all private data, for example, name, email-id, contact number, social media site, etc.

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2. Order Management

They have access to all the necessary data concerning order amount, location, and other conditions if they do correct registration. Controlling orders with a white-label restaurant app would allow the delivery boy to accept or reject food delivery by approving/refusing it.

3. Status Update

The feature for ‘status update’ enables the delivery guy to screen their surroundings. For instance, delivery guys can change their status to approved or disapproved when the consumer’s order has been delivered or not. So the user knows where their delivery request has been right away.

Therefore, the delivery boy should have the option to reach the user through chat or call if he is facing any difficulty finding the location.

4. In-App Route

The in-app map can assist the delivery guys in finding the location, and they can get to and from the pick-up location and drop delivery at the preferred location fast and correctly.

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How Doordash Clone App Work?

Step 1:

The DoorDash mobile app is only available in the USA, Australia, and Canada.

First, you’ve to download the mobile app according to the OS you’re using (Android or iOS). The following step is to sign-up for a new account by giving all the necessary information such as your payment details, phone number, delivery address, etc.

If you want, you can also sign-up via Facebook or Google.

Step 2:

You can start ordering your preferred food once you are signed up in the app. You can pick the food you need to order in a few ways, firstly by scanning through the app’s home page.

Secondly, if you use the search icon at the bottom, you can type the restaurant’s name from where you want to order food and the other by choosing the category of meals you wish to order.

As you’ve already provided your address in the application, it can offer you local deals, estimated delivery time, and other fast delivery options.

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Step 3:

If you tap a restaurant’s name, the app will take you to its menu page. Here you can see the names of all the food items and different categories. The restaurant shows customizable menus with options to select additional vegetarian ingredients or any other customization you want.

Once you add all the things you want, you can tap the ‘Order Now’ option to complete your request.

Step 4:

Some of the additional features include the option to “View Cart.” Here you can view all the items you’ve added to your cart and make changes to them. You also have to select a payment method as you complete your order.

You can choose Apple Pay or any other payment options to make payments, or you can pay the amount via your Debit card or Credit card.

Step 5:

You will now enter the last check-out page. Here you can check your delivery address and add any delivery guidance that you have. You can also revise the fees that the app has charged you for your food order. The app will break the payments into the cost of your meal, delivery charges, and driver’s tip. You can check the charges and then place your order.

The next step will give you information about your order getting prepared, when it gets picked, and when it’s out for delivery. It also offers a map where you can watch how far your order is from your house.


By now, you are outfitted with all the knowledge to make your Food delivery app idea a reality.

The Protocloud Technologies best app developers in the USA & UK will be an asset for your company.

I believe this blog unfolds the necessary aspects of developing a online food delivery clone app like Doordash.

It will all benefit you in the long run.

Now that you understand everything

Let me know by dropping a comment below right now.


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