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Security of Enterprise Data
Intrusion into a business’s sensitive enterprise data lodged in apps is a big risk with Android apps. on the other hand, when you compare the iPhone vs Android on the basis on security, iPhone apps, protect firmware and software through stringent security measures such as :

  • Integrated data handling systems.
  • Measures to prevent duplication of data.
  • Measures against loss of security due to data encryption.

iPhone users are cushioned against hacking and malware and this again counts under the advantages of iPhone over Android.

We have a Developed with IOS platform and this app releated by hospital appointment system. Vasundhara QueueFromHome is for the convenience of patients of Vasundhara Hospital.This is NOT an appointment system. Its a live queue system so that you can see from home the status of the queue! So, save time and QueueFromHome! Patients can now get in doctor’s queue from the comfort of their home and save their invaluable time.

Technologies Used



Frontend objective-C


Web ServerApache

DesignPhotoshop, illustrator

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