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The client's goal in creating this app, "Whenever Works," is to make it easy for people to find part-time jobs. They want to connect job seekers with employers who have flexible work options, like part-time or temporary positions. The app aims to simplify the job search process, improve the user experience, and provide access to a wide range of part-time job listings. It also allows users to securely add their bank account details for payments. Ultimately, the client's aim is to make finding and managing part-time jobs more convenient and straightforward through the "Whenever Works" app.


"Our experience with the Protocloud Technologies application development team was fantastic. They made our vision for 'Whenever Works' a reality. The app is super easy to use, making part-time job hunting a breeze. We love how we can browse jobs, create profiles, and get job notifications that match what we want. The app's security and job details are spot-on. Managing job responses and tracking offers is a breeze, and the chat feature is handy. 'Whenever Works' has made part-time job hunting easy, all thanks to the development team. We highly recommend them."

Nick DeMarco
Manager, Whenever We Works

Project Overview

Whenever Works is your go-to app for easily finding and managing part-time jobs and it is fast hiring job portal. It connects job seekers with flexible employment opportunities. Users can browse job listings, create profiles for payments, and receive job notifications. The app ensures safety with user verification. Users can view job details, set their availability, and use filters for easy job searching. It also helps manage job responses, track offers, and access invoices. The app includes chat features and provides essential information for user convenience. "Whenever Works" simplifies part-time job hunting in one convenient platform.

Goals & Objectives


User-Focused Design:

The Company aims to design the app with a user-centered approach, ensuring that it is easy to navigate and offers a seamless experience for both job seekers and employers.


Comprehensive Job Listings:

The goal is to provide an extensive and diverse range of part-time job listings to accommodate the various preferences and requirements of job seekers.


Streamlined Payment Processes:

The Company intends to develop a secure and straightforward payment system that simplifies financial transactions between job seekers and employers.


Verified User Trust:

Building trust and credibility within the app is a key objective. The company seeks to implement robust user verification processes to ensure authenticity.


Centralized Job Hub:

The Company aims to establish "Whenever Works" as a central hub for part-time job opportunities, offering a one-stop fast hiring job solution for job seekers and employers


Effective Communication Tools:

The Company seeks to incorporate communication tools that facilitate clear and timely interactions between job seekers and employers, enhancing the hiring process.


Customization and Sorting:

The goal is to provide customization options and sorting features that allow users to tailor their job searches based on specific criteria.


Payment Transparency:

Transparent payment processes and accessible payment records are important objectives to promote accountability and user confidence.



1. Complex App Features:

Developing an app with a wide range of features, including job listings, user profiles, payment systems, and communication tools, posed a significant challenge in terms of design and functionality.

2. User-Centric Design:

Ensuring that the app was user-friendly and intuitive for both job seekers and employers required careful planning and interface design.

3. Payment Security:

Creating a secure payment system that protected the financial information of users while facilitating smooth transactions was a top concern.

4. User Verification:

Establishing a trustworthy environment by verifying the authenticity of users presented challenges in terms of verification methods and processes.


1. Comprehensive Development:

The development company engaged a skilled team of developers to create a comprehensive app that incorporated all necessary features, ensuring functionality and userfriendliness.

2. User Testing:

User testing and feedback collection were conducted throughout the development process to refine the app's design and functionality based on user preferences and needs.

3. Secure Payment System:

Robust encryption and secure payment gateways were implemented to guarantee the security of financial transactions and user data.

4. Verified User Processes:

The Company established a reliable user verification process, ensuring that only genuine users could access the platform.

Visual Designs

Our app's visual design is user-friendly and engaging. We prioritize simplicity, use attractive visuals, and make sure it works well on all devices. The colors we choose are pleasing and consistent with the app's theme. We also focus on making it easy for all users, including those with disabilities. Our designs are tested with real users to ensure they are easy to use. We keep the app's branding consistent, and we pay attention to user feedback to make improvements. In a nutshell, our goal is to create a great-looking and easy-to-use app that meets your needs.

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