Today, the number of mobile users has been increasing rapidly due to the affordable smartphone technologies and high-end internet connectivity. It is expected that by 2021 – the number of global mobile users will be roughly equal to 7 billion. That’s not it, by 2022 the spending of app store consumers is expected to turn $157 billion globally.

Now, the facts are clearly showing that the mobile app industry is on the roll. So, if you haven’t developed your company’s mobile app yet, then you are losing a large chunk of profits. Thus, to follow the market trend, you have to hire dedicated developers from big brands like Protocloud Technologies and be prepared for the change.

Why Does My Business Need a Mobile App?

If you aren’t yet convinced to hire a developer to develop your business app, then you are ruining following opportunities of your business –

Why Does My Business Need a Mobile App

  • Visibility – An app will increase the visibility of your business along with providing a pathway to grow. It will add promotional value to keep your users engage.
  • Customer Loyalty – Mobile app facilitates businesses to directly interact with their customers. When customers know that they can easily communicate with the company and clear their doubts, then it helps in building a loyal customer base.
  • Branding – With the well structured and in-app offers, you can develop a unique business identity that can easily be recognized by customers. Once you have created a unique brand identity, then you won’t have to stress on aggressive marketing.
  • Direct Marketing – App works as a direct marketing channel to provide real-time information, newsfeed, bookings details, and other sales features to users without the support of sales reps.
  • Improved Profits – When the direct sales and customized promotional offers are given to the users, then the revenue of your business will automatically improve.
  • Better Accessibility – App helps in reaching to your globally scattered user in the real-time and address their queries instantly.
  • Enhanced Customer Services – Customer service is an important part of the business. With the mobile app, all your customers are always connected with you which helps in providing fast and efficient customer services.

How to Hire Mobile App Developer?

How to hire mobile app developer

After studying all the dynamic benefits of mobile app development on your business, you must be eager to develop a profitable mobile app for your business. But, hold on, to develop a fully functional and feature-loaded app, you have to foremost find a dedicated developer who can understand your business needs and customer base before developing a trendy business app for you.

Today, if you go online and search for “hire developer”, then you will find plenty of mobile app developers. But, you can’t just hire anyone to develop the best way. No, to develop a dedicated mobile app, you have to select the best mobile app developer after scrutinizing on different scales.

1. In-depth Search

In depth search

Foremost, you have to search for the best mobile app developers available in the market. The search needs to be conducted in-depth and doesn’t just stick to your developers. You should narrow down your search based on the different cities, states, and countries. The benefit of expanding your search criteria is that you will able to target the best app developers working remotely. That’s because sometimes you can’t locate the best people locally. Plus, the mobile app development process can be effectively conducted remotely. Thus, create a proper search pipeline to shortlist the best developers.

2. Experience Matters

Experience Matters

The next important criteria are to focus on the qualifications and experience of the developers. The experience is a very important part here because an experienced developer can guide you properly and can easily help in achieving the targeted goals without any hassle. When you are checking the experience of the developers, then focus on the following things –

  • How long they have been building mobile applications?
  • What is the process of their mobile app development?
  • Ask to show the app already developed by them.
  • A good app developer has experience in numerous platforms such as Hybrid, Windows, iOS, and others. So, confirm the experience of developers in the individual platforms.

3. Passionate Developer

Passionate Developer

Hire dedicated developers who are passionate about your business just like you. It doesn’t matter how good a developer you hire – if his passion and ideology won’t match with your business goals, then the outcome will be never good. Thus, you have to hire a creative and passionate mobile app programmer who can provide intellectual insight and design completely unique app solutions for you.

4. Go Through Reviews

When you are searching for the dedicated app developers, then carefully analyze their website. On the website, you will find the reviews given by the past clients and this will provide you with the real experience of other people. You can even personally contact their past clients to know about their experience and expertise. However, if a developer doesn’t have a website, then you can ask him to provide you some reference apps created by him so that you can check their expertise. Moreover, social media is the best place to review someone today.

5. Focus on Quality

When you have made your mind to develop an engaging business app, then don’t cheap out. Your app is like a fixed asset that is going to significantly contribute to your business’s growth and profits. So, while hiring the best mobile developer if you have to spend a little extra, then don’t hesitate. If you are getting high-quality work, then increasing your app development budget won’t be an issue. Keep your focus on the quality, not on price while hiring mobile app developers.

6. Check Portfolio

Check Portfolio of mobile app developer to hire

You should check the portfolio of the developers to check whether they have worked on a similar kinds of projects or not. Using their portfolio, you can try to evaluate their performance. The portfolio will also help you in understanding whether your requirements and problems can be resolved by them or not. The portfolio will help you in evaluating the workflow of the developers as well.

7. Expertise with Multiple Platforms

Expertise with multiple platforms of mobile app developer

Today, there are plenty of different mobile platforms available such as Windows, iOS, and Android. So, you have to also check whether the developer has experience in all the major platforms or not. If the developer has experience in the one platform only, then you have to hire another developer when you want to create an app for other platforms. Thus, make sure that the developer has experience in all the leading platforms so that you won’t have to worry about hiring new developers.

8. Confirm App Store Submission

Confirm App Store Submission

When you hire a developer, then make sure to ask whether the app submission to the App Store is the part of the project or not. Many programmers charge extra fees for submission, but some don’t. So, you have to confirm that with your developer and ask what will be included in the entire mobile app development costs.

9. Conduct Interview

Conduct interview to hire dedicated mobile app developers

Once you have shortlisted the candidates to develop your mobile app, then you have to conduct an interview. You can first conduct the written interview by email to understand the basic expertise of candidates, next you can conduct telephonic and video or physical interviews to finalize the candidates. Going through different interview phases will help you in better understanding the person.

10. Number of Follow Up

Number of follw up to hire mobile app developers

It is also essential to confirm from the developers how many follow-ups and updates they are going to offer. Your developer should constantly communicate with you and fully inform you about the progress. Make sure to fix the proper communication schedule using different mediums such as call, email, chat, or something else.

Hiring Makes the All Difference

To hire a mobile app developer, you need to follow the strict criteria because, without the dedicated, experienced, and passionate developer, you won’t achieve the desired goals from your mobile app. Thus, to monetize your business app, you have to find the best developers first. And, your search for the best web and mobile app developers can be easily fixed by the Protocloud Technologies.

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