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Content Management System (CMS)

The original concept behind WordPress was to provide a blogging tool for journalists. With WordPress, journalists didn’t need a specific piece of software; they could update their blog from any computer with Internet access and a browser. Because multiple authors could upload posts, WordPress was ideal for online magazines and newspapers. Then regular businesses realized they could create a company Web site from WordPress, that it wasn’t just for bloggers! The CMS aspect meant that IT departments didn’t need to install a piece of software on every employee’s computer. Any authorized employee could simply open a browser, log into the company site, make updates and log off. People could even work from home! With WordPress, companies save themselves the cost of specialized software and multiple user licenses. No wonder businesses started flocking to WordPress! Now WordPress is the first platform most people think of when they want to build a Web site.

We have a Developed with wordpress platform and this website releated by website sell business. It involves buying existing website domains and flipping those for a profit. The process of buying and selling websites is similar to the process of buying and flipping homes.

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FrontendHTML5, CSS3, Jquery


Web ServerApache

DesignPhotoshop, illustrator

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