Top 10 Free Study Mobile Apps For Students & Kids in 2023

by Bharat Arora · Updated on August 20, 2021

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It has not been long when parents and teachers tried everything to stop their students from using smartphones as they were considered a distraction.

Android App Development and iPhone App Development were the blessings in disguise.

Study Mobile Apps turned mobile phones into virtual classrooms where students do curricular activities with focus and efficiency.

Mobile applications, with new and advanced education management software, are improving the educational aspect.

Educational apps made everything more straightforward and enjoyable: learning subjects, improving skills in new fields or organizing classroom activities.

Here’s a list of the ten best apps for students:

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1. Google Classroom

google classroom
Within an educational institute, students are often required to finish and submit assignments and homework.

And educators have to evaluate and grade them at the earliest. But is this method as simple as it seems?.

All these methods are strangely frustrating for everyone.

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if there is a way to smoothen this process?

Google Classroom is the definitive solution to this problem. Google Classroom is a sort of virtual class.

That means we can use it for sending messages from teachers, designing classes, beginning discussions, submitting and grading assignments, sharing resources asking for remarks and answers, and so on.

It’s also simple to set up a Google classroom. Teachers share code with the students.

And the learners can join by just entering the codes. That’s all it takes to create a virtual classroom.

Features of Google Classroom

  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced organization
  • The more accelerated grading process.

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2. edX

Many scholars dream of reading at top universities like MIT, Columbia, Harvard, etc.

But, they also understand that it’s not simple to get into these prominent universities at all.

Well, if you got edX’s app on your phone, nothing will hold you from reaching those dreams. edX brings these universities into the palm of your hands.

So no matter what knowledge you want to acquire, edX will be there for you at each step of the process.

You can study everything from Study Mobile Apps application.

There are 2000+ courses of top universities in edX such as business studies, linguistics, computer science, engineering, etc.

The university credit and professional certificates you get from these courses will forever be valuable for developing an expert career.

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Features of edX

  • Video tutorials
  • Study material Contributions
  • Interactive quizzes

Additional Information

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3. Khan Academy

khan academy
Khan Academy constantly ensures a top spot on the list of the best free educational apps for students.

The application’s mission is to present available and world-class education for all curious spirits across the earth Study Mobile Apps.

And we have to accept that they are delivering it pretty impressively.

Khan Academy has a different way to drive knowledge into your minds.

All models are in the form of videos.

Videos present a recording of pictures on a virtual blackboard (like a professor giving a lecture).

And the reciter explains each lesson through these pictures. Pretty easy, right?

Khan Academy also gives online courses for preparing for patterned tests like MCAT, LSAT, SAT, Study Mobile Apps etc.

Features of Khan Academy

  • Studying in multiple languages
  • Development tracking
  • Practice activities

Additional Information

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4. Duolingo

duolingo icon in a image
It’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

It takes extensive patience and works to learn new languages Study Mobile Apps.

If the learning procedures aren’t adaptive, we’ll instantly lose focus and interest.

But Duolingo’s App has made language determining an easy thing.

It helps us learn many languages like Spanish, French, English, Latin, Mandarin, etc., in a fun process.

It starts with general picture naming games.

As you progress through levels, there will be many different kinds of engaging games to develop your grammar skills and vocabulary.

You can also set your daily objectives.

The application also tracks your performance to provide you the insights.

If you are doing well, you’ll receive XPs. The more XPs you get, the more sets of stories will be unlocked to improve your listening knowledge and reading skills.

Features of Duolingo

  • More than 30 languages
  • Forum discussion
  • Interactive stories
  • Leader boards competitions
  • Language learning events

Additional Information

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5. Udemy


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udemy logo on a image
Udemy is one of the best Education Study Mobile Apps Mobile applications for students.

It has more than 135,000 videos for courses ranging from business and technology to personal development like writing, drawing, yoga, and many more.

Another exciting point is that we also get to understand these models at our speed.

If you feel like you’re stuck on any lesson, you can clear your doubts by asking questions to instructors and students.

For example, if you got any ideas for a mobile app, Udemy’s expert instructors take you by hand to your dream of creating an application.

Features of Udemy

  • Skillful instructors
  • Conversations
  • Survey creator
  • Interactive education

Additional Information

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6. Kahoot

kahoot app logo in a image
Interactive quizzes can quicken the learning process remarkably.

Learners feel unexplainable happiness when they get the answers correct.

In that respect, Kahoot is one of the most potent education applications for those who prefer learning through quizzes.

Kahoot has ready-made tests on any subject.

So you pick one topic and join live quizzes with all the other players.

The application also lets you instantly create your quizzes and ask your friends to play with you.

You can also use Kahoot for offline quiz contests.

The setup is pretty manageable.

The teacher or quizmaster organizes a quiz competition on Kahoot and displays it to an interactive projector or whiteboard.

In the future, each quiz contest will be like this. And the members join the quiz using a PIN and answer problems on the app itself. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Features of Kahoot

  • Simple game creation
  • Host live quiz on large screens
  • Play with more than 2000 live contestants

Additional Information

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7. Quizlet

quizlet application logo in a image
Quizlet has many effective ways to make learning easy and quick.

After opening the app, you will see different study modes buttons such as flashcards, learn, match, test, and write, Study Mobile Apps many more.

Each one of these modes is a different way to understand topics that you wish to learn.

The use of flashcards in Quizlet is another excellent quality of the app.

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Flashcards encourage active recall; actively spurring memory during the learning process is one of the most critical learning techniques.

You can even design flashcards and share them with other scholars as well.

Quizlet also contains many gaming activities to touch upon what you’ve acquired.

The application gives consistent study reminders development checkpoints on the way.

Features of Quizlet

  • Practice examinations
  • Study sets for patterned exams
  • Custom audio and images to improve learning

Additional Information

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8. SoloLearn

logo of sololearn app in a image
The range of coding and programming is more comprehensive than ever.

If it weren’t for coding, we wouldn’t have many tech wizards like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, etc.

SoloLearn is a paradise for coding lovers.

Whether you are a specialist or a rookie, it can grow your coding skills with its immense collection of free-of-cost coding tutorials across languages like python, java, c++, PHP, swift, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc.

Application development is one area where there is a continuous requirement for programmers.

These languages are the basis of several mobile app developments.

So if you manage to understand them, job openings will be pouring in from all places.

Features of SoloLearn

  • An interactive community of programmers.
  • Tutorials on the most advanced coding trends.
  • Free of cost mobile code editor.

Additional Information

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9. Photomath

photomath logo on a image
Well, those days are over now. Mathematics has always been a complex subject for many learners.

It doesn’t matter what age you are; maths can be a challenging obstacle to tackle for many learners.

Now everyone can study to solve any complicated math problem very fast using an application called Photomath.

Many statistics have placed Photomath as one of the best education apps for students.

The training method is straightforward in Photomath.

You have to take a picture of the problems, and the application itself guides you on how to solve those problems through step-by-step explanations and guidance.

Features of Photomath

  • Scan printed/handwritten problems
  • Many solving methods
  • Animated guidance
  • Interactive charts
  • Scientific calculator
  • No requirement for internet

Additional Information

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10. Remind

remind app logo in a image
Group study is an efficient practice to fill in learning ways in students.

But, it’s not regularly possible to get many students to gather under a roof and study collectively.

Remind app is the ideal answer to this issue.


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Remind helps us to stay connected with our school community.

Besides students, this community involves parents and teachers as well.

Once you join this school community using an individual school or class code, you will get regular updates on your classroom activities.

We can also use Remind to message a whole class, submit assignments, share photos and handouts, and clear doubts with our friends, both collaboratively and individually.

Features of Remind

  • Share flyers, photos, and handouts
  • Chat translations in more than 70 languages
  • Immediate messaging

Additional Information

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The education industry has realized the true potential of education apps development.

Many educational institutes and tutors have now started combining their platforms with Study Mobile Apps.

But building a mobile app for eLearning is not a simple job.

An educational app only runs best when students learn things or make their classroom activities seamlessly.

The best online learning applications are the ideal blend of knowledge and user experience.

If you want to develop such student-friendly and customized educational apps,

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