Why Logo Designing is Important For a Company?

A logo represents the reputation of a company. It is the first thing that a potential customer will see about your business. Though a logo is much more than just a design, it is a point of recognition for clients and an essential foundation for your company’s branding. It is said that buyers form an opinion about a company within moments. Therefore, a well-designed logo is a simple way to communicate to potential buyers that your firm is professional, dependable, and provides quality goods or services.

  • Great first impressions
  • Gets you recognized
  • Fosters brand loyalty
  • Reveals your identity
  • Raises expectations
  • Creates consistency
  • Builds trust in your business
  • Proof of your professionalism

We Offer an Array of Logo Design Services

Protocloud Technologies is a company of innovators and analytical thinkers. Thus, in our designer team, we have given positions to some of the best logo designers. With the creative and innovative approach, our logo designer service team have made us competent enough to offer a wide range of services including:

custom logo
Custom Logos

Our designers will understand your business ideology, and then, they will design custom logos from scratch. Our team provides custom logo design services in USA & UK.

all inclusive
Logos for All

It doesn’t matter whether you are an innovative startup or a well-corporate house; we have the right technology and experience to serve everyone.

design process
Complete Design Process

Our logo designers start the process from their sketchbooks and finally take to the digital tools. Our team can bring emotions into logos to attract your customers.

Variety of Logo Designs

We design logos for magazines, letterheads, brochures, and so much more. In short, you can get done any type of logos from our designers.

Various Channels

Whether you want to showcase your logos on billboards or business cards, we can design the logos in various styles, shapes, and sizes.

Skilled Designers

We are confident in our custom logo design service simply because we have the best designers on our team that anyone could ever think of.

Some of The Best Reasons to Choose Custom Logo Design are

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Logos Expose Work

Your logo design should describe the nature of your business. For such reasons, the logo designs should be a particular and total copy of your brand’s work.

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Logos are Memorable

The logo should be memorable enough to come immediately to the customers’ minds. Remember the saying, “the first impression is the last impression.”

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Develop a Good Image

Good logos represent the nature of your company. A good logo represents a company’s image and brings endless profits for the business.

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Marketing Fulfilled

Logos have advertising and marketing advantages. However, this objective can only be fulfilled through a balanced, relevant, and complete logo design.

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Sense of Consistency

The idea here is to provide an impression of authenticity and reliability to your customers, which can be achieved through an elegant logo design.

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Brand Your Products

The best way to understand what solid branding is to see cars while driving. It is a powerful influence because you make an association with the brand.

Industry Expertise of Our Logo Designers

Our Logo Designers can build customized designs for your business – no matter which industry you operate. We can assure developing the optimal logo design solutions in sync with your specific industry and your project requirements with sure gains of cost.

healthcare industry


We promote healthcare Logo design teams to global clients who build cost-effective, compliance fit & scalable logos and help them grow their markets exponentially.

Why is Protocloud Technologies Professional Logo Design Service Impressive?

Your business logo isn’t a simple name of your company – no, it is a visual presentation of your company’s goals, objectives, and ideology. Thus, you require a creative and analytical designer who can understand the philosophy of your business and use a creative framework to present it visually. Our logo designers have decoded the balance between creativity and logic through their dynamic services.

logo design services
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Professional Designers

Our designers are extremely professional. They have years of logo designing experience across multiple brands, so they will design a perfect logo for you.

think different

Unique Logos

Every business has different goals and objectives. Every business logo needs to be designed uniquely. And, our logo designers know how to design a unique logo.

customer review

100% Satisfaction Guaranty

We provide the best quality services to our clients. Thus, we don’t rest until we satisfy you – we are proud to claim that we have 100% Satisfied with our clients.

customer support

24×7 Customer Support

We are always available for our clients – whether you want our support during holidays or weekends, we are working round the clock to solve your problems.

affordable plans

Affordable Plans

Logo designing plans offered by our company are the most reasonable in the market. We are working to produce affordable plans that generate high profits

express delivery

Timely Delivery

Once we commit to deliver your project on a certain date, then we use all our resources and energy to make sure that you get your project delivered on time.

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  • 100%


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Ready To Get Started?

Our Logo designing experts have over 10+ years of average experience that can help you achieve your business goals. Our logo designers know how to design a unique brand-oriented logo that will give your brand a unique identity.

Our Work Process

We believe in delivering the best quality service to our clients. Thus, we use the simple and clear process of delivering our work so that the client doesn’t face any problem during the construction of their dream website.


Planning & Discussion

We follow every word of yours and then plan a process that will help our team develop a design as per your requirement.


Designing & Development

Once you finalize the design created as per your needs and requirements, our team works on developing the Logo designs.


Launch & Support

After successfully testing the designs, our team provides it to the respective owner. In addition, we provide high-quality 24X7 support.

Here Are Answers to Your Top Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions that we get

What are the critical elements of your logo design services?

We aim to provide top-notch logo design services to our clients. Thus, the critical factors of our logo design services are – memorable, unique, versatile, original, and attractive.

You have to contact our team using the preferred communication method, provide your basic logo requirements, and follow our simple hiring process; you can get your customized logo done.

Five critical elements of logo design


Our designer aims for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. 

It’s easy to get off-track and try including all your great ideas into one image.

Overly complicated logos do not convey professionalism or confidence. On the contrary, a smooth and clear stamp expresses strength, assures the audience, and is more memorable.


Our designer is careful not to design your logo to be too much like everything else out there. Instead, your logo should set you apart, be recognizable as distinctively yours, and not allow you to be confused with another brand.


A relevant logo is targeted and valuable. First, what attracts you may not request by the intended audience. And second, colors convey secure feelings. Think about what your audience requires from your brand. Yellow reflects joy and happiness, red is associated with youth and excitement, and blue communicates trust, strength, and dependability.


Indeed, you envision your logo as the anchor to your website, brochures, business cards. However, Our designer keeps in the brain that different platforms or applications won’t ever offer the ideal summary, and you need to adapt. So sure to keep versatility in mind when designing your logo.


Our designer Sticking with the “simplicity principle” is a significant first step in creating a memorable logo. Your audience should be able to remember the unique elements of your stamp after viewing. Depending upon the channel or platform, a consumer may only see your logo for a few seconds.

How can we get custom logo services?

You just have to contact our team using the preferred communication method and provide your basic logo requirements to our designers and you are good to get your customized logo done.

After you tell us what you need in your logo design some custom designs for you and send it to you and only after getting your feedback over those designs or if you like any one of the design you just have to tell us and we will start working on the design to make it perfect for you.

We make sure that every logo we design should be a unique logo in every way; the logo should simple and unique to your brand identity.

We believe in designing logos that are timeless and don’t get old with time.

How much time it takes to complete a logo design process?

The exact time of the logo design depends on the complexities that are involved in your logo design. However, once we get all the required information about the logo and your business, we can better predict the completion time.

After understanding your vision of the design we start working on the custom designs for your logo.

We prepare several designs for you ask for your feedback on the designs. After getting the feedback we sort out the best ones and start working on them.

Our main motive is customer satisfaction and we will make sure that we deliver your design at the promised time.

What is a logo, and how can you design one?

Logos or brand marks are a visual identification of any brand or company. It can be anything a figure, a text, or a mixture of both. A logo needs to serve two objectives — describing a brand’s identification and telling the public what the brand is all about.

Based on your requirements, you can make your logo complex or simple. But, it should be significant; else, it will lose it in meaning.

A pro logo design lets you build a relationship between your brand and your consumers.

Moreover, your brand mark works as a tool to excite and engage your target customers while raising your brand loyalty. Thanks to Protocloud Technologies, creative services do not burden your pocket to create a custom logo. Instead, you can build your brand name within your resources. But before securing the logo, we suggest you learn about the past of logo designing or get close to the latest logo design trends of 2021.

It will help you learn various types of logos, their purposes, and similar industries they are used in. Then, get our customized logo designing services for a beautiful symbol, or hire our logo designing services even within your pocket. Whatever road you choose, be sure to get what precisely you want.

How many revisions do you offer?

That’s no problem at all.

When we show the first design to you, I will explain why design judgments are made. At this position, you will have the opportunity to present feedback and demand adjustments if needed.

You are free to ask for as many revisions as you want; but, some revision rounds are included within the typical project range. In the unlikely event that extra modifications are required beyond this, they will be charged at a particular cost revision round and added to the final tab.

The number of revisions will be based on the design package chosen by you. All the terms and requirements of revisions on the logo are disclosed in the service contract.

Why should I go for Protocloud Technologies over a Logo designing agency or a DIY logo website?

Every business is different, so are their requirements. That’s why several types of logo designs are needed.

Making a logo via a logo maker is easy, but the creation may not be precise. A customized logo design makes sure you get a different and relevant design for your business.

Protocloud is home to expert logo designers and artists. Every designer here is hugely experienced, creating stunning designs that uniquely state an authentic brand story.

What if I don't like the first set of logos at all?

We’ll hop on a call, and we’ll work mutually to fix what’s not working, why, and we’ll work out a path so we can proceed with the project.

It’s worth noting that the designs presented to you will be base on objectives agreed with you before the design stage begins. 

It will include info about your business, rivals, and target public. It will also include any specific conditions or expectations you may have, so this is an unlikely situation.

I focus my design choices on goals, which I will explain when presenting the designs. This will mean I have studied your business, target public, and competition. As a logo is a necessary tool, you don’t need to be approved but should preferably perform for your company, which I will address.

I will support you entirely with the project to ensure the design achieves all agreed-upon goals, including any specific demands, before starting the designs.

It’s absurd to happen; yet, if you still dislike the designs shown to you after efforts to find a complete solution, you don’t need to make full payment before beginning the project.

How much you charge for professional logo design service?

We can’t tell you the price of the design before understanding your requirements.

Once you share your logo design requirements and we understand what you need in your logo and what are the complexities of the logo design that you choose.

We can only share the correct price once we get all the information.

What points do you consider before designing a logo?

We suggest that while getting your logo designed by a company you should always remember these points:

  1. It should be simple
  2. The logo should be strong and balanced
  3. It should be memorable
  4. It should be flexible
  5. The logo should have appropriate colors
  6. Unique to your brand.
  7. Should use quality typography
  8. The logo must derive meaning from your brand
  9. It has to be timeless

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