Benefits of Using Mobile App And Top 11 App Ideas For Education Industry

by Bharat Arora · Updated on August 11, 2021

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Recently, we have seen how the education field has changed and is moving into technology.

Now a day’s, kids use mobile app phones for everything like learning, taking online classes, quizzes, poems, study material, etc.

In this post, we will discuss how mobile apps can benefit students and will discuss mobile apps idea that can help in the educational industry.

Also, various app ideas will make learning easy and enjoyable.

Let’s start!

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Top 8 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps in Education for Students

New Learning Methods

The introduction of apps in the education field has led to the initiation of new learning methods.

There are fun games available on mobile apps that make students have healthy thought processes and help them understand things from a different viewpoint.

eBooks And Online Study

These days, students are very fond of online studying. Here library apps and book search apps come into the picture.

These apps have made it easy for the students to search for suitable study material in the mobile apps.

It helps them stay closer to the study material and easily search the materials over the web.

Routine Tasks

It’s a relief to get all the ordinary tasks done in few taps.

Whether it is like fee payments, other transactions requiring us to stand in a line for hours, or the difficult job of marking presence drives teachers crazy with the amount of paperwork smiling back at them each day.

This entire struggle has put an end to just by having apps in place.

The life of each individual connected with the ecosystem is now functioning and straightforward, more efficient.

Reduce Communication Gap B/W Students And Institute

It is assumed that, following conventional methods, institutes cannot pay equal consideration to all students.

Now, it is possible to reach out to all of them.

School communication apps make it feasible to give information to every student; they can notify them about new agendas, different discussions, various conferences, and everyday school activities.

 24/7 Easy Access

Unlike school, mobile apps are open round the clock—no need to be worried about calendars.

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Everywhere can be a classroom. mobile app learning is not time-bound learning; it is relaxed knowledge.

Most of the apps support child-friendly access.

Children only need to reach out for the device when they feel like learning.

Little ones can operate it without much effort.


Many other student-related activities, such as online school fees and other purposes, can be done through mobile apps.

It saves the effort to wait in line and deposit the fees for various objects at school.

Also, attendance-management apps keep students’ attendance so that teachers can have a keen focus on the students.

It makes it easy for both faculty and parents to keep a record of the attendance of students.

Saves Time

Students save a lot of time with educational mobile app.

No requirement to travel, so it saves commuting time.

Getting sources, class notes are straightforward; download it, so it also saves time.

Features like instant updates, unlimited learning, Portability, etc. Saves a lot of time.


The Educational apps are cost-effective and have a wide range of payment options that allow the student to pay in small installments or maybe per class.

Students have started accepting the digitalization of education and learning, and soon, this will change the entire education system in India.

Educational App Ideas That Make Learning More Exciting

Question & Answer App

The question and answer app is one of the best app ideas developed for the students who post questions related to any query related to any subject, chapter, and topic, where teachers can answer the question of students.

The application can be utilized by an all-age group of students and teachers across the world.

Apps like Quora are used by students and many users around the globe who seek answers to a particular topic.

Apps like BYJU also provide Q&A features to their users.

Students learn all the modules and chapters via an application that helps them prepare better for their exams.

These educational apps come with self-assessment tests which provide a better way of solving a question and learning.

QA applications give nitty gritty responses to questions every time a student endeavors it.

Question & Answer App

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Educational Games and Quizzes App

Building an education app with various tests and games is another interesting application idea.

This application empowers students of all age groups to play games and quizzes related to their education.

Games and quizzes of this application will relate to grammar, mathematics, and general knowledge questions.

This helps students learn and examine at a single platform.

Besides, all aged groups can find games and quizzes according to their choices, such as difficulty, age-wise, and category.

Educational Games and Quizzes App

Download App

Dictionary App

A dictionary mobile app helps somebody from every age group.

So, it is helpful for both learners and tutors.

And many professional people use these types of applications.

In old times, people used to carry a dictionary of two thousand to three thousand pages or a pocket dictionary.

No doubt, it a highly time-consuming to seek the meaning of a single word from a dictionary book.

However, these days, everybody is using smartphones.

People are more interested in using mobile app.

So, launching a dictionary app is better to make everything simple.

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After all, an app uses lesser time for searching words and their meanings.

Dictionary App

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Language Learning App

These types of apps help beyond learning a language. Instead, they will improve your vocabulary.

You can think of making language learning mobile ap if searching for educational app ideas for learners.

For example, Duolingo is an excellent app that helps people in learning different languages online.

Students can learn Spanish, German or practice their English grammar and vocabulary through activities and fun games.

Each day, just by spending twenty minutes, students can learn a new language.

This app creates lessons per topic.

It offers seven new words and rewards with skill points on finishing every level.
Language Learning App

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Program Learning App

Students learning to program face challenges in the beginning stages and frequently look for help from different software engineers over discussions and social networks to get the appropriate direction and source for their project.

This can be considered as one of the best educational apps where various coaching centers are accessible for students to join and master programming language however they are time-bound and can’t clear their doubts as soon as it arises.

In this way, programming apps give learning solutions for various languages like C, C++, PHP, Python, Java, etc.

These applications are helpful for the IT Industry as well as professionals for reaching topics anytime and everywhere.

Program Learning App

Download App

Examination App

Create a mobile application that can help students to learn, study, and remind quickly in their exam time.

The app will offer a required course and chapters that students must not revise or read for their examinations.

Also, this application will enable applicants to create a to-do list of examinations. Hence, they don’t forget the primary thing when attending exam sessions.

Through video chat or live chat, this app will connect both learners and teachers.

Examination App

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Vocabulary Apps

While preparing for an eligibility exam like SAT, improving your vocabulary skill is highly necessary to succeed.

Including puzzles, quizzes, and word games with vocabulary is a straightforward app idea that will expand their vocabulary while keeping their studying fun and simple.

Developing a dependable word bank is required for people so they can express their thoughts precisely.

A perfect vocabulary-improving app makes you learn new words and correct your spelling, pronunciation, orthography, phrases, and more.

Include a flashcard feature in your app with the word elements and words mentioned, alongside prefixes and suffixes.

Visualization tools help candidates record their growth, and instances will make sure they understand every word’s contextual meaning.

Vocabulary Apps

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Homework Reminder App

It is challenging for students to remember their regular home tasks because they receive different work every day.

Furthermore, they need to complete their tuition assignments as well.

To make everything simple for students, you can develop a homework reminder app to remind them about their homework timely.

Homework Reminder App

Download App

Competitive Exams App

It’s tough to prepare for a competitive exam without Coaching.

Students need to discover the perfect syllabus and then a reference book from several digital resources, and finally, they can make the test series for their self-assessment.

If you offer a competitive exam app, it will make everything more comfortable for students as within a single app; they will get the complete syllabus, names of reference books, or ebooks.

Finally, they can test themselves by enrolling in exam series.

Competitive Exams App

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School Bus App

One of the unique app ideas is the school bus app, allowing parents and school administrators to track school bus drivers in real-time.

Both will know the live location of the driver and follow the bus speed.

Even parents can set reminders to pick up and drop their child on time, and they can receive real-time pop-ups when the bus is nearby.

Schools can create this app for parents to provide extra security and convenience.

School Bus App

Download App

What do you say?

I’d love to hear what you think about app ideas for the education sector.

Specifically, I’d like to know:

What’s the #1 app idea you would like to work on?

Also, I plan on adding even more helpful resources to the blogs soon.

So let me know if you have any topic ideas or suggestions.


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