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Why kotlin App development

Kotlin which is used as favored by Google for building Android apps, has a clean and meaningful syntax that helps one to improve their productivity on the job. Being fully interoperated with Java allows the developers to easily create programs granting access to highly skilled features for building strong and performance applications.

  • Precise Word Ordering for More Worker Efficiency
  • Null Safety is a Biggest feature which helps to Prevent Runtime Errors
  • Extension Functions That Allow for Code Reusability Across Technology Stack.
  • Coroutines for Asynchronous Programming
  • No data transfer or coding experience is needed to reproduce the code with Java for full integration.
  • Data Classes as an Easy-to-Manage Data Structure.
  • Higher-Order Functions which is a crucial Component of Functional Programming.

Our Proficiency in Kotlin App Development

Comprehensive Kotlin Proficiency

Proficiency in Kotlin language’s constructs helps us to get rid of a lot of effort and also use the power of Kotlin fully.

Android App Specialization

By having extensive expertise on the implementation of the SnapFlow application on the Android platform, using Kotlin, the users would be able to get to the different functions of the application with very minimum friction and to navigate it with ease.

Cross-Platform Expertise

Expertise Kotlin-Multiplatform involves the development of cross-platform applications with as thin code reuse as possible thus, applications can be run on different platforms with the highest degree of edge.

Backend Development Prowess

Proficient in using Ktor on the backend development side, building robust, responsive, and scalable backend systems for modern apps.

Third-Party Integration

Expertise in smooth hooking of external libraries and APIs to Kotlin software, which increases functionality and calls up additional features.

Agile Methodologies

Using the agile concept to shorten the development time, seeing to it that all client requirements are realized and hitting deadlines.

Advantages of Kotlin app development


Enhanced Productivity

Kotlin’s compact syntax replaces the unnecessary code, leaving the programmers with succinct and much easier-to-maintain sources in a short time.


Interoperability with Java

Fluent coupling of existing Java codebases, enhanced by the possibility to interoperate with existing libraries and tools, allows for Kotlin adoption to go smoothly.


Null Safety

Prevention of null pointer exception errors through explicit null checks integrated into runtime significantly increases your app’s stability and security.


Coroutines for Asynchronous Programming

Kotlin’s coroutine feature embeds asynchronous programming and hence helps with handling background processes, strengthening the app’s response.


Improved Type Safety

Kotlin’s smart casts and type inference strengthen type safety, reducing crash chances and making the code more resistant to errors.


Growing Community and Ecosystem

Kotlin relies on a fast-growing developer community and a multitude of libraries, frameworks, and toolsets, that are collecting the necessary resources and support for the builder to make their app stand out.


Our Kotlin App Development Company experts can create customized solutions for your business – no matter in which industry you operate. We can assure creating the optimal project solution  with your specific industry and your project requirements with sure gains of cost.


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Why Choose Us for Kotlin App Development?


Proven Track Record

Here we are proud that we have the expertise while our developed projects and clients’ talk confirm to us that we have the proper knowledge and Kotlin-based applications can be what you are waiting for.


Expert Kotlin Developers

The professionals/members of our team, who are experienced Kotlin developers of high caliber and have extensive knowledge of the language and its environment, make us unique in our ability to provide best-fit directions in full accordance with your particular needs.


Client-Centric Approach

We focus on getting a grasp of your company objectives, and requirements, to bring everything together successfully, in line with everything that you desire to see developed and achieved.


Transparent Communication

We proclaim our principle of clear communication throughout the project, not only keeping you in the loop but also making you feel involved and responsible until project requirements and outcomes are fully executed.


Timely Delivery

By our advanced development process and agile methods, we remain determined to complete every project on time, no matter the function or quality of the project.


Continuous Support and Maintenance

Building something together has only just started, long after project delivery. We periodically update your Kotlin application to keep the app secure, current, and performance-oriented with the help of support and maintenance packages.

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Protocloud Technologies has 11+ years of average experience building an interactive, secure, user-friendly, and scalable iOS application that helps start-ups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs stay ahead of the competitive market. So share your project details with the Protocloud iOS team!

Technologies We Use with Kotlin



Android Studio

The official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android application development, Kotlin can prevail making it the first-rate language used for constructing rich features and bug-free Android applications.



Kotlin Multiplatform

Utilize Kotlin Multiplatform to share the code between different platforms (Xamarin, Swift, and web) on the side of cross-platform development having the advantage of keeping the code consistent.




Utilizing Ktor, an outstanding asynchronous library for building backend systems as well as web applications using Kotlin, we can construct such backend services that are highly scalable and able to support Kotlin applications efficiently.


Earned 100% of job success & “Top-Rated Plus” Badge on Upwork.

Recognized as Top App Developers by Clutch.

Featured in the list of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies.

Ranked as “Top App Development Company” by GoodFirms.


Here Are Answers To Your Top Questions

Here Are Answers To The Most Common Questions That We Get

Obviously! Our history is ensuring that our Kotlin application portfolios deliver the best low-level programming application background frameworks, cross-platform arrangements, and Android frameworks. Please, contact us as you are welcome to consider our case studies.

We give a key to Kotlin’s ease of adoption by allowing it to work with Java smoothly. By doing it this way we can add Kotlin without any problems to every old system by improving the compatibility between Java and Libraries.

We are the backbone of our soldiers and their families. We continue to give the after-launch services of maintenance, upgrading as well as support by solving any defects that might arise. Maintenance and support services are our ongoing practices to ensure that your Kotlin application stays up-to-date, secured, and enhanced to perform to the best.

Our software development is done according to agile methodologies that use streamlined processes to implement projects promptly. The information flow being used throughout the project lifecycle will tell you things about their schedule and will not lose the chance to provide you with the product of the best quality.

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