When you want to develop a custom website to take your business online, the primary ingredients to develop a functional website would be supported by the best web development company. Without the support of the perfect fit web development agency, you would not be able to map out your imagination into a reality.

Your business website is the identity of your business. Your website can be your portfolio, sales pitch, visiting card, and so much more. Thus, you can’t think of going online without the unconditional support of the optimum quality of the web development services.

On the top, nowadays, competition in the web development industry has gone beyond the limits. In 2018, there was a total of 23 million web developers present in the world, which by 2023 is forecast to reach 27.7 million. Now, out of this vast pool, how will you find a perfect web development company or developer for designing your website.

Relationship Building Is the Key

Relationship Building Is the Key between both client and web development company

At Protocloud Technologies, we always emphasis on the client and developer relationship. When the developer understands the requirements of the client, and similarly, the client shows the trust and appreciation towards the developer, a progressive relationship can build. The understanding between the web development company and clients can reduce the risk factor for both parties because they have trust in one another.

Using the formal work relationship boundaries, a developer and client should make a semi-formal relationship where they can freely and honestly discuss the project. The level of web development services can be improved dramatically by focusing on the relationship a little.

How to Build a Relationship with your Web Development Company?

Until now, if you have a negative experience working with the web development agencies due to a lack of trusted relationships, you should make some efforts to form an honest relationship with your web development agency one again. Forming a relationship is a two-way road; thus, you can take the first step and see whether your initiative is reciprocated or not.

1. Start with Getting to Know One Another

Start with Getting to Know One Another web development agency
When you meet new people, you talk to them and try to find similar topics of interest. And, finally, when you find out some common grounds, you can build a good relationship with the person. Using the same approach, you can get to know your web development agency, their developers, work ethics, and so on.

However, if you aren’t good at making ‘get to know conversations,’ you can use the following questions as an ice break until you find a common area to explore.

a.) Talk about Technology

Web development services revolve around modern, growing, and future enticing technologies. Thus, you should start by asking questions relevant to the technologies used by the company, which technology is preferred by developers, which technology will work well with your project, and so on.

With the technology-related questions, you can start a flow of conversation and can understand the knowledge and ability of the web development agency to some level.

b.) Talk about Product

Once you have inquired development agency regarding their technical approach, the next, you have to introduce your product to them. Relationship building is a dual process; thus, you have to make your agency familiar with your products and services. If possible, provide a demo or testing product to the agency so that they can better understand your product and present a customized solution.

After telling about your product, you should quiz the agency to evaluate how much they have actually understood your products or services. You can following the style of questions to quiz –

  • What core issues do you think are vital to our users?

The motive of this question is to know whether the company has understood your business goals and objectives or not. It is very crucial for a web development agency and client to be on the same wavelength to deliver flawless web development services. For custom and creative suggestions, a developing team needs to understand the business’s core values.

  • How do you solve the problem of our users?

It is an analytical question where you will see the creative and innovative approach of the company. One problem can be solved in multiple ways, so the key here is to check which approach the company follows and how it can benefit your business.

  • How can we improve our products in the future?

Business is designed to take the future into consideration. Plus, if you want to form a long-lasting relationship with your agency, you have to know how they think your product can be improved in the future. This will also show the seriousness of the company to form a trusted relationship with your brand.

2. Start with Multiple Level Discussions

Start with Multiple Level Discussions with your web development company

In a web development agency, numerous employees and management people are working together on your project. If you want to establish a strong partnership, you have to build relationship with all the people of agency, especially those with whom you have to interact frequently. You should meet with different employees of the agency who will be handling your project like web developers, programmers, SEO professionals, content writers, and managers.

All the people who are responsible to take your website live, you have to connect with them for better results. For instance, if you aren’t connected with the content writer well, he or she won’t be able to write the personalized content for your site. Thus, making an individual level connection with employees of the agency is a good idea.

3. Start with the Trial Run

Start with the Trial Run with your web development company

You are going to need a web developer’s assistance on a continuous basis. To maintain a website, add new features to it, or staying upbeat with the changing technology trends; thus, you need to form a long-lasting and trusted relationship with your web development partner. You want a partnership where your company is just one call or message away from you.

Thus, when you want a long term relationship, trust-building is the key factor. Now, you can’t build trust in a meeting or consultation. To build a strong trust, you have to meet your web development team for a few trial meetings. During the trial meetings, you can understand the work ethics, style, and approach of the company. Once you are satisfied with the trial run, only then you should draw a long term contract with the web development agency. In the trial phase, you should test the following abilities of the company –

Monitor Every Step – Does your team and your web development agency’s team can work like a well-oiled machine? This can be answered by monitoring the communication process. If the agency doesn’t communicate with your time or don’t revert to your team swiftly, this working relationship might not last for very long.

Ability of Developers – Today, an infinite number of websites are available on the internet. To shine among the infinite number, you need creative and critical thinking developers by your side who can push your business ahead. During the discovery and design phase, you can get a clear idea about the critique and ideation capabilities.

Develop a Feeling of Belonging – Engagement is one of the vital parts of forming a trusted relationship. It is the ability of the developer’s team to feel a sense of ownership towards the product. If your developer’s team is fully engaged, they will refer your product to our product. They won’t think your product as merely another project; they will feel like belonging to your project. And it’s only possible when your team is fully engaged in your project.

4. Start with Being Honest

Start with Being Honest

If you have some concerns regarding the development team’s approach, you should voice them out. You should clear all the concerns in the trial phase so that you can build a strong relationship. Moreover, you don’t think that the development agency can be your long term partner; you should not hesitate to cut short your contract. That’s because working with the wrong company will do you no good.

You should discuss your concerns freely with the agency and give them a chance to improve their operations. However, if a company don’t follow up your feedback and make actions to satisfy you, there’s no scope. Just terminate your contract and find a new company. As we have already discussed relationship building is a two road so don’t comprise with wrong team.

5. Start with the Structured Process

Start with the Structured Process
You might have heard about the agile processes often while discussing the web development. It is important to build an agile process for quick and effective services. Thus, it is the responsibility of the web development agency to build an agile work environment for better team building. The agile environment can be created by working on the following things –

  • Frequent meetings – daily, weekly, or bi-weekly.
  • Swift website reviews and feedback.
  • Ability to directly engage with your groups.
  • Quickness in collecting the data and providing analyzing it often.

Relationship Is A Key

With the support of the dynamic and agile web development company, you can utilize the power and speed of the entire team to grow your project. You can increase the efficiency of your team with a trusted web development team also. Unfortunately, all the agencies aren’t focused on providing the best web development services to their clients. Thus, you have to find the right company and build a trusted relationship for the long term partnership.

If you are looking for a focused and dedicated company with a customer-centric approach, you can try the web and app development services of Protocloud Technologies and form a long-lasting relationship with us!

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