Top 11 Skills a Developer Must Have for Successful Product Development

by Bharat Arora · Updated on September 11, 2021

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Ready to learn skills that a developer should possess in order to develop a successful product?


This post contains 11 skills that will help you in GREAT product development.

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What Skills to Look for in a Product Developer?

The developer must have technical skills, knowledge-based skills, as well as practical skills.

Let us look at some of the core skills that the product developer must have to develop a successful application, product, or software.

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1. Understanding of Business

The product developer who’s working on the project must have a sound understanding of the client’s requirements.

They should be aware of the goals and the results that the client wants from the developed product.

A product developer must successfully maintain those requirements and guide the rest of the team to not divert from the end goal.

2. Ability  to Learn

Good software developers are generally exceptional self-learners.

It is because technologies change very quickly, and that means a good developer that offers web development services must have the ability to be constantly learning.

Different sources are available that make studying new technologies much smooth.

A mobile app development company should hire programmers who desire to learn since this is a significant factor that will determine their software product’s success.

Self-learning is a skill that will propel the career of mobile app programmers to the next level.

3. Possess Empathy

Possessing empathy will enable the software programmers to understand the problems different group members face and offer solutions to their issues.

When there’s an understanding between software programmers and project managers, suggesting ideas is more convenient and more sincere.

With empathy, you can predict how the supposed users of your product will react – this means that you can view things from the user’s point of view.

Empathy is an essential skill for a developer to have for successful product development.

4. Good Communication

Holding proper development and technical skills is not enough to develop a successful product — superb communication skills are vital.

Developers should be capable of grasping concepts quickly and ask questions to understand any project in its totality.

A developer can understand problems to break them down and coherently propose solutions with excellent communication skills.

Sometimes awareness of many languages is an added advantage, particularly for offshore developers.

For flourishing product development, developers must speak with conviction and listen when other members of the group are talking without obstructions.

5. Time Management

Another primary skill demanded by developers to guarantee auspicious product development is time management.

A good developer must be honest and have a strong work ethic – this means they must have the capacity to determine the time needed to complete a project efficiently.

The power to be capable of managing a project efficiently with time is a demanded skill.

There are various time management techniques that can be executed to help you efficiently control your time.

The developer has to consider a couple of factors such as coding time, time meant for planning, idea implementation time, and much more.

6. Good Team Player

Even though most of the maximum developers work alone most of the time, there will be occasions when you have to be a team member for product development.

A good developer should learn how to work well with other people in a group of sales managers, developers, project managers, or designers.

A developer has to interact and work efficiently with other team members to ensure successful product development.

Empathy and respect have a role in teamwork, so developers have to be respectful and empathetic to other team members.

7. Creativity Skill

Apart from technical skills, your dedicated developers should also possess creative skills. They must have creative skills and should implement their creativity into developing a successful software product effectively.

Though creativity is something that cannot be learned, with practice, developers can get better.

If a developer is creative, he can quickly bring up new and innovative ideas to the team to help all the other sections of the project.

A developer need not have a one-track mind on computer programming and coding. Developers with multi-skills are in high demand as creativity has always been a much-needed skill in every industry.

8. Problem Solving

Software product development is all about resolving problems – software is created to solve issues.

A developer must learn to solve problems efficiently as this skill is the most significant one to control.

The problem-solving skills of a developer will play a vital role in the success of the developed product.

Mobile app developers need to learn how to solve problems regardless of the technology or programming language they use effectively.

The number of times developers have been in the game doesn’t play a factor if they don’t have the necessary problem-solving skills.

9. Collection & Analyze the Data

The product developer is accountable for collecting the data from several sources that pertain to the particular product that they are developing.

Getting real-time feedback from users helps developers build the right product.

Developers also have to analyze the collected data and figure out the product’s functionalities to benefit the company genuinely.

10. Adopting New Methods

A proficient software developer should be open to implementing new methodologies rather than sticking to the same old ones. Technology is undoubtedly improving, and so are market needs.

To ensure that your project is on par with the current market state, you must hire a conventional developer to the recent market trends.

Developers must never flatten their learning curve and should always be open to suggestions from their peers. With new courses of action, products can be deployed much faster and efficiently.

11. Intercommunication in Team

For the team to work together efficiently to deliver fast software solutions, communication is a must.

Communication helps increase cooperation among the group, making them more proficient in their work.

It is the product developer’s job to facilitate better communication among the team members and the client.

For instance, a company has hired an offshore company that provides custom mobile app development services.

It is the job of the product developer to communicate with the client and learn all the necessary goals and requirements to deliver an appropriate product.

Now It’s Your Turn…

I have shared all the major  should possess.

Which skill do you like the most?


Which skill do you possess as a developer?

Comment below and let me know what are your views.

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