15 Reasons Why You Should Opt custom eCommerce website development in 2023?

by Bharat Arora · Updated on September 29, 2021

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Today, an custom ecommerce website development has become crucial for businesses that want to reach a wider audience and make inroads into new markets.

It makes it easier for customers and workers to connect, which can earn more money and offer flexible service hours.

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Every business is unique.

Readymade eCommerce solutions such as Shopify and Woo-Commerce are easy to use, but they do not match the specific needs of every business.


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As a seller with an online eCommerce website, you can easily tell the consumers about your business, showcase your products and take payments online without hassle.

You’ll have to judge by yourself whether the considerable benefits of customizing your e-commerce website outweigh the convenience of using a ready-made product.

In this article, you will know the 15 Reasons Why Should You Opt Custom eCommerce Website in 2023?

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Top 15 Reasons Why Do You Need a custom eCommerce website development in 2023?

Here are more reasons to contemplate the need for custom eCommerce website development:

1. You Will Get Better Customization For Your Products with custom ecommerce website development

custom eCommerce website development
When you want to give shoppers plenty of choices to customize the product before buying, custom eCommerce website development is helpful.

A pre-made eCommerce website does not come with the ability to accommodate multiple customization features in one solution.

A user may want to personalize different variables like size, color, design, etc.

Sophisticated orders will demand a complicated custom eCommerce website design to reflect this variety.

2. Get a Smartphone Friendly custom ecommerce website development to Get Smooth User Experience

custom eCommerce website development
Nowadays, people use their smartphones to shop online. Comparing the price and reviews of a product on different sites is a common trend amongst online shoppers.

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A mobile-friendly eCommerce website is essential to allure customers who prefer using their mobile devices, Siri or Google Assistant, to search and shop online.

A mobile responsive eCommerce design automatically adapts its layout, text, and color to the device screen size.

It’s smart to get a company that makes eCommerce websites to build fast, light mobile sites for a better user experience.

3. SEO Friendly Website to Get More Free Traffic from Search Engines

Get More Free Traffic from Search Engines
SEO is a crucial aspect for the success of every eCommerce business in today’s digital world.

People often look online for choices before visiting an eCommerce site.

An eCommerce website needs considerable traffic from various search engines like Yahoo, Google, or Bing to sustain itself well.

Comprehensive SEO features should be built into a custom eCommerce site, enhancing its search engine ranking.

This in return, leads to a higher conversion rate for the eCommerce business.

4. Integrated CRM Solutions For A Positive Impact on The Customers

Positive Impact on The Customers
Positive Impact on The Customers

It is well-known that a solid customer relationship is essential to succeed in this highly competitive world.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps manage customer relationships more efficiently by using information about previous orders, user location, etc.

It offers suitable products or services to the customers as per their preference.

Integrating CRM solutions with custom eCommerce websites can assist in managing the company’s interaction with existing and potential users.

This creates a positive impact on eCommerce business sales.

5. Enhanced User Experience With Custom Website Design

Customer experience is the most critical aspect of growing any eCommerce business. Search engines rank user-friendly eCommerce websites higher.

People like websites they can personalize, making them easier to use.

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Custom websites designed with the help of an eCommerce site development company reflect impressive branding.

6. More Options of Shipping to Help with Various Shipping Charges in custom ecommerce website development

Shipping to Help with Various Shipping Charges for custom ecommerce website development
Selling objects of a consistent size and weight does not require any unique shipping options.

If you sell many products, your online store needs different shipping choices for customers.

Shipping to other countries might have special rules or customs issues.


Custom eCommerce website development helps streamline shipping options using custom features such as weight-based shipping charges, volumetric shipping charges, destination-based shipping charges, etc.

7. Integrated API And Other Systems to Make Website More Appealing

Integrated API
APIs are gaining significance for the success of an e-commerce business.

They help customize the site and tailor it as per the needs of clients, making the e-commerce website more appealing.

The demand to integrate an eCommerce website with other systems to track the order and for accounting and reporting purposes requires a custom eCommerce website development over a readymade solution.

8. Option to Integrate Your Preferred Payment Gateway

Preferred Payment Gateway for custom ecommerce website development
Payment gateways are the backbone of the eCommerce business.

Every eCommerce website needs to integrate a payment gateway to accept payment online against customer orders.

Payment gateway ensures seamless and secure transactions, data security & fraud prevention.

Pre-built e-commerce solutions do not support all payment gateways.

custom eCommerce website development allows integrating your preferred payment gateway provider easily.

9. Custom Options for All the Promo Codes and Coupons in custom ecommerce website development

Promo Codes and Coupons

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Sometimes, you might want coupon codes to work only for a few items or not with certain products if they can’t be discounted.

Unfortunately, readymade e-commerce solutions are very limited in scope and cannot accommodate these special rules.

Using a custom eCommerce website development for an online venture allows creating specific rules about coupons and promo codes — making the website more compliant.

10. Integrate Custom Option that suits your Business Needs and Rules

your Business Needs and Rules
Every business is different and has unique marketing and business rules.

Based on the target audience and the buying experience you would like to offer, a custom eCommerce website design is ideal. 

An eCommerce Website Development Company can help incorporate requirements related to customer relationship, accounting, and marketing and achieve business goals.

11. Options to Allow Multiple Vendors to Sell on Your E-Commerce Website

Your E-Commerce Website
In this transformation age of online shopping, one strong reason for using custom eCommerce website development is to allow other sellers to sell on your eCommerce platform

Having multiple sellers comes with special shipping needs and numerous delivery services.

Multi-vendor eCommerce store requires eCommerce website design with custom features to attract more traffic and earn huge profits.

12. Custom Reports to Help You Fine-Tune Your Strategies

Fine-Tune Your Strategies
Reporting is an essential feature of an eCommerce business.

Report data helps in analyzing the performance and taking decisions needed for the growth of the eCommerce platform.

If an eCommerce site has few sales, looking at how many visitors go to the checkout page can help figure out why they leave without buying.

This data can be pulled with the help of custom reports, which can optimize the sales funnel.

We make sales reports to see how much money was made in a certain time.

custom eCommerce website can help to implement such custom reports for performance tuning.

13. Advanced Custom Security Features to Secure All Your Financial Data

Advanced Custom Security Features
eCommerce business is highly susceptible to hackers.

Security breaches can cause massive loss of customer’s data, financial data and put company branding at stake.

Every eCommerce website needs good security to protect its data.

It is challenging to ensure robust safety using a pre-made eCommerce solution. Using a custom-built website designed by an eCommerce development company provides reliable and integrated security.

14. Special Features to Give Your Customers a Personalized Look And Feel

Special Features to Give Your Customers for custom ecommerce website development
Adding some unique features and making the website extensively flexible will have a massive impact on business sales.

Unfortunately, a readymade eCommerce website provides a very standardized and predictable solution. 

Custom eCommerce website development is preferred to create a personalized look and feel and ensure a great user experience

15. Customized E-Commerce Web Hosting For Fast Loading Times for your custom eCommerce website development

Customized E-Commerce Web Hosting for custom ecommerce website development
Traditional web hosting servers allocate very minimal resources for users.

Online shoppers always prefer fast-loading eCommerce websites. 

Custom eCommerce website design with near 100% up-time attracts potential customers and profit.

Some examples of web hosting environments with enhanced scalability are Cloud Servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), or dedicated hosting solutions.

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce Development Company offers custom eCommerce websites and apps with great scalability and security.

Ready-made e-commerce websites provide limited features with standardized and predictable solutions.

Opting for custom eCommerce website development enables special features like specific shipping rules, unique business requirements, custom reporting, payment security, SEO optimization, etc., without sacrificing quality and flexibility.

An eCommerce website design with more customization enhances user experience, which increases revenue and potential customer base.

Having a custom eCommerce website design adds a competitive advantage to your business.

Conclusion: Alright, let`s wrap this up. In 2023, it’s all about standing out in the digital crowd. Why not do it with a custom ecommerce website? It’s no longer just about selling products. It’s about delivering a unique, relevant experience that your competitors can’t match. And that’s where custom ecommerce website development comes into play.

If you’re looking for support, Protocloud Technologies is the best choice.

These are suggestions:

Custom design: We understand. Your business is different, so your website may need this. We dig deeper into what makes your brand stand out and create a website that works for you.

Ready for growth: Your ambition is sky-high. And our personalized solutions are designed to grow with your dreams.

Bulletproof security: In today’s Wild West of the web, you can’t take risks. We have the technology needed to keep your website secure.

Seamless integration: Do you have any tools you like? We will help them play normally with your new website. Seamless and hassle-free integration is our ethos.

Mobile magic: Most of your customers use mobile devices. This way, we ensure your website looks good and performs well, no matter the device.

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Presentation time: We’ve rolled out the red carpet for brands across every industry. From luxury boutiques to cutting-edge technology boutiques, our journey speaks volumes.

Let’s talk numbers: Custom ecommerce website development is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on what you are looking for, costs can vary. But here’s the good news:

We believe in clear, upfront pricing. No surprises. Simply write to us and we will provide you with a quote tailored to your needs.

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And remember: At Protocloud Technologies, custom e-commerce website development isn’t just something we do. This is what we live and breathe.

If you want to stand out online, let’s talk. With Protocloud Technologies by your side, the digital sky is the limit. Make 2023 your year!

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