Comprehensive SEO Guide for 2020

Last updated on June 19th, 2020 at 10:15 am

If you have a website, then you must be trying your level best to rank it among the top ten Google search results. That’s because if you are not on the first page, then you are nowhere. So to get improvement of your website ranking you have to read this seo guide.

We are not trying to demotivate you here, but 75% of users won’t pass from the first to the second page, and don’t let us start on the 3rd or 4th page. So, what’s the solution?

If you want to drive 93% of organic traffic, then you have to use the most trusted and powerful organic traffic generating tool – SEO. Yep, search engine optimization is the name of a flight that will take you from the back pages to the front page of the search engine. By tossing the SEO friendly strategies into your website, you can bake a top-ranking website. At Protocloud Technologies, we always trust the power of SEO and design a custom SEO guide for every user.

Trusted SEO Strategies of 2020

If you believe that 2020 is a year of digital transformations, then you aren’t wrong because the prevailing conditions of the year have already indicated that. But, you are not the only one who is planning to grow digitally in 2020, there are thousands of other people who are already sailing the boat and some of them are trying for years.

Trusted SEO Guide of 2020

So, how will you overpower the big daddies of the SEO world? Now, you can’t throw a couple of common keywords and wait for organic traffic to swamp your website – those days are gone. Today, if you want to rank on top Google charts, then you have to plan a complete SEO strategy after analyzing your competitors, audiences, and other market factors.

However, the most trusted ranking strategies of our SEO company are –

Strategy 1. Long Tail Keywords Will Change the Game

If you are just entering into the SEO world, then you can’t directly fight with the top ranking websites on the common keywords. The websites that are already ranking on the common short keywords won’t give you any room to beat them. Thus, you have to take a smart route and add long-tail keywords in your website. For example –

“SEO Guide” – is a popular keyword

“SEO Guide to Rank on Top in 2020” – is a long-tail keyword

Long tail keywords are important for improvement

When you are targeting the long-tail keywords, then you won’t have to face strong competition and you can easily rank. Plus, you won’t have to spend extra effort and money to rank your LSA keywords.

Now, if you are wondering that LSI keywords aren’t popular ones so they won’t give you desired results, then you might be right because no keyword comes with a guarantee card, but there’s still room to shine. That’s because by targeting LSI keywords, you can target the specific audience, and Amazon is the live example of how LSI can boost your traffic.

Strategy 2. Work on Onpage SEO

SEO has two aspects – on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Both SEO aspects are important, but on-page is highly important to rank your page on the top. There are plenty of different on-page SEO tricks available, but for the beginning, you can start your on-page optimization with –

Work on Onpage SEO Guide

Front Load Keywords – It is a trick where you have to put your targeted SEO keyword at the front of your title. The benefit of this trick is that Google reads front lines first so by presenting targeted keywords at the front you can easily tell Google about your target.

Size of Blog – Your blog should be between 1500-2000 words as the long and informative blogs are highly appreciated by search engines. The single motto of the search engine is to provide relevant information to the users.

Sprinkle Keywords – The perfect keyword ration is 2-3x. You should sprinkle your targeted keywords in the most seamless manner in your blog heading, the first paragraph, subheading, and somewhere in the body of a blog so that search can easily recognize your targeted keywords without disturbing the readers.

Strategy 3. Write More Blogs Than Your Competitors

When you are following the long-tail keywords strategy to rank your website, then you can’t stuff lots of keywords into your one blog. The long-tail keywords are a bit tricky to fit into one blog if you don’t want your content to look too stuffy. Thus, you can merely add one or two long-tail keywords on your blog.

But, you can’t expect your one keyword to trend for you now. You need to at least try a combination of 16-20 keywords monthly to rank your website. That means you need to at least publish 15-20 blogs a month. However, this isn’t even sufficient sometimes – when your competitors are publishing averagely 30-40 blogs a month, then you have to publish more blogs with adequate LSI keywords than them. This is the most effective and organic way to generate a consistent amount of traffic on your website. A well-written blog can take your business towards a journey of relevant and organic traffic.

Strategy 4. Figure Out Technicalities of SEO

Okay, if you want to make your website a happening place on the Internet, then you have to figure out some technical aspects of SEO in your SEO guide as well. There are plenty of different technical issues that you need to focus on while developing the structure of your website. Some of the common SEO technical aspects that you should always consider to sharpen SEO edges of your website are –

Speed of Website – If your users have to wait for long to load your website, then they are going to ditch your website and open your competitors’ website. Simply because today no one has spare time to wait for your website to load. Moreover, if you have a low website, then your bounce rate will be high and it is a factor that Google takes pretty seriously. When users are bouncing off your website a lot, then this will automatically send Google a message that something is wrong with your website and it will immediately lower down the rank of your website.

Yoast Plug-in – If like the majority of the website owners, you are using WordPress to launch your website, then you have a great SEO tool in the form of a Yoast plugin ahead of you. Using this tool, you can improve the SEO and readability score of your blogs. It will show you how you can make your website more SEO friendly.

Mobile-Friendly – Today, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, then you can’t target a large number of smartphone or tablet users. To make your website mobile-friendly, you have to test the features and structure of your website on different screen sizes. By making a web structure that can target different screen sizes, you can increase the reach of your website. Plus, Google gives a brownie point to the mobile-friendly website.

Strategy 5. Target Review Websites

When you don’t have sufficient time to grow your website organically using the LSI keywords or you don’t have the budget to run AdWords ads, then you have another option in the form of a review website. There are plenty of different online magazines and websites available that only review other products and write a comprehensive post on them.

Target Review Websites

Now, if you are successful in getting your website review published on the top review providing websites, then you can easily make yourself visible to the large user base of the website. It means you don’t have to do anything to market or promote your post as the review website will automatically do that for you.

Suppose, if you are able to get posted your website’s name on a couple of review websites, then this will eventually uplift traffic of your website as people can visit your portal from the link mentioned. Moreover, when people are talking about your website name more, then this will eventually spike up the interest of Google and this can move your website’s ranking upwards.

But, to use this strategy, you have to foremost find out the top-ranking review websites because if your name is mentioned on the low ranking website, then it will negatively impact. And, your SEO company can help you in finding the top ranking review websites.

Strategy 6. Focus on Search Intent

Search Intent is a new buzzword in the SEO market. The word might be a bit fancy but it is a very simple and common thing. Suppose, if you have a shop of woolen garments and you have mentioned it on the billboard, but when a customer comes into your shop to buy woolen garments, then you offer them raincoats instead of woolen garments. This will surely annoy your customers because you have provided them misleading information.

Similarly, if you are telling your search engine that you have a website related to online money making tips, but you don’t have content to provide information to your customers, then this will definitely make your customers unhappy. Moreover, thanks to RankBrain, Google can tell when websites aren’t providing content based on their targeted keywords. So, if you provide correct and authentic information to your users, then Google will automatically push your website rank upwards.

Strategy 7. Reduce Bounce Rate

We have already discussed how your bounce rate can impact the ranking of your website on Google. Now, if you are not making sufficient effort to reduce the bounce rate of your website, then all the hard work that you are putting to make your website SEO friendly will go into vain. Thus, you should make a plan to stop people from bouncing off your website.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Search Intent is a perfect way to improve the bounce rate of your website. When your customers are getting the correct information from your website, then why would they bounce off anywhere else. So, if you have a low bounce rate, then this will automatically make your website shine in the eyes of Google.

Strategy 8. Tip Toe Around Relevant Keywords

Well, if you have targeted your website on certain keywords, then you should not stick to one set of keywords only. With time, the keywords performance and behavior of users also change frequently. So, you should test the performance and relevancy of your keywords from time to time. Moreover, you should also target some keywords that you haven’t targeted before but you are still getting traffic for them. If you optimize some organic keywords on your website, then it will definitely benefit your website in the long run.

Strategy 9. Use Backlinks

Okay, so if you have created a high-quality SEO friendly blog, then so what? Because every month 7 million are published online and only a handful of them are able to survive. That’s because your content is a drop in an ocean of blog posts, videos, Instagram Stories, and Facebook posts that come out every single day.

So, the solution to make your website stand out among the crowd is to include high-quality backlinks. The backlinks are like inviting a blogging community that you have created an awesome blog so come and check it out. Thus, always include the relevant and high-quality backlinks in your website to divert some traffic towards your blog.


So, if you don’t want your website to be just another website on the Internet, then you have to make some tough decisions and map out effective SEO strategies to organically rank your website. You can’t just sit back after launching your website, no you have to constantly stay active and try different SEO strategies to grow your website. If you stop making strategies to grow your website, then you can’t even think of coming on the first page.

However, if you don’t have time to continuously create your SEO strategies, then you can hire a professional SEO company – Protocloud Technologies to help you out.

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