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The client, Woxer Underwear, created their website to meet the growing demand for inner-wear. They offer a diverse range of styles, subscription discounts, and flexible shopping options, making innerwear shopping convenient and user friendly. The objective is to simplify the innerwear shopping experience and cater to a broad customer base.


“I partnered with Protocloud Technologies a Website Development Company to create, an innovative innerwear platform. They understood our vision, were responsive and creative, resulting in a user-friendly website offering a variety of innerwear. I highly recommend them for your online platform projects. Thanks, Protocloud team!”

Alexandra Fuente
Sales Manager of Woxer

Project Overview

" is fantastic for innerwear shopping. They offer a wide variety of men's boxers and unique bralettes. The subscription service is a money-saver, and the website is easy to use, making innerwear shopping a breeze."

Goals & Objectives

The goals and objectives behind are centered on creating an effective and user-centric online platform for innerwear shopping:


Make It Easy to Use:

We want to design a website that's easy for people to use. This means you can quickly find and look at all the different types of underwear they have.


Smooth Shopping:

We are working to make sure the website works smoothly. You can easily add items to your cart, choose colors and sizes, and see what you're getting before you buy it.


Simple Checkout:

We want the process of paying for your items to be easy. You can put in your address and choose how to pay without any problems.


Cart Tricks:

The website is set up so you can save things in your cart for later. This helps stop you from leaving without buying anything.



The website will work well on phones and tablets, not just on computers. This way, more people can shop there.


Subscription Savings:

We will have a way for you to get discounts if you sign up for regular deliveries. This helps you save money and keeps you coming back.


Lots of Choices:

We want you to have lots of different options for buying underwear. You can get single pieces or sets with different items


Stock Management:

We are making sure they have enough underwear to sell but not too much. This stops them from running out or having too much stuff.


Keep Your Data Safe:

we are serious about keeping your personal information safe when you buy things on their website.


Always Getting Better:

The Company will keep working on the website to make it even better. We’ll listen to what you like and what you don't, and they'll use new technology to make the website cooler.



1. Displaying Many Styles:

One challenge was showing all the different types of underwear and bralettes in a small space on the website.

2. Adding Subscription Service:

It was tricky to add the subscription service while keeping the website easy to use.

3. Checkout Made Easy:

We had to make sure that people could easily put in their address and pay for their order without any problems.

4. Keeping Track of Your Cart:

We needed a way for people to save things in their cart for later without leaving the website.


5. Showing Styles Clearly:

The website now shows all the different types of underwear and bralettes in a way that's easy to see and choose from.

6. Subscription Made Simple:

You can easily sign up for the subscription service to get discounts on your orders without any trouble

7. Quick and Easy Checkout:

We made it so you can quickly put in your address and choose how to pay for your order without any hassles.

8. Cart Trick:

The website lets you save things in your cart to buy later. This helps you not forget what you want to buy

Visual Designs

At, our visual designs are all about making innerwear shopping easy and enjoyable. We've created a userfriendly platform where you can explore a wide range of men's boxers and bralettes. With clear navigation, style showcases, and a hassle-free checkout process, we've put your convenience first.

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