How to Grow Your Food Delivery Business Online? (Top 10 Tips)

by Bharat Arora · Updated on November 23, 2021

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The online food delivery industry has been rapidly growing for the past 4-5 years.

So why is it rapidly increasing? The situation has changed over the last 10 years.

All in all, everyone can now order their favorite dishes from their preferred establishments in just a few single clicks, especially during the COVID-19 times.

As for the restaurant and cafe owners, online delivery sector growth helped them prosper, increase their sales and grow.

So that’s why now, the location of a business doesn’t matter if they acquire an online presence.

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1. The aggregator food delivery startups

The aggregator model is based on the old food delivery system. There is a third party to handle the customer and local restaurants.

They allow the platform to support the user to scan through different foods and delicacies.

The role of food delivery application aggregators is to promote order support and publicity.

Once the user joins the app, he can compare the menus, reviews, ratings, and prices before ordering.

As the order is confirmed, the information from the aggregator app passes to the restaurant, and the delivery happens.

In this case, the delivery is done by the employees of the respective restaurants.

Those who are thinking about how to make a food delivery app.

2. The food delivery platforms present a logistics delivery system like DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats

Different delivery platforms help the partnering establishments with their logistics assistance.

Apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, and UberEats make it easy for small restaurants, food joints, and home delivery services to deliver food orders quickly.

They are starting new ranges for the food delivery app startups that couldn’t afford their delivery operation.

For any restaurant, a connection with this kind of aggregator is always advantageous.

The restaurant partners can instead focus on making their service excellent.

They don’t have to bother about deliveries or paying drivers or maintaining the delivery vehicles.

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If you plan for this kind of application, you can be the idol of these restaurants.

3. Menu optimization is a must

Menu optimization is a crucial part of improving delivery orders.

There’s a great possibility that your most popular menu items might differ from your most successful menu items during winter or through the summer season.

Getting a food delivery app with a menu manager, it becomes easy to refresh your menu over all delivery platforms to match ordering behaviors every season.

In extension to considering a seasonal menu, it may be worth refreshing your menu arrangement to add extras and choices beside every dish.

This way, whatever a buyer picks for a main, you could give them a suggestion for a side, dessert, or drink: providing your customers a whole meal and your restaurant an extra sale.

In taking advantage of this method, you can improve your average basket – making your restaurant business more profitable.

4. Refresh your food photos and descriptions

Your food images and illustrations make up your digital store.

When it comes to an online delivery system, your initial impression isn’t your logo.

The building’s exterior or ambiance – it’s how your food looks in your on-platform photos and how you describe the taste in a short description.

To stand out from the increasing list of restaurants on delivery platforms, ensure that you take the best approach to shoot food photography.

The things to consider while shooting food are light, brand consistency, and angle.

5. Always be active on the best review sites

Replying to reviews is essential in increasing your food delivery business.

Whether a consumer is very happy or less happy, it’s always necessary to follow a proactive strategy to let them know that you understand their worries and find the best resolution.

The more you reply to reviews, the more you know about consumer satisfaction – allowing you to make enduring changes that will help you grow your food ordering business.

6. Take advantage of powerful social media platforms

In the summer season, we can anticipate the return of holiday spending and tourism.

It also means that you can reach more customers and also can make more money for your restaurant.

But those consumers can not order from your restaurant establishment if they don’t know it exists.

The principal solution here is to take benefit of social media.

Make sure that your social profile provides possible customers with any updates, specials, or promotions in a way that looks & feels like your name as a whole.

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From there, you can expand your reach by running a social media campaign to approach new consumers in your area – both travelers and residents and result in a unique food experience for them and more delivery orders for your restaurant.

7. Simplify your delivery services

As food establishments proceed to reopen for dining, you can anticipate a surge of consumers ready to slide into a booth and appreciate the experience of your restaurant in real life.

Experts say that food delivery will grow – great for your bottom line but maybe a little unbelievable for your team, even as dine-in returns.

Having all your orders, order status, and data in a single device ensures that your team can consume less time using the tablet or whichever device and more time interfacing with consumers.

8. Offer free food to foodie influencers

Current social media influencers can sometimes become a pain to work with by being irrational, unreasonable, and irritating.

Well, everyone has different opinions about social media influencers.

Are they only confusing their followers or subscribers for money and recognition?

But it is a fact that they can drive in many first-time customers to your food outlet if they see your business is appreciated by their preferred social media influencer or blogger/vlogger.

You can invite a famous influencer from your city, ask them to visit your restaurant and their friends, and take pictures with the food!

Request them to give their delightful feedback on their social media channels.

Feedback can be in any form, like videos, pictures, blogs, or even live videos.

This way, you will improve your digital branding. Also, this will give you instant outcomes.

9. Create a mobile app

A mobile application can open a whole door of opportunities for your food delivery service.

People now see apps as a tool or extension of the business to connect to services with just a finger tap easily.

Mobile apps can encourage first-time users to be lifelong customers, giving them accessibility to order anytime and from anywhere they would like, without going directly to your website.

It’s simple math: the fewer work customers have to do to contact you, the more order you’ll get.

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First, you’ll call and host a list of restaurants on your application to inspire people to place orders through your app. You’ll have to grab local and famous restaurants.

Once you go through all this process, you will start getting customers on your app.

10. Pay proper thought behind food presentation and packaging

It’s accurate that your online food delivery marketing plan rotates mainly around the taste of your food because that’s the main attraction of every restaurant.

But with taste, people now also care about the packaging and the way the food looks.

Little can make a huge difference.

Add safety seal stickers to every packaged order to ensure that their food is fresh and hygienic. Pay special attention to food packaging and presentation.

You can add small freebies like wet towels customized with your brand name and logo or stickers highlighting your Snapchat code so consumers can add you as a friend on Snapchat for a 10-15% discount.
Also, personalized thank you notes are an excellent way to show clients that you appreciate their support.

It also offers a human being behind the brand taking the time to write nice words for customers.

To conclude, a careful selection of the mobile app development company can increase your project’s chances of success and build a strong business relationship.


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