Why & Up to Which Extent Magento Customisation is Essential

by Bharat Arora · Updated on May 15, 2019

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When you are using the powerful open sourced Magento to design your online retail store, then you have to work on the Magento Customisation process. Why? Simply because to create a magnificent website, you have to add your personal touch to it and Magento is a perfect platform to do that.

When you are dreaming about creating your personal e-commerce store, then you have to get yourself familiar with the Magento platform. Simply because it’s feature loaded, humongous as a mountain, and completely open sourced.

All the awesome features of Magento are attracting every small and big company nowadays. So, in this, if you are an aspiring developer and haven’t learned about Magento customization yet, then you have to rectify that soon.

Magento is an open source that means there’s a vast community present out there to guide you and help you out with your Magento adventures.

When you are ready to play with thousands of Magento extension and modules, then this process is called as Magento customization.

Extent of Magento Customisation

It is a highly scalable retail platform and has become the first choice of numerous big brands such as Olympus, Sierra Nevada, etc.

However, for small scale business organizations it’s still quite expensive to work with this platform. That’s why for them it’s important to understand the extent of Magento custom features they can use without putting an extra burden on their pocket.

It has been explained by numerous developers that when they have to develop or customize Magento websites, then follow some simple rules;

• You have to design a website that is eye appealing and has easy functionality features.

• You should integrate your business operation system like a warehouse, retail locations and POS system with the Magento extensions.

• The website needs to be customized considering the raging competition present in the market and essential SEO keywords to describe your site should be chosen very carefully.

• You have to follow the best system to make your e-commerce site secure.


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Why We Need to Magento Customisation?

Well, as you see Magento is a powerful open platform with lots of extensions and modules that you can use to create your personalized website. According to your budget and technical knowledge, Magento offers lots of room for tweaking and creating something exceptional.

However, if you are wondering why it is important to understand Magento customization and how will it benefit you, then on the grounds of creativity we have five reasons to share with you.

Reason 1. To Understand Your Customers

Today, you can see terrific competition in the e-commerce market where every online retail store is trying its level best to attract customers. In this tight-throat competition, Magento customisation can be your ultimate weapon to win over your customers with your unique presentation. The unique customization of your store will make you stand out among the crowd and help in retaining your customers. A survey conducted between 1000+ online shoppers has presented that 25-30% like to customize their options.

When you are given the option to customize their purchase to your customers, then they feel the personal touch. And, a good shopper is always looking for that. Just take an example of Tom Dixon website where he has made it possible for customers to create their own products and this experiment has left positive remarks on their business.

Reason 2. To Offer Variety

Today, if you want to satisfy the needs of your customers and want to beat your competition, then you have to provide variety. From your product range to the mode of payment, you have to provide lots of options to your users. To provide variety to your customers, you have to play with the Magento customization features for sure.

For instance, nowadays, multiple shipping options are available like FedEx, UPS, DHL or the U.S. postal service. If you want to provide all the different shipping options to your customers, then you have to customize your site.

Reason 3. Back End Software Integration for Magento Customisation

This is the most important part of an e-commerce website where they have to integrate with other systems as well to function properly. You have to integrate, your Magento website with multiple back-end software to function properly. To track your every order from the time order has been placed to the time it is fulfilled, all this information will be generated through your back end software. Apart from this, you might need invoicing and accounting software also.

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Integration with the Magento extensions is a pretty smooth process. If you have the right knowledge of extensions, then you can easily create a dynamic Magento website.

Reason 4. You Want To Use Specific Credit Card Processor

If you want to add specific credit card processor into your website, then no amount of pre-built Magento features are going to be sufficient for you. You have to customize your site using a wide range of Magento extensions to offer the dynamic experience to your customers. Moreover, your local bank account credit card processing service might charge more as compared to other services that you select.

Reason 5. Security Concerns for Magento Customisation

When you are running an e-commerce website, then security always needs to be your primary concern. Your website has to be competent to handle the customer’s personal data, especially their payment information. By using 12 requirements of PCI DSS (Payment Card Information Data Security Standards), you can provide solid security to your customers.

This isn’t possible to provide a high level of security to your customers without using third party Magento extension. The extensions and security modules make sure that you are following the right security direction. With the help of custom built magneto website, you are using the skills and knowledge of expert security professionals. In the end, customers are going to come to the website which offers them variety and security altogether.

If you want to create out of the box solution oriented Magento website, then you have to try different tools offered by the Magento Customisation to you. To make a change with your innovative business style, you have to customize your website according to your style. And, when Magento like open source platform is readily offering numerous extensions and modules, then you should definitely use this opportunity.

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