A Complete Guide to Education App Development: Purpose, Features, Reasons to Invent

by Bharat Arora · Updated on August 14, 2021

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Education is an essential factor in today’s world and a service provider in Education App Development we want to share some insights about this topic.

It is not about the reports that confirm where you completed your education; it is about the actual knowledge and the professional skills.

Now the Education sector is also seeing tech innovations from the past few years.

The concept of self-education is becoming popular day by day.

Education is the third most successful category on the App Store, beaten only by Games and Business, and on Google Play, e-learning is in second place, just behind games.

Though on both platforms, the e-learning category has a similar percentage of around 9% of the whole.

Education-apstatistics app store play store


Because of all the cool features integrated into the online study apps, the students don’t get bored quickly.

And on the other hand, all the top mobile app development companies are working hard to make the students’ experience more flawless and make the education more fun for the students.

Here, in this particular blog,


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You will learn…

  • The purpose of a mobile app
  • Features to include in your educational app
  • Why e-learning app is a good investment?
  • Categories of education app-based businesses

So let’s dive in

What is the Purpose of a education mobile app development?

Applications help us connect, have fun and gain knowledge in our comfort.

A study shows that the average person uses 9 applications per day and 30 apps per month.

But why do we love apps? And what is the purpose of building an application?

Here are some reasons why you should have an app!!

Apps Make Lives More Comfortable

You might wonder why people invest or choose mobile applications over websites?

It is a valid point, but apps are more convenient than websites and add value to our lives.

Do you remember how life was before Google maps?

It wasn’t easy.

Now you can download an app and get on with your life without any hassle or wasting time.

Apps Provide Education

Education App Development is a demanding market in this current situation with a pandemic in the world.

Because of the current situation, the requirement has also increased.

Educational apps had helped the students through these tough times when no schools or colleges were open.

Mobile apps serve as excellent educational tools.

You can learn languages, strengthen your coding skills, take online courses, and far more.

To Entertain

Mobile apps have essentially changed how we consume everything related to entertainment.

Apps like Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix allow users to stream high-definition video content whenever they want.

While mobile app development has transformed the very face of gaming, the games industry now makes more revenue from mobile games than PC.

And with smartphones becoming more powerful, audiences have more entertainment choices to choose from various options.

Now, full-on PC and console games like PUBG and Fortnite are available on mobile phones.

To Connect Us

Mobile applications don’t have to be individual experiences.

Some of the most famous apps encourage socialization and inclusivity.

Customers can download and install video chat clients like Skype or FaceTime to keep up with loved ones more easily.

To Encourage Productivity

Smartphones in the market today are so advanced that your phone might be more powerful than your PC. And now, they’re just as feature-rich, also.

It’s likely to create presentations via PowerPoint, type up complete reports through Google Documents, or even connect your data through other apps while you’re waiting for your bus or taxi to arrive.

Top 10 Trending E-Learning Mobile App Features That Boost The Learning Process

It’s time to ask yourself how to make the most desirable Educational App in the market.

What features will you need for that?

If you have any doubts, we’re available to help you determine what is essential to consider when building educational apps.

Registration & Account Creation

user registration education app
Do not redesign the wheel

Start like all your rivals do, specifically by registering a user and creating his account in the app.

His page is required so that he can access his data concerning the learning process.


search feature of elearning app
Of course, search is also a must-have of any educational application.

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The user will be confused if he doesn’t find such a feature.

Social Media Integration

social media integration

We give a lot of time to social media

Even our work is often connected with the use of Facebook and other social media platforms.

Therefore, integrating social media is a must.

And all kinds of mobile educational applications are no different.

Among other things, they clarify the registration process in your app for education.

Push Notifications

push notifications

Well, you also can’t do anything without smart notifications either.

And why give up such an excellent opportunity to delight the user with your service?

Use this feature to mention your app users from time to time (don’t stretch it).

Educational Content

educational content in online learning app
Show your creativity to the fullest and do your best to present educational content in different formats, including video,  text, and audio.

Practical exercises should supplement the theoretical basis.



It’s not enough to build an education app allowing users to obtain new information and multiple skills.

Please offer them an entire network to interact with each other. We’re talking about chat / messaging, the ability to add other users as friends, and related features.

Statistics on Users’ Progress

statistics on users progress

You can reward excellent students with exciting gifts, even virtual ones.

Grouping Lessons

grouping lessons educational app
If your mobile app concentrates on various topics, break them down into relevant groups.

Convenient Class Schedule

When considering how to build an online learning app, pay attention to the establishment of class schedules.

The student should take the course in steps, from more specific subjects to more difficult ones.

Feedback: Rating and Reviews

feedback screen in education app
Feedback is essential to both you and your users.

You can check the user activity and fix your service if required.

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And other users of the app would be glad to read an opinion about a specific lesson or course and make the correct choice.

Indeed, this is only a shortlist of educational app features. It’s up to you to diversify it as you wish.

Top 5 Reasons why Institutions Must Invest in Online Educational Applications

5 reasons of having mobile apps

With online learning apps, institutes can reach out to a larger audience without establishing a massive physical infrastructure.

This specific section of the blog will tell you why you should invest in Education Mobile app Development as an institute.

Online Learning Apps Provide Targeted and Suitable Support to Students

Investing your money in online learning applications provides teachers access to course-specific analytics data to provide personalized interventions to the students.

It provides the students to connect with the additional social and academic support they need to succeed in life.

Connect Various Learning Approaches

Online learning programs are the best type of investment for educational institutes as it allows them to provide to the different training styles of the students.

Some students prefer video learning, and some want to learn through a more realistic approach instead.

Institutes can now use content that appeals to different learning styles and boost their strategy through a mixed learning approach.

Apps Save Money and Time

An education app saves cost and decreases the amount of time needed away from attending physical classes.

The study also shows that an online learning course can take up to 76% less time than a regular classroom discipline.

Digitized Content

In an online educational program, every student gets high-quality, informative content backed by images and videos.

It is easy to understand, and the content comes from various modes such as computers, smartphones, and other electric gadgets for ease of knowledge.

Effective Assessments

Digital learning is an excellent way for continuous feedback from content-embedded assessments, games, simulations, and other forms of flexible learning modules.

It allows students to track and measure their progress and remain motivated to do great.

Important Categories of Education App-Based Businesses

E-Learning business categories include three major types, and we will explain all these in detail.

imp categories of education apps

Education to Consumers

In this type, the users generally are students who are seeing to gain academic knowledge.

Students and learners in all kinds of institutions, be it college, school, or university, have displayed a lot of concern in pursuing their studies through mobile e-learning apps.

Now, this attachment for e-learning apps creates a business opportunity for application developers.

But it is not a direct path, and if you feel a bit perplexed, you can look at some of the other options for generating revenues in this category.

Online Education Courses

  • The Internet now is full of different kinds of online programs and helps the creators earn millions.
  • They collude with famous schools and colleges to present their online courses to as many students as reasonable.
  • They significantly have helped thousands of students who want to teach themselves but lack financial assistance.
  • Their ingredients are the following
  • Textbooks with a touch of video and audio lectures
  • Courses catalog, forum, and blog
  • Availability of mobile version to obtain all the required material
  • Combined payment system to make the method of online payment more manageable

Education to Business

Advancements and Efficiency are two priorities for businesses in today’s world.

To attain these, companies turn to e-learning which helps by saving their money, time, and energy.

Any institute looking to incorporate a new training program into their business can turn to e-learning to protect them from monotonous face-to-face or classroom learning.

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Let’s look at the advantages of making mobile e-learning apps an excellent tool for businesses.

Benefits of Mobile E-learning Application for Companies in Corporate Training

  • Cost-Effective – An e-learning application lowers the money spent on building, travel costs, and study materials to the students.
  • Convenient and Flexible– e-learning apps allow anybody to learn and join classes virtually, making it quite suitable for students to engage.
  • Improves performance and productivity– Another pro of an e-learning app is that it allows the user to learn anytime and anywhere, making it easy to utilize their available time.
  • An accessible introduction to valuable data – Allows users to access quality-written notes in documents, video lessons, and pdf video lessons with references in an interactive manner. So, helpful, easy to consume information in your hands.
  • Effective feedback – Apps have the facility to give feedback to teachers and courses in real-time.
  • High retention capability – Interactive content, easy to use, and understanding lessons make the learning process fun, making the learners retain info easily and stay on the app longer.

Education to Educators

Education mobile application has been for the growth of students, but e-learning apps also take teachers under their consideration.

E-learning is hugely helpful for the students, but that is not the complete picture.

These e-learning apps have also supported the teachers to grow immensely.

Since there was a shift in teaching with the discarding of physical classes and recognition of virtual online courses, teachers needed minor teaching methods.

E-learning applications have come in a lot of help in their hunt for learning new teaching techniques.

Profits of Teaching Through Mobile E-learning Apps Include

  • Allocating work and tasks to students and maintaining track of their development in actual time.
  • Scheduling of classes at any time according to their convenience.
  • More excellent communication with learners and their parents.
  • Compliance to access information at any point in time.
  • Availability of push notifications about any meaningful activity.
  • Availability of e-learning apps for institutes.


Since the world is now at a completely new place to acquire technology-mediated processes in all fields, online education and eLearning have become hot areas requiring an app interface.

With every educational institution and proposed entrepreneur wanting to join the league of going mobile with their course or eLearning module, a custom Education mobile application development appears to be the final answer.

But developing a competing and convenient app that makes the learning process worth the time spent online and gives it an advantage above the traditional methods is a part of the skill.

If you want to develop such student-friendly and customized educational apps,
Protocloud Technology is the perfect opportunity for you.

We’ve got the expertise, experience, resources, and everything else required to be a top-notch mobile app development company.

Our iOS and Android apps will speak for themselves in that regard.


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