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  • Signature Agile Dev Process
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Engineering ROI

Signature Agile Dev Process

We’ve honed our distributed-team agile development process for almost a decade. We’ve proven that distributed engineering and product teams can work as effectively as an in-house team with hundreds of completed sprints, dozens of new product launches, and millions in funding raised.

Since 2004, we have consistently been trusted as dedicated remote dev-team of numerous Projects built on distributed-team agile development process. Serving as 'dedicated remote team' and as a part of larger globally distributed teams for over 12years, has sharpened our distributed-team dev-practices, making our work as fluid & effective as any colocated team.

Engineering ROI

Engineering ROI;

Software HR Ctc have been going through the roof and despite that, skilled software engineers are hard to come by & equally difficult to retain. Our Clients have consistently achieved high Project development ROI by deploying our proven software-developers as their dedicated development team. All Performance, and No Resource Management Pains.

Technology Stack


IOS Java php HTML5 bootstrap zend CodeIgniter nodejs Magento Angular Wordpress


MySQL Redis Hadoop


Apache Lucene Elastic Seacrh

Web Server

Ubantu RedHat Apache Ngin


Amazon Hosting Linode Rackspace Hosting

Mobile App

IOS App Android App Ionic App React App


Git Lab Tortoise SVN