React vs Angular – A Perfect Battle of Two Powerful Tools

by Bharat Arora · Updated on June 8, 2019

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This post is designed to create a conclusive comparison between the React and Angular JavaScript framework and library. This is the ultimate battle between React vs Angular.

If you are a programmer or looking for a job as a developer, then this question might bug you a lot that which programming tools you should learn first.

To offer you some solution on this fine day, we are going to draw one conclusive comparison between two dynamic forces named React Native and AngularJS. This post is going to revolve around React vs Angular in-depth, so be ready and alert for the journey of your lifetime.

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About ReactReact Native is a JavaScript library designed by Facebook to handle the portal. This library was first introduced in March 2013 and given the title of “JavaScript library for building user interfaces”.

Facebook has been showing great trust in this library and using it promptly in their activities. So, when you see Facebook loving this library so much, then it won’t be wrong to say that React is going to stay here for a long time.

About Angular – Angular or also called AngularJS is a JavaScript framework written with the help of TypeScript. The credit for the development and maintenance of this portal goes to Google.  This framework is awarded the title of “Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework

The original version of AngularJS was released in September 2006, but the framework was completely rewritten and relaunched in October 2010. The finest work and usage of AngularJS can be seen on the Google Adwords platform and this also concludes that Angular is going to stay here for good.

React vs Angular – Comparison of two JavaScript Features

Both React and Angular are available on the MIT license, but apart from this, both JavaScript features don’t share any similarities.

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comparison between react vs angular

So, if you are wondering out of these both JavaScript library and framework which one is going to be best for you, then you have to look ahead and understand ReactJs vs AngularJs Comparison.

1. Popularity

If we trust Google Trends, then React has been searched more than Angular. However, if we check popularity from the perspective of GitHub, then Angular is more trending.

Both Angular and React have quite tough popularity competition going on which keeps on changing regularly. So, one can say on the grounds of popularity React vs Angular are neck to neck.

2. Construction

On the grounds of construction, we have seen that both Angular and React are designed on the basis of components. That means they are cohesive, reusable, and modular components present in their composition. But, the tech stack of both subjects is totally different from each other.

React has been designed on JavaScript whereas Angular has been written with TypeScript which makes it more compact and eliminates any chance of errors. In the construction department, Angular is more ambiguous and powerful.

3. Learning Ease

Angular is a little complex to learn as compared to React. That’s because Google has introduced multiple components in it to tackle a particular problem and its concepts are familiar with different programming languages like templates, pipes, injections, TypeScript, etc.,

Moreover, constant development and upgrades in the Angular framework encourage developers to adopt new skills. Whereas React library allows you to easily understand the ecosystem and develop apps using it. For beginners, React offers multiple useful resources to understand the framework better.

4. Productivity

When we scrutinize React vs Angular through the lens of productivity, then because of CLI, Angular offers better productivity. Angular allows users to create an effective workspace to swiftly produce components and services with one line command.

But, on the other side, React’s speed gets suffered due to the involvement of third parties libraries. Besides, the toolkit for React mobile apps changes from project to project. This means that Angular is better on the productivity level.

5. Flexibility

Another ground to test the React vs Angular narrative would be the flexibility factor. React gives the opportunity to its users to select from the multiple different tools, libraries, and architecture platforms. It gives you the potential to create a customized app using only the features and tech stacks that you really want.

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However, Angular, on the contrary, offers a limited amount of flexibility to its users. Even the latest versions of Angular just let you use Angular frameworks only. So, this level has been won by React.

6. User Experience

Okay, so this is a major factor to test React vs Angular as a good user experience is the requirement of every user. React uses Virtual DOM and Fiber to design apps.

This automatically gives a lead to Angular. But, the latest Angular 7 is loaded with some cool features like Shadow API that has to toughen up the competition between both forces in terms of user experience.

7. Mobile Friendly

Today, it’s very important to design a mobile-friendly website. So, among React and Angular, the latter one is more capable of creating mobile-friendly websites. That’s because Angular JS offers a superb platform for mobile app development with Cordova container and an engaging UI component library. When the Angular developed website is viewed on any device, then it automatically appears like a web inside a native app.

However, in the case of React, it brings one real native UI experience which will let you make your own components with Java, Kotlin, etc., So, here React passes with flying colors.

Conclusion of React vs Angular Match

This match is going to draw that’s because both React and Angular has there ownpros and cons. One user might find React better for his project and othersmight like features of Angular. So, the real answer depends upon the requirements of the users.

When to use Angular – your team is competent in Java, C#, your app is medium level complexed, you wish to embrace ready-made solution and bundle budgets in CLI options.

When to use React – your team has knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you are looking for a customized app, you have time to work with the pre-development system and you are ready to share your creations on different platforms.

So, it’s your choice here between React vs Angular which is one is the winner for you!

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