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by Ajay Shah · Updated on March 22, 2024

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Web designers and companies use Website Design Questionnaire to get important information from clients before they start working on a website project.

This extensive document helps describe the project’s scope, understand the client’s goals, and make sure that everyone’s design preferences are met.

By carefully crafting their questions, designers make sure that everyone understands each other, avoids mistakes, and finally creates a website that meets the needs of their clients.

What Is a Website Design Questionnaire?

Website Design Questionnaire

A website design questionnaire is an organized list of questions that web designers and companies use to get important information from clients before they start building a website.

It helps you figure out what the client wants, needs, and wants from their website. Usually, the questionnaire asks about things like the website’s purpose, its target audience, the features that are wanted, branding standards, visual tastes, content needs, and budget limits.

This detailed paper makes sure that clients and designers are on the same page throughout the project.

Why Do You Need a Website Design Questionnaire?

Why Do You Need a Website Design Questionnaire

Before starting a job, you need to get important information from clients using a website design questionnaire. It helps you understand the client’s goals, the people they want to reach, and their style and tastes, so you can make sure the website fits with those.

The questionnaire helps avoid confusion and ensures a good design process by making the project’s goals and limits clear. Overall, it makes communication easier, makes sure clients are happy, and helps make a website that meets the wants of both clients and users.

How to Create a Website Design Questionnaire

How to Create a Website Design Questionnaire

When you make a website design questionnaire, you plan the questions that will help you get detailed answers from clients about the needs, wants, and goals of their website.

Find out first what the website is for, who it’s for, and what benefits people want.

To find out what kind of design they like, ask them about their best fonts, color schemes, and overall style. What are the rules for branding, what kind of material is needed, and are there any features or functions that are needed?


You should also ask about technology like hosting choices and how the system will work with other systems. Ask about budgets, deadlines, and any assets that will already be there that will be used in the planning process.

Make sure you get all the information you need by changing the questionnaire to fit the needs of each job. Making plans will go more easily with this.

Client Website Design Questionnaire

What does your company do?

What does your company do

This question is meant to get you to think about what the company does and sells, which helps you figure out what the website is for and what material is appropriate.

Who is your target audience?

Who is your target audience

This question is meant to find out exactly what kind of people or customers the website wants to reach. Figuring out who the target group is helps with making design and content choices that meet their wants and needs.

What’s your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

What's your Unique Selling Proposition

This question is meant to help you figure out what makes the company different from others in the same field.

This knowledge helps people come up with catchy messages and design elements that show off the company’s best qualities.

Do you want to improve an existing website, or create a website from scratch?

improve an existing website

This question helps figure out whether the project is to make changes to a current website or to make a new one from scratch.

Figuring out what the client wants affects the size and method of the rethink or development project.

Do you want your website to be optimized for SEO? Do you have a list of keywords you’d like to target?

This question is meant to find out what the client values most when it comes to search engine exposure and to find out more about target keywords.

This knowledge helps with search engine optimization by helping with decisions about what content to write and how to structure a website.

What is the URL of your existing website (if any)? What do you like and dislike about your existing website?


The goal of this question is to find out what the website’s pros and cons are. Knowing what the client likes and doesn’t like can help you decide what to keep, change, or get rid of during the remake process.

What is the URL of 2-3 reference websites that you like? What do you like about these websites?

2-3 reference websites

This question is meant to find design ideas and opinions on websites that are already out there. What the client likes about these example websites helps decide how the new website should look and what features it should have.

Do you know what platform you want to use for your site?

what platform you want to use

This question is meant to find out which website-building platform the client prefers. This knowledge makes it easier to choose the right technologies and tools for the job.

What pages do you need on your website?

What pages do you need on your website

This question helps plan the website’s structure, navigation, and content by laying out the pages and sections of material that will be needed.

What features do you need on your website?

What features do you need on your website

The goal of this question is to find out exactly what features or engaging parts the website needs to have. This knowledge is used to help build and add these features so that they meet the needs of the client.

What’s the underlying goal of your website?

What's the underlying goal of your website

This question is meant to make it clear what the main goals and wanted outcomes are for the website. Knowing the main goals makes sure that style, functionality, and business goals are all in line with each other.

Do you have the content ready for your site?

Do you have the content ready for your site

This question is meant to find out if the content is ready and if services for creating content or moving content will be needed. This knowledge changes the timelines and how resources are used for the project.

Does your company have a brand book covering things like colors and fonts?

brand book covering things

This question is meant to make sure that all parts of the brand are consistent and that the design of the website follows the brand’s set rules. For a consistent brand image across all channels, it’s important to strengthen brand identity and recognition.

When would you like to launch your new site?

launch your new site

The answer to this question sets a date for the project’s finish and launch. Finding out when the client wants the start to happen helps with planning the project’s schedule and milestones so that the delivery date is met.

What is your budget for the website?

budget for the website

The goal of this question is to find out what the client’s cash goals and limits are. This information is used to make decisions about the project’s scale and how to use its resources so that it stays within its budget.

Do you need help updating and maintaining your website?

After the launch, this question checks to see what kind of ongoing help the client needs. It’s easier to provide the right upkeep and support services when you know if the client needs help with website maintenance.

Do you need help with blogging and content marketing?

blogging and content marketing

This question tells you what other services, like content creation and marketing help, you’ll need after the start. The client’s larger marketing goals can be reached by making sure that the website is fully managed and promoted.

Download a Website Design Questionnaire Template (GDocs + PDF)

Both Google Docs (GDocs) and PDF versions of a Website Design Questionnaire Template can be downloaded. “Make the process of designing your website easier: Use this thorough form to get started right away.

It’s easy to share project information, preferences, and goals. From the start, harmony is guaranteed by clear communication. You can download the file to make it easier to share and work together.

Make it easier to plan and talk about new or ongoing projects. Boost your confidence as you learn how to create websites.

Why each question is important.

Every question on the questionnaire is very important for making sure the website creation process goes well.

Each question gives important information, like what the business does and who it wants to attract, as well as unique selling points and preferred design elements.

These tips help designers make sure that the website fits with the client’s needs and wants, which creates a personalized, useful, and visually appealing online presence that connects with the right people.

Ask Well-Crafted Questions in Your Web Design Questionnaire

To get useful information from your web design poll, you need to make sure the questions are well thought out.

Each question should be used for a specific reason, like finding out the client’s business goals and target group, as well as their design and functionality preferences.

These questions make it easier for everyone to work together well, making sure that the finished website fits the client’s needs and vision.


For a project to go well, it needs to have a well-written website design poll. Designers can learn a lot about the client’s goals, tastes, and needs by asking specific questions.

This makes it easier to communicate clearly, makes sure that everyone is on the same page, and speeds up the planning process. In the end, a detailed questionnaire builds the basis for a website that not only meets the client’s needs but also speaks to its intended audience, which results in success.

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