Mastering Puppy Training: 10 Top Dog Training Apps to Try Today

by Ajay Shah · Updated on May 14, 2024

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Have you decided to know what your faithful little pet is capable of doing? Join the movement towards the future of dog education through the dog trainer apps. Whether it is Bubble Theory’s secure learning approach or Volumetree’s friendliness to the user; you can satisfy yourself in the realm of both effective and enjoyable puppy training. Such an innovative way for pet owners is more than meets the eye, experience it today. You can start right now with these free dog training apps!

Bubble Theory Dog Training

Bubble theory dog training helps dogs learn by making them feel safe and happy. It claims relaxed dogs learn best. Dogs that are terrified or worried need the “safety bubble”. They feel safe in this pleasant space. Bubble theory training helps frightened dogs gain confidence via kindness and patience. Creating a quiet and safe atmosphere helps dogs learn without stress. This training makes dogs and owners friends.

How can Volumetree help you in Creating a World-Class Dog Training App?

VolumeTree delivers great free dog training apps. Volumetree can advance your idea of making a leading-edge dog training app through its experience and creative solutions in app development. The human edge of user-centric design and the use of emerging technologies enable to customize the app to the particular needs of dog owners and pets. The platform is equipped with a user-friendly interface, efficient training modules, and video integrations, which undoubtedly leads to a seamless experience for the user.

Tips for Creating a Great Dog Training App

  • Make sure that the app’s buttons and menus are placed in such a way that the users can find and reach the required functionality quickly.
  • Set priorities in the schedule, progress tracking, and behavioral hints to assist users to focus on effective training.
  • Energize dogs and owners with the app throughout the learning process to make training stimulating and motivating.
  • Clearly explain the directions and demo for each training exercise.
  • Quizzes, challenges, and rewarding virtual will help the users in the training of their dogs.

Why are Pet Training Apps so Popular?

Pet training mobile apps are in fashion because of the reason that these apps offer an easy-to-use solution for dog owners to teach their pets tricks. These apps offer you everything one can imagine, such as proofreading and helpful pieces of advice, training exercises or courses, and all this without having to spend money on classes or personal trainers. They do all the tasks helping the owners from training the very basic obedience to addressing the specific behavior issues that make them suitable for all kinds of pet owners.


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Furthermore, many of the pet training apps come with interactive features as well as progress tracking, where the users can track their pet’s development and mark those special events. Through their well-organized and useful UI, these apps provide pet owners with the capacity to take on training as a confident and efficient subject.

Top 10 Dog Training Apps with Key


Every dog owner should only ever use Pupford when they need to teach their dogs something. This show has all the information you need to teach your dog. You can easily use it and it will show you what to do at all times, even if the way isn’t clear.

People who have not kept a dog before can exploit their tools because they are straightforward and easy to understand. Our pictures and step-by-step instructions can teach your dog any kind of routine, regardless of how smart and how trained it is already.

Pupford is one of a kind because it always tries to get better and keeps track of its progress. Smart tracking tools let people see how their dog changes over time. These results help them choose if they need to change how they train their dog. It’s easy to understand and makes sure that growth is steady in this part.


  • Interactive Training Videos
  • Progress Tracking Dashboard
  • Community Q&A Forum
  • Behavior Correction Modules
  • Daily Training Challenges
  • Virtual Clicker Integration
  • Personalized Training Plans


Anyone who owns a dog can use Dogo’s all-in-one app. Now we can train our dogs even
better. The app’s library is very big, with more than lessons and personalized patterns for
dogs. This way, no dog is left behind as they learn to master and follow. People who sign up
for Dogo to go through a unique onboarding process that helps them make a program that
works best for their dog’s behavior and learning style. You can see improvement right away
with this personalized method. It helps the lessons last and work.

The application is simple since accessing an app will allow people to submit training videos and within 24 hours the expert trainers will send a response. their thoughts. People who know that they have such help and advice might see that they can cope and are well on their way to changing around themselves. train dogs to obey and guide them in the best way, thus leaving no room for problems and the dog learns faster.

Dogo also comes with a clicker, which is a tried-and-true way to improve the way you teach. The app now has this feature, which not only makes teaching easier but also makes it easier for pet owners to talk to their pets, which helps the pets learn and change their behavior better.


  • Customized Training Routines
  • Instant Trainer Feedback
  • Video-based Learning Platform
  • Clicker Training Integration
  • Progress Tracking Dashboard
  • Breed-specific Training Modules
  • Personalized Training Recommendations

Pocket Puppy School app

The Pocket Puppy School app is packed with activities that will make it even easier to train your dog to better follow your commands and behave better. A dog owner can provide extra lessons or activities that match the pet’s ability and needs just for the satisfaction of his pet.

Dog owners have all the tools they need to respond to and curb negative behaviors their dogs show from “sit” and “stay” to more complex things like biting, barking, and pulling on the leash. When you are at Pocket Puppy School, you will master the skills to make best friends with your little pet pups. The app allows animal shelves and pet owners to connect by including thorough guidance and methodical instructions along with task-based lessons and progress tracking.

Whether you are an experienced dog owner or instructor, Pocket Puppy School will have the tools and knowledge to expose you to what it takes to do well. The comprehensive approach guarantees that no one part is overlooked, and the navigable layout enables you to find your way around with ease and comfort.


  • Structured Training Classes
  • Interactive Tutorial Videos
  • Progress Tracking System
  • Behavior Modification Techniques
  • Customizable Training Plans
  • In-App Support Community
  • Real-time Training Assistance



In order to make it easy and user-friendly to teach pets to dogs or cats, TrainAway Dog teaching represents the best idea. Every dog reaches their potential easily through simple maintenance. As dog owners, we both have tailored programs and an user-friendly interface that are effective to get your dog to learn and improve its behavior according to its needs and personality.


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TrainAway sets itself apart by making it easier for you to communicate with the best professionals out there. The customers using the app will get a ton of knowledge, e.g., quick feedback from their experienced professionals. People learn how to train better, but they also seek continuous betterment. You can figure out why training works and how things will run more smoothly if communication with each other is good.

Here comes the clickers that accompany TrainAway and thus make their product so powerful. Research has shown that these clickers can turn the rain into a more useful one. This technology is the catalyst that speeds up the learning process while encouraging users to behave well. It enables the owner and dog to communicate in such a way that things go well between them and, as a result, more quickly too. The dog whistle might be a great tool for the pet owner to facilitate the dog to learn and attach to the master.


  • Tailored Training Programs
  • Expert Trainer Feedback
  • Built-in Clicker Functionality
  • Family Collaboration Tools
  • Progress Sharing Capabilities
  • Interactive Training Challenges
  • Personalized Training Recommendations



Pupper is just the perfect companion for dog owners who get to experience the exciting journey of training their cherished pets, it stands as a beacon for. This amazing app goes a step further by combining simplicity and power, giving users access to over 100 carefully chosen lessons that are presented by top dog trick trainer, Sara Carson. Through the Pupper app, users get the opportunity to gain precious knowledge and skills right at their reach that guarantees an effective and fun experience for both owner and dog.

Pupper lifts the training experience to intoxicating heights with the inclusion of video tutorials that provide users with a sequence of steps to master a variety of skills from basic cues and basic commands to awe-inspiring tricks such as handstands. Carson’s holistic approach means any level of dog has the chance to show their greatness, with the help of her and her team’s expertise.

Pupper is unique not only for its features but also for the fact that it is written for and maintained by users who form a community of assistants and supporters. Owners can instantly connect via the app’s live chat with skilled trainers at any time and get individual advice or help at any moment. Through this direct access, not only does the training experience get enriched but also it creates a deeper attachment between the owner and the dog.


  • Sara Carson’s Video Lessons
  • Premium Subscription Benefits
  • Live Expert Chat Support
  • Built-in Clicker Functionality
  • Picture-based Training Challenges
  • Progress Tracking Dashboard
  • Breed-specific Training Modules



This training program of EveryDoggy is the ideal choice for every dog owner who wants to strengthen their relationship with their pet.  This unique comprehensive training program is designed in such a perfect way that it is your door to a better relationship with your dog. The software was developed by experienced dog behaviorists who used their expertise and resources to create an elevated relationship between the user and their dog by systematically providing useful materials.

At the very core of EveryDoggy is a large collection of lessons via video, available for use by dogs of all age groups and races. Whether it is a friendly puppy who is coming into your neighborhood or the golden years of a cherished senior dog, you can guarantee that each canine friend gets all the attention and mentorship he or she deserves if they are registered under EveryDoggy. Entry-level training programs designed to meet the needs and requirements of every dog are implemented, to provide a tailored and individual approach to education.

Using EveryDoggy, owners become experts in shaping quality obedience while reminding the dog being trained that it’s good to ‘be good’. By using clear instructions and engaging videos, the users can go through pieces of training stages with “as much confidence as they can, which is proven by the efficiency improvement in each stage. Along with this, it maintains balance in the symbiotic relationship between the owner and pet and promotes the fulfillment and understanding each partner in the partnership brings.


  • Comprehensive Training Programs
  • Video-based Learning Platform
  • Tailored Training Plans
  • Behavior Specialist Guidance
  • Puppy and Senior Dog Modules
  • Interactive Lesson Demos
  • Personalized Progress Tracking



BarkBuddy shines as the key to saving the situation of dog owners facing non-stop barking problems. Our site is a home for both pets and their owners since pet owners constantly face this life-long problem.  Hence, we offer a fully-fledged resource hub, professional advice, and support to tackle this problem effectively.


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BarkBuddy is very easy to navigate and loaded with heaps of information.  By using this app, dog owners will now possess the necessary tools and knowledge that will enable them to effectively deal with the irritating barking behavior and restore peace and balance in the household. From dealing with the root problems of the barking to applying the proven methods of dealing with the issue BarkBuddy is with owners every step of the way which gives them the power to conquer this issue.

BarkBuddy’s core working philosophy revolves around making people understand and communicate with their pets. Through nurturing this more profound bond as well as mutual acquaintance, BarkBuddy strives to make everyone in the community happier and change the place into a more tolerant city. Through education and empowerment, BarkBuddy gives pet owners the vigor to resolve barking-related issues wisely and compassionately, resulting in better well-being and the highest quality of life for both pets and their owners.


  • Behavior Modification Techniques
  • Expert Advice and Tips
  • Real-time Barking Feedback
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Community Support Forum
  • Training Progress Tracker
  • Behavioral Analysis Tools


ITrainer Dog Whistle/Clicker

The iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker is a unique app that is changing how dog training is done by providing the trainer with an intuitive design and the necessary multifunctional features. It can be used as both a clicker and a whistle at the same time; this app offers an all-inclusive solution for command and behavior training; with this app, they won’t need anything else to communicate with their furry friends.

The key feature of iTrainer is its adaptability to meet the requirements of each dog being cared for. Having the ability to choose from various sound frequencies and noises the pet owner can customize the app just for their pet’s specific likes and dislikes, making training enjoyable and more effective. From a gentle whistle to a click harmony, the iTrainer software takes the flexibility required to enable optimized results.

In addition, iTrainer enables a hassle-free dialogue between pet owner and pet enabling better communication and knowledge about the pet. Dogs, after having used the app for some time, can get the connection between certain sounds and desirable actions which results in their better obedience and behavior.


  • Dog Whistle Integration
  • Clicker Training Functionality
  • Customizable Sound Frequencies
  • Behavior Command Library
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Training Progress Tracking
  • Personalized Training Plans


GoodPup distinguishes itself as the supreme place for dog and pup training since it offers tailor-made and high-quality services that address the specific needs of all dog breeds, ages, and behaviors. Proudly providing the services of trained specialists including vets, GoodPup offers 24-hour chat support so that owners can access professional assistance whenever they need it.


The special feature of GoodPup is its devotion to individual instruction. By providing training techniques that address the different specific needs and characteristics of each dog, GoodPup can help owners achieve various training objectives, ranging from the simplest of obedience to addressing more behavioral issues.


The main basis of GoodPup is that you should be able to build a good relationship between the dog and its owner. Via already-developed methods and strong skills, GoodPup assists dog owners with building a solid connection based on communication and trust with their dogs. GoodPup is going to educate the owners with the required tools and knowledge to train their pets effectively.


  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Professional Trainer Guidance
  • Comprehensive Training Modules
  • Behavioral Analysis Tools
  • Progress Tracking Dashboard
  • Interactive Learning Resources


Dog Time

Doggy Time proves to be a wonderful tool for busy guardians who are committed to keeping on their tabs all of their dog’s appointments, contacts, and necessities. VetApp is a user-friendly and feature-rich app that makes the task of scheduling and tracking veterinary and grooming appointments more convenient, guaranteeing that pets get the most effective treatment there.


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The thing that makes Doggy Time different from other apps is the fact that it has an easy-to-use design that simply assists dog owners in staying organized and well-informed. With just a few taps, the users can schedule meetings, create reminders, and jot down vital personal statistics addressing their dog’s condition and grooming. This process-oriented approach helps you get it done quickly and effortlessly, giving pet owners a rest from the rush of taking care of their pet’s wellbeing.


Moreover, Doggy Time creates calmness thanks to an individual place where you can find everything relating to pet care. Along with keeping his vaccination record, the app also has emergency contact information for vets and groomers. By taking this approach, pet owners are more likely to make correct decisions about their dog’s health and quality of life.


  • Appointment Scheduling Functionality
  • Veterinary and Grooming Reminders
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Customizable Notifications
  • Data Security Measures
  • Cloud-Based Data Storage
  • Multi-platform Accessibility

Tips for creating a great dog training app

Clear and Intuitive Navigation

Attempt to create a user interface that is simple and clear, so that users find it easy to navigate among training modules, resources, and features. An organized structure of an app guarantees the best user experience for the user and motivates them to return to the application more regularly.

Interactive Training Exercises

Create an online training environment that is immersive through the integration of interactive training exercises that are built around different skill levels and learning styles. The involvement of various activities, like quizzes and games, including virtual challenges, will not only make the learning interesting but also help the learners retain the core training concepts and methods.

Progress Tracking

Equip users with comprehensive tools for setting goals, tracking training progress, and monitoring the training performance for the period required. Transparent and regular progress reports with personalized feedback and attainable goals encouraged users to remain determined, which in turn positively affected their training outcomes.

Positive Reinforcement

Going along with the app, implement positive reinforcement strategies to develop the desired behaviors and create an encouraging learning environment. Reward systems, verbal reinforcement, and virtual prizes can be used to train dogs in the right behavior, and at the same time the owners build up confidence in their dogs, and the dog-owner relationship is deepened.

Community Engagement


Create a community within the app and give the users abilities that will allow them to network amongst each other, dog trainers, and experts. Through discussion forums, peer support groups, and live chat connectivity means that users can share their experiences, ask each other questions, or learn from each other, thus building a supportive and interactive learning community.


Emphasizing these vital points when designing your dog training app helps to ensure that it is an all-encompassing and interactive platform that brings out the best in both dogs and their owners and the attainment of desirable training outcomes.

How can Protocloud technologies help you in creating a world-class dog training app?

Tailored Consultation

Protocloud Technologies first identifies your specific goals for the dog training app as well as analyzes your particular requirements. Summing up the consultations with you by gathering the information about the audience, the features you wish to have, and the specific selling points of your brand.

Customized Development Plan

From the gathered information, we form a development guideline that highlights the app’s architecture, software functionality, and visual elements. Our staff works together with you to create your plan that matches your dreams and objectives.

Expert Development Team

Protocloud Technologies staffs a team of experienced programmers and designers who deliver mobile applications of high quality. Applying their knowledge and innovation, we make your dog training app a reality with care, and putting in great efforts.

Cutting-edge Technologies

We opt for top-of-the-line technologies and development frameworks for the terrific dog training app that will rock the entire market. AI algorithms for personalized training programs are smart enough to the extent that they create an intuitive interface that increases performance and user experience.

Continuous Support and Maintenance

Our work with you encompasses beyond the release of the app. Protocloud Technologies provides continuous support and maintenance services to ensure that the functionality, security, and up-to-date nature of your dog training app remains. It doesn’t matter if it is dealing with technical issues or introducing new features, we are devoted to ensuring that your app is successful for the long term.


The research on dog training methods and pet app concepts reveals the fact that more and more people want cost-wise and effective solutions for pet care. Free dog training apps have a vital role since they help owners develop a bond and then train their pets. When entering Bubble Theory Training, you can be sure that the settings are kept safe and soothing, and Volumetree’s simple-to-use programs are all about strengthening the connection between dogs and their owners.

These new concepts together with the steadily increasing usage of pet training apps suggest a progression toward a fully-rounded and gratifying dog ownership process. Thanks to technology and new ideas, pet parents have access to easily manageable devices that they can use to keep the connection strong with their pets.



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