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Our Expertise in Real Estate App Development

User-friendly interfaces, great functionality, and passion for industry as well as our customers are the pillars of our real estate app development. We focus on developing tailor-made products that enable real estate agencies to take advantage of digital transformation and be competitive in the modern market.

We are proud to be the gurus combining technology with design to provide real estate solutions with the highest level of interaction which makes searching for a perfect home or an investment opportunity extremely easy and simple for our customers.

Utilizing new technologies like AI, VR, and AR, the clients can exhibit their listings. This leads to the enhancement of the property viewing experience. The clients can showcase their property in more realistic and interactive forms.

Integral to this, is the fact that our feature-packed backend solutions manage property data efficiently and aid in smooth communication between involved parties thus enhancing workflow and boosting the business.

Very uniquely, Protocloud’s solutions in real estate apps will be conducted by experts who give clients customized technologically superior solutions that go beyond expectations and present the clients with world-class digital portfolios.

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Features of real estate app development

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    Property Listings

    A database, which includes an examination of the existing properties, comprises the details of respective structures, images, descriptions, pricing, and information concerning the location.

  • protocloud-_advanced_search_filters

    Advanced Search Filters

    Customizable filters will make it possible for users to decrease the number of results by considering factors like area, price, property type, amenities, and so on.

  • protocloud-_geolocation_services

    Geolocation Services

    Integration of GPS technology to help people find the closest houses and perform an online exploration as well as the easy search for location information.

  • protocloud-_virtual_property_tours

    Virtual Property Tours

    Immersive virtual tours through VR create the illusion of being in the actual property that can be viewed through an internet connection and result in the scheduling of real-life visits.

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  • protocloud-_mortgage_calculator

    Mortgage Calculator

    Inbuilt features include calculators to determine default mortgage figures, affordable house prices, and resourceful financing options as a result of properties' prices, down payment, interest rates, and loan terms.

  • protocloud-_secure_user_accounts

    Secure User Accounts

    Each particular user’s personalized profile with options like saved searches, favorite listings, notifications, and conversations with real estate agents or sellers.

  • protocloud-agent_owner_dashboard

    Agent/Owner Dashboard

    A single website for real estate agents or property owners could control all the listings, book appointments, contacts developed with clients, and collect leads.

  • protocloud-frame

    Analytics and Insights

    The suite of tools of data analytics for monitoring user engagement, checking on the performance of property, and having data on the trends of the market, user behavior, and conversion rate.

Admin panel features


Dashboard Overview

The main feature would be a centralized dashboard giving administrators an introduction to main Performance indices and the numbers such as user activity, property listing, inquiries, etc.


User Management

Utilities for managing user accounts that allow for the creation of accounts, authentication, permission settings, and marking the status of the user account (active, inactive, banned).


Property Management

Services are composed of Internet-based tools for the full scope of property listings. Among them are adding new properties, editing existing types of housing, updating details of the housing units, and deleting old, sold, or demolished listings.


Analytics and Reporting

Being equipped with data gathering and reporting means, with the help of analytics tools, administrators can check user engagement, property performance, trends of search, rate of conversions, among other important stats for making the right decisions.


Communication Management

Activities for handling email conversations among the audience, such as moderating, keeping a record of, and replying to senders within a set timeline to foster quick and successful communications.


Agent Management

Tools to deal with real estate brokers and owners of the property, including the process of submitting new agents, assignment of listings, monitoring agent activity, and society providing support or training when needed.


Appointment Management

Combined calendar and scheduling apps for scheduling and control of property viewings, meetings, and agent's availability as well as for reminders and rescheduling (if needed).


Content Management System (CMS)

An easy-to-use CMS for creating and managing the content (website, blog, news updates, FAQ, and any other resources) for the platform that will be used to keep its content relevant and latest.

Technologies We Use

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“Ajay is a pure class at work. He takes his time to understand the requirements in details and always delivers quality. Was so much fun working with him, I will surely be working with him on later projects too. ”

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“Nice working with Ajay and his team. For the set amount, I’d say it’s worth the cost and a good quality work done. He clearly understands the client’s needs and gets the revision done fast. Thanks!”

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Benefits of Real Estate App



Many real estate apps allow users to browse property listings, schedule viewings, and communicate with agents or sellers using mobile devices anywhere and anytime.


Expanded Property Access

On a real estate app, one can reach a database of properties from anywhere which enables them to view options beyond their close by neighborhood.


Enhanced Search Capabilities

Real estate apps offer more advanced search filters and criteria, which enable users to narrow down the property search to specific preferences like location, price range, property types, amenities, and etc. As a result, the user gets more customized search results.


Time Efficiency

Applications for real estate allow clients to shorten the process of property search and browse information online without wasting time on visiting various houses or long phone conversations with agents.


Visual Insights

Real estate apps integrate rich media features, like high-quality imagery, virtual tours, and interactive maps, which enable users to have a vivid perception of the properties without visiting the sites at first, helping users to make informed decisions.


Transparency and Communication

Digital real estate apps enable prompt and transparent communication between buyers, sellers, and agents through internal messaging or chat, which is particularly useful for inquiries, negotiations, and updates on property statuses, thereby building trust and efficiency in the buying process.

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How much does it cost?

The price of creating a real estate app primarily depends on several aspects including the implementations, compatibility of the platform, the design protocols, and incorporation of innovative biotechnologies like VR or AI. If every project is unique to the business needs with a constricted budget, then each one also has a lot of customized approaches needed to meet those needs. To get a full picture of what additional features you will need in these custom real estate app and their implications on the budget, it would be assumed that you talk to our experts. Call us now to schedule an initial visit followed by a personalized quote.

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Here Are Answers To The Most Common Questions That We Get

Yes, it is possible to incorporate your initial listings in the app without any interruptions or data corruption. Along the way, we make sure to keep data integrity clean.

The schedule development progresses relying on features as the project complexity, feature needs, and feedback loops cycles with the clients. Often, our priorities are producing solely high-quality products and completing them on time.

Yes, cross-platform technologies are used during the development of the real estate apps of our company thus reaching a larger community of future users ( both of Android and iOS users).

Absolutely! We appreciate that a strong visibility level and adherence to style is crucial. Team work with you is the inevitable. Designing the interface of the app according to your branding elements is a must, because as a result, we both end up with instructive and pretty looking user experience.

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