Top 13 Chatting App Features & 10 Steps to Develop a Mobile App – 2023

by Bharat Arora · Updated on August 24, 2021

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In today’s post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about developing a chatting app.

What is there in it?

Various features

(And most important of all) steps to develop an app.

Let’s dive right in.

Want To Develop A Chat App?

Society is quickly moving away from short message services, widely trusted as traditional instant text messaging.

Today, instant text messenger applications have transformed the way we communicate earlier.


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Messages are no longer just for sending messages, but the method has already passed one stage.

We may now transport audio, files, recordings, pictures, video clips and switch the live status.

When it proceeds to chatting and messaging technologies, we can’t ignore WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

These apps have already grown industry measures in the talking industry. According to the article, “WhatsApp has previously exceeded 500 million users daily.”

As a result, it is pretty reasonable to copy applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

As per the recent reports, WhatsApp enhances group videos and audio calls more partially by transforming its mobile application.

Earlier, consumers had to start a one on one video chat before joining others.

There was also no unique choice to start a group call at once. Still, the company has recently modified the interface, allowing consumers to create group discussions with only a few easy taps.

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Top 8 Most Demanding Chatting Mobile App Features in 2023

Simple Log-in

The largest of the apps today need some sign-up and sign-in, and chats are no exemption. To obtain the chat’s functionality, a user must enroll in the app and create a profile.

The easiest way to do so is by a phone number and additional validation by an SMS. Another way to implement authentication and authorization is via email or a famous social media outline like Facebook or Google.

You can also make a two-step permission to stop strangers from accessing users’ data.

Cloud Storage and Backup

Synchronization among a cloud service will allow the app to store and stock message history, audios, images, and other files and keep them up-to-date without hindering the device’s memory.

It’s likely to obtain all the files at every time from the storage system if the Internet connection is working.

In extension, if the user modifies files and messages from their devices, it will implement in the current copies, all thanks to the cloud.

Cloud synthesis is the best option for those who require backup to obtain the profile from multiple devices.

If the user misplaces or damages their cellphone, they can restore everything on the new device.

Additionally, cloud backup has two more different essential purposes that will help you preserve your business.

First, it will help you control the client service quality, and second, the backup will preserve you from undesired guests.

Both industry behemoths like WhatsApp and Telegram use cloud backup for most kinds of data users transfer to each other,

So it would be best if you incorporated this characteristic in your app from the very start.

Data Security and Encryption

Data security is an essential issue in the digital world.

Users want their information and data to be protected from intruders, and organizations wish to classified data safe from a scam.

One of the app’s principal responsibilities is to ensure secrecy to its users.

The most traditional way to achieve it is to use end-to-end encryption, which intends dedicated users to see accurate messages.

It assures that both sender and receiver can decode the encrypted chat information with no third-party interference.

High data protection plays a vital role in choosing a chat app. Encryption is essential for messenger apps since it shields sensible and private information.

That is why safety is another characteristic that you should recognize while forming your immediate messaging app.


Today, it’s hard to overwhelm anyone with whatever artificial intelligence can make.

AI makes software imagine and act like a real human being, and Chatbots are one of the easiest ways to include AI in your chat app.

Chatbots converse and communicate with people via messages to help the execution of various tasks.

Some carrier apps offer their floors for developing Chatbots, like Telegram.

The ultimate Chatbots can perform several functions, from writing posts to handling finances.

It’s simple to start and stop working with them, depending on the users’ requirements.

Chatbots inside any chat apps make them more comfortable and exciting.

It’s also likely to leverage Chatbots with automated or intelligent solutions.

While AI gets integrated, the chat app will grant users responses to messages, so they don’t have to insert the answers manually.

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Dark and Light Modes

The style your chat app resembles matters, and although the functionality gets the front part, the purpose of UI is vast.

If your app is aesthetically delightful, you have way more possibilities to win the users’ faith.

A popular characteristic of customizing the app is to enable dark and light modes.

In extension to customization, dark mode saves the device’s battery life.

Google has revealed that YouTube with enabled dark mode and 50% screen brightness decreases battery power usage by 14%.

If the brightness is directed to 100%, dark mode preserves up to 60%.

In extension, dark mode is more suitable for use in dark places, where a bright layout can disturb users’ eyes.

Message Broadcasting

It’s essential to distinguish group chats from message broadcasting.

The opening characteristic allows users to create group chats with various connections and share messages in one conversation for everyone.

With message broadcasting, users can send similar letters to various contacts without creating a unified discussion.

Users will get a single non-group message without the ability to recognize another recipient.

News companies and businesses generally use message broadcasting to spread promotional messages and newsletters.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a must-have characteristic in any app.

It performs a vital role for chat apps because that is how users are informed of new messages.

Besides new messages, a chat app can inform users about new contacts, someone’s online status, or if the receiver has recited the message.

Cross-Platform Solution

Developing a messenger only for one program, web or mobile, can significantly reduce your capability to reach the target viewers.

Even though many people moved from desktop browsers to mobile apps, you shouldn’t undervalue the power of other devices.

We can grant creating a variant for web browsers, desktops, and mobile platforms as a simple minimum.

With additional updates, you can achieve versions for intelligent gadgets and tablets.

Disappearing Messages

This characteristic is comparatively new, but the industry behemoths like Snapchat and WhatsApp have already implemented it, and users like it.

Users can manage disappearing messages by setting up when the news will disappear and what kind of messages should stay in the chat.


Snapchat is a pilot here repeatedly.

They acquainted stories and brought social media to the chat app, giving people a purpose to open the app without getting messages.

Several other applications worked related mechanisms, building it around Facebook and Twitter.

Yet, right now, it’s not that popular in chat apps.

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VR and AR

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are other top-notch technologies, collectively among artificial intelligence.

This demand is overgrowing, and both VR and AR previously apply to many industries: education, construction, healthcare, and the military.

In chats, you can use these devices to make users feel more natural to each other throughout their virtual worlds. Currently, Microsoft is working on Microsoft Mesh.

This program will allow somebody from various locations to join one virtual space.

Public Channels

Public channels are considerably related to clubs in social networks like Facebook.

They blend people who share identical interests and let them interact with each other. Often, it looks like a group chat, but instead of messages, it yields posts and allows its members to discuss.

Telegram appears to manage this function properly, with the knowledge of each user to create public and private channels and maintain their settings.

Audio Rooms

Because Clubhouse has lately gained some excitement throughout the digital world, multiple chat apps and social networks began considering pure audio communication as a top-notch feature.

In the social media environment, Twitter decided to implement Spaces.

Now it’s likely to have an audio conversation in the app.

Speaking about chat apps, Telegram is at the forefront of voice interaction with their Voice Chats.

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10 Easy Steps to Develop a Chatting Mobile App in 2023

Want to understand how to create a messaging app? The following list of 10 steps you need to create a chatting app and ensure its successful launch.

  1. Conduct thorough research of the market and your opponents.
  2. Identify a unique merchandising plan and some specifics of your app.
  3. Set your business aims and expectations.
  4. Pick and select an experienced and competent software development merchant.
  5. Create a list of the app’s characteristics for the first version and another for the fully-fledged product.
  6. Create a user-friendly chat app UX/UI design.
  7. Be ready to become intensely involved in the chat app development procedure.
  8. Design and propel a marketing strategy.
  9. Examine, use, and pitch the messenger to app stores and your destination market.
  10. Attach with app users, accumulate feedback, and plan more app scaling and product evolving.


Now I’d Like to Hear From You

Now that you’ve known all the features of chat app development, I’d like to hear what you have to say.

Will, you create your own chat app?

If so what features will you add from the above list?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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