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The aim of the client is to connect people and organizations for community collaboration and positive impact. It helps users engage with their communities, find volunteer opportunities, support non-profits and faith-based groups, connect with like-minded individuals, and promote events and causes. Essentially, it's a platform for community building and meaningful connections.


"We had a unique idea for Knaukey—an app to unite people and build stronger communities. Working with the Protocloud Technologies application development team was fantastic. They understood our vision and brought it to life brilliantly. The application they created perfectly represents our mission: connecting people, supporting nonprofits, and empowering faith-based groups. It's user-friendly and secure. Knaukey is more than an application; it's a hub for community involvement, with features like messaging, content sharing, blogs, news, events, and support services. Thanks to the team's exceptional work, we're making a positive impact. Highly recommended."

Mr. John Smith
Marketing Head, Knaukey

Project Overview

Knaukey is an app that helps you connect with neighbors, discover local groups, and volunteer. It's user-friendly, secure, and perfect for building a stronger community. You can also read blogs, check news, view events, and access support services. It's all about connecting people and improving communities.

Goals & Objectives


Platform Development:

The primary goal is to design and develop an engaging and user-friendly website that effectively represents the Knaukey app's mission and functionality. This includes creating a visually appealing platform.


User Engagement:

The website should be designed to engage visitors and encourage them to learn more about Knaukey. Engaging content, clear calls to action, and an easy-to-navigate layout are key aspects.


Conveying the Mission:

The website should effectively communicate Knaukey's mission of community improvement, connection, and support for non-profits and faith-based groups.


Promoting Features:

Highlighting the key features of the Knaukey app, such as volunteer matching, event discovery, and content sharing, is essential to inform visitors of the platform's capabilities.


Encouraging Sign-ups:

An objective is to encourage visitors to sign up and become users of the Knaukey app. Clear registration and onboarding processes should be in place.


Showcasing User-Generated Content:

The website should provide space to showcase user-generated content, such as blogs, news, and events, to demonstrate the active and engaged Knaukey community.


Services Accessibility:

Ensure that visitors can easily access information about the various services available through Knaukey, such as addiction support and animal care.


Mobile Responsiveness:

The website should be responsive and mobile-friendly, catering to users accessing it from various devices.



1. Understanding the App:

Knaukey is a pretty complex app with lots of different things you can do on it, like connecting with people, sharing events, and more. The problem was making sure we understood all these things well enough to put them on the website.

2. Keeping Things Safe:

Since Knaukey deals with personal info and community stuff, we needed to make sure that everyone's information was safe and secure.

3. Mobile-Friendly Website:

We had to make sure that the website worked well on all kinds of devices, like phones and tablets, not just on computers.

4. Managing Content:

People can post their own stuff on Knaukey, like blogs and events. We had to figure out how to make sure that the good stuff stayed and the not-so-good stuff didn't.


1. Learned the App Inside Out:

We worked closely with Knaukey to understand everything about the app so that we could put it on the website in a way that made sense.

2. Privacy First:

We made sure that your personal info and everything you do on Knaukey a professional networking sites stays safe and private.

3. For All Devices:

The website works great on your computer, your phone, and your tablet - it's flexible.

4. Good Content, No Junk:

We set up tools to make sure only good stuff appears on Knaukey, so it's a nice place to be.

Visual Designs

Our app's visual design is simple and user-friendly, with clear menus and engaging colors. We prioritize accessibility, interactive elements, and consistent branding for an enjoyable user experience.

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