15 Proven Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic [2021]

by John Doe · Updated July. 1, 2020

So you have launched your business website in the hope of getting new leads and tonnes of traffic. You have to build your website with the mesmerizing themes, added loads of plugins, adorned it with high-quality content, but still, after all the efforts, results aren’t what you were hoping?

Then, you must want to bang your head and cry in frustration, right?

You see website owners today starting or developing a website isn’t hard – you have to contact web developers from Protocloud Technologies, and your work is accomplished. But, the real problem here is to get traffic on your website. You need to be get notified by people by standing above the crowd.

But how?

Not everyone knows the magical SEO skills like the best SEO company. Now, no need to sulk because getting traffic is harder than ever in 2021, but it’s not impossible. You just have to play your cards very carefully.

Top Tricks to Increase Traffic in 2021

If you are struggling to boost your website’s traffic, you can know to try a few simple tricks in 2021 and attract a few new users. Really? Yep, one small trick can do wonders on your traffic rate –

Step #1: Try Click to Tweet

If you want to increase the number of shares on your post, you have to give a try to the “Click to Tweet” method. This trick is pretty simple; you share plenty of good points and strategies in your content, which can be easily tweeted. But, you have to encourage your viewers to tweet your thoughts by writing your tweet on ClickToTweet.com. The tool will automatically generate a unique link that you can insert into your content. Thus, whenever someone wants to tweet your strategy, they just have to click on the pre-written tweet only. It is the easiest way to encourage lazy viewers to share your content.

Step #2: Share your Knowledge on Quora

Quora is the perfect platform to share your knowledge and drive some relevant traffic to your site. You can answer questions about your niche or business domain on Quora, interlink your website, and add relevant keywords. However, don’t go overboard and never make your answers look self-promotional. You have to provide detailed and unique solutions to start talking about you and upvote your answer on Quora.

Step #3: Include LSI Words

There’s no secret that SEO is the best organic trick to drive traffic to your website. But, SEO has been so much exploited now that old SEO tricks simply don’t work anymore. The main reason behind this is that Google’s Hummingbird algorithm has revamped SEO completely.

So, now Google doesn’t only search for keywords but also understands topics with the help of LSI keywords. How? Well, take a case of this very post; we are talking about top traffic generating tricks. Thus, LSI words like Google, SEO company, high ranking websites, and other relevant keywords are part of our post. So, when Google crawler visits this blog, it will automatically understand the topic of the post. That’s why you should sprinkle LSI keywords throughout your content for better SEO driven results.

Step #4: Tweak with LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Once you have written a fantastic content on your website, don’t let it sit there. You can take benefit from the LinkedIn publishing platform and market your already written content. You can publish a catchy, unique, and premium quality content on LinkedIn. You have to include a CTA in your post so that a large number of LinkedIn users can access your original post.

Step #5: Start Podcasting

Yep, podcasts are exploding these days. With the advancement of audio apps, a large number of people are listening to more and more podcasts. So, you should definitely use it to your advantage. But, it doesn’t mean that you should start podcasting. Oh god, no, because you are already working overdrive to generate traffic for your website. That’s why you should appear on some already trending podcasts, so you can generate leads from there as well. This way, your work will be minimized while your traffic will be intensified.

Step #6: Reach Fellow Bloggers

There’s a vast blogger community present in different domains. You have to get in touch with bloggers who are posting blogs in your niche. You can contact them and share your posts. If a blogger liked your post, they would automatically share your blog, and you can open your blogs in front of the new audiences. The blogger should have a decent user base so that you can drive a moderate amount of leads. So, make your fellow bloggers your friends, and trend better.

Step #7: Leverage from Medium

Medium is yet another go-to platform to market your content and showcase your link on another authority site. You can create content marketing posts on Medium and link back your main posts to generate leads. The Medium can be a great platform to showcase your content and rank higher on the search engines.

Step #8: Update Content

Mostly, people refer to the newly added posts because they provide current statics and figures. So, if you have inserted lots of figures, facts, and trending information in your posts, you should upgrade your content with the latest information. It doesn’t mean you have to rewrite your content; you just have to renovate it. The content isn’t evergreen, so you have to continually improve and update it. Look at ways you can update outdated content on your site to drive more traffic through visibility on search engines like Google.

Step #9: Create Content Targeting Influencers

If you want influencers to react to your post, you have to provide information that influencers actually want to know. Suppose, if you are an SEO company, you have to share content targeting the problems of online businesses and how can SEO helps in solving those problems. When you provide the content that influencers actually care about, it will automatically boost your site’s traffic, and a lot more people can share your content. Thus, target your influencers with your content.

Step #10: Create your Free Online Course

One of the trusted ways to boost traffic on your website is by creating an online course. You can create free online courses in your niche and post on the site like Udemy. But, always remember that your course should provide value so that students visit your website to get more information. To generate leads using online courses, you have to stay high on the value part because if students don’t find anything valuable in your course, they aren’t going to pay second glance at your website.

Step #11: Engaging Infographics

Infographics are yet another bait that you can throw to catch the attention of people. You can make attractive and informative infographics to bring some traffic your way. People respond to visually presented information quickly as compared to text. Thus, you can hire a great graphic designer and create marketing infographics. You can further share infographics on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media channels to engage more and more users.

Step #12: Mobile-Friendly Portal

With the increase in the number of mobile users around the globe, it is essential to make your website mobile-friendly. Today, most of the users open websites on their small screen mobile, so you have to design your website so that they can easily navigate it. You can Google’s Page Insight Tool to check the mobile-friendliness of your web pages. On the top, ensure that all your posts are AMP specification ready.

Step #13: Mobile-Friendly Portal

If you want to drive more traffic, you should target the second-ranked search engine – YouTube. You can divert a tremendous amount of traffic from YouTube by having an active channel. Just like Google, the key to YouTube is to post relevant, high quality, and engaging video content. YouTube also covers SEO so you can easily optimize your YouTube channel too.

Step #14: Host Free Webinars

You can host free webinars in your domain and drive traffic to your site. There are plenty of different webinar platforms available such as Demio, GoToWebinar, and many more. It is the best opportunity to engage directly with your viewers and address their queries. You can even provide lucrative offers to your viewers to lure them your way.

Step #15: Make SlideShare Presentation

You have platforms like SlideShare at your disposal also. You can create SEO friendly and powerful PowerPoint presentation to increase your visibility. If you use SlideShare properly, you can viral your performance, which is an effective way to drive free traffic. So, create an awesome business presentation on the relevant topics.

Just Do Everything

In today’s over-competitive online era, if you want to constantly generate and retain your traffic, you have to try everything. You have to post on third party sites, appear visually, target social media platforms, and have to try all other relevant methods to boost your traffic. In short, you have to plan your content strategically and efficiently.

Now, if you don’t know how to create a roadmap to boost your website’s traffic, you have to trust the expertise of Protocloud Technologies – the progressive SEO company to grow your online user rate.

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