16 Major Benefits of Custom Magento Development for eCommerce Store

by · Updated on February 17, 2020

Online shopping has gained great momentum in recent years, people are now more enthusiastic to launch new eCommerce ventures. With continuous evolution emerged the need for eCommerce website development platform. There are many options available to build eCommerce solution but in no time Magento development has become the most popular choice for business owners. It comes with tons of amazing features for creating powerful eCommerce site.

Benefits of Custom Magento eCommerce Website Development

Custom Magento development has several advantages which make it dominant over other eCommerce platforms. Top 16 benefits of Magento eCommerce website development are listed below:

1. Open-Source:

Magento is open-source eCommerce platform which means it is completely free of cost and flexible in nature. It helps users to save time and money. Magento Development Company makes it easy for the developer to create custom eCommerce website by integrating special features as per various business requirements. Magento development comes with plenty of unique extensions that make it the most preferred eCommerce platform today.

Magento Opensource Benefits here

2. Great Scalability:

Custom Magento solution provides users with amazing opportunities to scale their business the desired way. Online retailers usually start their online venture with basic eCommerce features, and as their business grows with time, they can switch to a more sophisticated version of Magento development and boost the performance of their site.

3. SEO-friendly:

seo friendly magento website
Online business has always preferred the platform that enables high level of search engine optimization.Search engine optimization influences the number of hits for eCommerce sites. Custom Magento development provides advanced SEO solutions for eCommerce websites using which the target audience is able to locate their products easily. It optimizes product pages and description and generates SEO friendly URLs and meta-implementation. Magento development creates mobile responsive websites which makes them compatible with all browsers and screen sizes.

4. Customizable:

Magento development provides high level of customization to create unique eCommerce sites. Right from page appearance and organization to product features, everything on the eCommerce site can be custom made as per the business requirement. Custom Magento development allows to choose payment, shipment, and language options to accommodate varied customers.Unlimited customization options make online shopping a unique experience for customers.

5. Faster Page Loading:

Faster page loading speed advantage of Magento website

Magento loads pages with remarkable speed. It allows the web page to load faster even when the influx of customers is enormous. A fast loading website is crucial in today’s competitive world. One key reason for customers to switch to another online store is slow web page loading speed. Using Magento development for eCommerce website optimizes page load time and query processing time that increase sales and conversion rates significantly.

6. Adaptable Hosting Options:

Magento development gives the freedom of selecting the preferred hosting solution provider. Magento allows an eCommerce store to freely stay with any hosting server of their choice and configure the hosting environment as per the business requirements.

7. Multi-Website Options:

One of the key features of Magento is that it allows business owners to host multiple websites and storefronts on a single admin panel. By increasing the number of sales channels, profits can be increased effectively. Additionally, all the eCommerce websites run over Magento can be managed in a single dashboard.

Multi Website Option in Magento
Magento also allows users to open multiple eCommerce stores that utilize multiple forms of currency as well as multiple languages. This makes Magento development a hassle-free option to use for comprehensive multi-store eCommerce strategy.

8. Easy Integration with Third-Party Software:

One of the most crucial benefits of Magento is enabling third-party integrations. This gives eCommerce store many options for customization. Custom Magneto development allows easy integration with marketing software, other web applications, and payment gateways like PayPal, eBay, Amazon, etc. Also, most of the Google services like Google Analytics and Google Checkout can be integrated with eCommerce site effortlessly.

9. Secured eCommerce Website:

Secured Magento Ecommerce Website
Magento has a very reliable and advanced security system. In today’s time, data protection is the most important feature that every eCommerce store must have. Custom Magento development ensures that eCommerce site is completely safe and secure and there are no unwanted breaches. Magento comes with multi-level security permissions to manage internal access effectively. Moreover, Magento development has CAPTCHA and PCI Data Security for adequate protection.

10. Prudent Reporting:

Prudent Reporting for the Users (Magento)
Magento development comes with an effective report system that helps to get detailed reports on website performance, marketing, customer, product, sales, invoice, tax and accounting. These reports are helpful to get an insight into business growth and building strategies to increase sales and conversion rate for the eCommerce store.

11. Made for Marketing:

Any web-based platform can never be complete until it has a powerful marketing and promotion system. Magento e-commerce website provides a massive list of useful tools to promote business and sales. Tools like Coupons, Private Sales, Catalog Pricing, Multi-Tier pricing entice users to buy more products and generate revenue. With custom Magento development, it is easy to target customers based on their cart and buying history, plus provide personalized, relevant content. In addition, you can display some related products as recommendations to enhance cross-selling and up-selling.

Made for Marketing (Magento)

12. Extraordinary Features:

Magento offers the most amazing eCommerce features in the industry. It allows functionalities like product personalization, multiple eCommerce store management, easy and fast checkout, product reviews, inventory management, add-ons for future upgrades and easy CMS management. Magento development undoubtedly creates a solid foundation to deliver great experience and satisfaction to users.

13. Easy Coding for Developers:

Magneto provides a professional and efficient eCommerce solution. Magento development is convenient as it allows the developers to update website, add new products to the site, setting up filters and link pages to the sub or main navigation with ease.

Easy Coding for Magento Developers
At the same time, it is simple to use even for the eCommerce store owners/ administrators who do not come from a technical background and lack programming skills and expertise. Magento Development Company offers reliable help to manage the Magento eCommerce site in case of any issues.

14. Versatile:

Irrespective of the budget, Magento is for all business owners. It can handle huge volume of customers very efficiently. Magento is available in 3 editions:

      • Community Edition (open source)
      • Enterprise Edition
      • Magento Go (hosted solution)

The magento developers can choose the right edition of Magento to download as per their requirements. For example, Magento Go is suitable for small business, Magento Enterprise is a perfect match for medium and large eCommerce stores. Magneto development enables to take control of the interfaces and processing capabilities of the eCommerce solution.

15. User-Friendly:

It is extremely straightforward to add and update the product information as well as other content on the eCommerce website with Magento development. Magento solution comes with easy Navigation on the site hence users save a lot of time.

User Friendly Magento Website Development

16. Massive Magento Community:

Magneto platform is open source hence it has a huge community of eCommerce developers, bloggers, designers, etc. all around the world. These members interact with each other and often help if they face any issues. Magento development is a well-known CMS, so it is easy to seek help from developers and SEOs with the necessary skills. Magento is a safe and fast platform and is updated regularly to fulfill the requirements of users.

Final Thoughts

Magento is an amazing e-commerce platform and provides awesome features to its users. It is powerful, flexible and customizable. Magento development comes with unlimited advantages like seamless product management, SEO, scalability that take care of almost all business preferences. Choosing Custom Magento development ensures secure shopping experience and incredible page loading speed which gives a boost to sales and makes it ideal to use for business growth.

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