15 Reasons Why You Should Opt Custom eCommerce Website in 2021?

by · Updated on April 17, 2020

The digital world of 2021 has high competition in the eCommerce market. No matter where you are in the process of launching or growing your business, choosing the right custom eCommerce website development platform increases your chance of being successful.

Every business is unique. Readymade eCommerce solutions such as Shopify and Woo-Commerce are easy to use but they do not match the specific needs of every business.

Customer experience being the most important aspect to grow any business, opting for custom eCommerce website design is highly recommended as it gives more flexibility and control.

More Reasons: Why You Should Opt Custom eCommerce Website?

Here are more reasons to contemplate the need for custom eCommerce website development:

1. Customization of Products:

Customization of Products
When you want to give shoppers-plenty of choices to customize the product before buying, custom eCommerce website development is helpful. There are different variables like size, color, design, etc. that a user may want to personalize. A pre-made eCommerce website does not come with the ability to accommodate multiple customization features in one solution. Sophisticated orders will demand a complicated custom eCommerce website design to reflect this variety.

2. Smartphone-friendly site:

Nowadays, people use their smart phones to shop online. Comparing the price and reviews of a product on different sites is a common trend amongst online shoppers. A mobile-friendly eCommerce website is essential to allure customers who prefer using their mobile devices, Siri or Google assistant to search and shop online. A mobile responsive eCommerce design adapts its layout, text and color to the device screen size automatically. It is wise to use the expertise of eCommerce Website Development Company to create mobile sites that are lighter and faster to load thus giving a remarkably smooth user experience.

3. Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization Friendly
Online shoppers usually search the internet for options before they land on any eCommerce site. SEO is a very important aspect for the success of every eCommerce business in today’s digital world. To sustain well, eCommerce website needs considerable traffic from various search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing. Comprehensive SEO features should be built into custom eCommerce website which would then enhance its search engine ranking. This in return leads to higher conversion rate for the eCommerce business.

4. Efficient Customer Relation Management:

It is well-known that strong customer relationship is essential to succeed in this extremely competitive world. Using information pertaining to previous orders, user location, etc., Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps to manage customer relationships more efficiently and offer suitable products or services to the customers as per their preference. Integrating CRM solution with custom eCommerce website can assist in managing the company’s interaction with existing and potential users. This creates a positive impact on eCommerce business sales.

5. Enhanced User Experience:

Enhanced User experience

Customer experience is the most important aspect to grow any eCommerce business. Search engines also give a higher ranking to eCommerce websites having good user experience. Customers always prefer websites that can be customized as per their needs thus giving a better user experience and flexibility. Custom websites designed with the help of an eCommerce website development company reflects an impressive branding.

6. Customized Shipping:

Selling objects of a consistent size and weight does not require any special shipping options. But when offering greater variety of products your e-commerce store would require diverse shipping options for different customers.
Also, if shipping internationally there could be some specific shipping requirements or concerns related to customs. Custom eCommerce website development helps to streamline shipping options using custom features such as weight-based shipping charges, volumetric shipping charges, destination-based shipping charges and so on.

7. Integration with API and Other Systems:

APIs are gaining significance for the success of an e-commerce business. They help customize the site and tailor as per the needs of clients, making the e-commerce website more appealing. The demand to integrate eCommerce website with other systems to track the order and for accounting and reporting purposes requires to prefer a custom eCommerce website development over ready-made solution.

8. Integrate Preferred Payment Gateway:

Pre-built e-commerce solutions do not support all payment gateways. Payment gateways are the backbone of the eCommerce business. Every eCommerce website needs to integrate a payment gateway to accept payment online against customer orders. Payment gateway ensures seamless and secure transactions, data security & fraud prevention. A custom eCommerce website development allows to integrate your preferred payment gateway provider easily.

9. Custom Coupon or Promo Codes:

Custom Coupon or Promo Codes

There are scenarios when you may want to allow users to use a coupon code only up to a certain number of items, or prevent the code from being used with specific products or brands if a vendor doesn’t allow discounts on a certain item.
Unfortunately, ready-made ecommerce solutions are very limited in scope and cannot accommodate these special rules.

Using a custom eCommerce website development for online venture allows to create specific rules about coupons and promo codes — making the website more compliant.

10. Specific Business Rules:

Every business is different and has unique marketing and business rules. Based on the target audience and the buying experience which you would like to offer, a custom eCommerce website design is the ideal method to use. Ecommerce Website Development Company can help to incorporate requirements related to customer relationship, accounting, and marketing and achieve business goals.

11. Multiple Vendors:

In this transformation age of online shopping, one strong reason for using custom eCommerce website development is to allow other sellers to sell on your eCommerce platform. Having multiple sellers comes with special shipping needs and multiple delivery services. Multi-vendor eCommerce store requires eCommerce website design with custom features to attract more traffic and earn huge profits.

12. Customized Reporting:

Customized Reporting

Reporting is an extremely important feature of eCommerce business. Report data helps in analyzing the performance and taking decisions needed for the growth of eCommerce platform. In a scenario, where the eCommerce site has a low conversion rate, by using the number of visitors that at least head till the checkout page it becomes easy to find the reason as to why the customers exit without buying. This data can be pulled with the help of custom reports which in turn can optimize the sales funnel. Order or Sales report is also generated for a certain time frame to calculate the revenue generated and compliance. A custom eCommerce website can help to implement such custom reports for performance tuning.

13. Advanced Security Features:

Advanced Security Features

eCommerce business is highly susceptible to hackers. Security breaches can cause huge loss of customer’s personal data, financial data and put company branding at stake. Hence, it is crucial for every eCommerce website to implement adequate security measures for web security and data protection. It is difficult to ensure robust security using pre-made eCommerce solution. Using a custom-built website designed by an eCommerce web development company ensures reliable and integrated security.

14. Special Features:

Adding some special features and making the website extensively flexible will have a huge impact on business sales. Unfortunately, readymade eCommerce website provides a very standardized and predictable solution. Custom eCommerce website development is preferred to create a personalized look and feel and ensure great user experience.

15. Customized eCommerce Website Hosting:

Traditional web hosting servers allocate very minimal resources for users. Online shoppers always prefer fast loading eCommerce websites. Custom eCommerce website design with near 100% up-time attracts potential customers and profit. Some examples of web hosting environment with enhanced scalability are Cloud Servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or dedicated hosting solutions.

Final Thoughts

Readymade e-commerce websites provide limited features with standardized and predictable solution. Opting for custom eCommerce website development enables special features like specific shipping rules, unique business requirements, custom reporting, payment security, SEO optimization, etc. without sacrificing the qualityand flexibility of the business. An eCommerce website design with more customization enhances user experience which increases revenue and potential customer base. Ecommerce Website Development Company offers custom eCommerce websites with great scalability and security. Having a custom eCommerce website design adds a competitive advantage to your business.

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  1. Opting for a custom e-commerce web design has many advantages as you have mentioned in this article. There are a lot of advantages to having a custom web design based on our business. I understood the importance of having a custom web design from your article. Thank you for sharing this important information with us through this article.

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