Top 15 Uber-like App Ideas to Start Money Making Business in 2023

by Bharat Arora · Updated on September 8, 2021

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The world is inevitably changing at bolt speed.

With users looking for convenience, speed, and simplicity, mobile applications are on hype.

But do you want to understand what kind of apps are in demand?

With the pandemic outbreak, people now prefer getting the most things sent to their doorstep to stay safe in their houses as much as possible.

Wondering what applications are in demand right now?

Looking at this opportunity, if you are thinking of on-demand app development in the USA or India, check out these 15 on-demand app ideas for 2023, which are very much in demand. Still, the supply of such applications is short.

Be the earliest one to be a prime name in the on-demand application development category.

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Top 15 Successful Uber-like App Ideas to Start Money Making Business in 2023

 1. Uber for Groceries and Healthy Food

Jumping meals because of a shortage of time has become a model for many working millennials.

Or they end up filling on fast food.

Thankfully, grocery and healthy food delivery applications can help stop this.

Uber-like grocery food delivery applications are great ideas to make millions while encouraging people to consume healthier food.

If you build an Uber-like app for groceries, your users can buy nutritious food items and get them delivered the very day or the following day with only a few taps.

 2. Uber for Plumbers

A typical shower uses about 50-100 liters of water.

A leaking tap, dripping ten times per minute, could waste more than 1300 liters in a year.

But most people delay that because it is difficult to find a plumber who comes in for just one leaky faucet.

With an Uber-like app for plumbers, it will be simple for the users to get all their taps-related issues fixed and save water at the same time.

Uber for plumbers is a unique application like Uber as you can enable people to hire plumbers on-demand and get services in under one hour.

3. Uber for Fitness

Fitness freaks and health enthusiasts.

Do these words sound familiar to you?

We all remember someone who is like this.

They constantly need their gyms, salad, and smoothies.

What if they are in a new town and don’t know any great gyms? What if they don’t have the opportunity to make that ‘delicious’ healthy smoothie?

Uber for fitness apps is ideal for such personalities.

You can note down gyms from the city, ask fitness instructors to register on the application, get healthy food joints to begin taking orders from your app, and do different things.

If you make an all-rounder Uber-like on-demand app for fitness, then you’ll be rolling in a lot of capital.

4. Uber for Beauty

Finding a good salon on the budget, making the appointment, going to the salon – doing all of this isn’t simple, particularly when the consumers have to find an open slot that suits their program.

Salon owners also face the troubles of underbooking and overbooking.

What could be an option that helps somebody get their salon services without giving in so much effort?

An on-demand salon app that operates like Uber for beauty applications.

They could give the services at the client’s home, the client can schedule from the free openings on your Uber-like app, and it will avoid many troubles.

Since this uber for business app design caters to the customer’s requirements, it is much more popular and can help you generate higher profits.

5. Uber for E-learning

Again because of COVID-19, students are now staying inside their homes.

Now the question arises, how will students proceed to study?

Well, building e-learning apps can help those students to continue their studies.

Adjusting digitalization for the education sector is one of the best opportunities at this point.

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Education apps have transformed the way of delivering education, but they have also created a demand in the market.

If you have thought of creating an e-learning app, you can add advanced features like hiring tutors with their complete information, uploading tutorial videos and video calls.

6. Uber for Logistics

Whether your users want to deliver a package, move from one city to another, or use a truck for their shipping plans.

Uber for logistics and trucks can be helpful.

You can put up your whole fleet for hire, and people can determine which and how many trucks they need.

It makes for simple shipping, logistics, and a trucking firm.

You’ll keep making money for the trucks that are being used.

You can also allow other truck proprietors to register on your application and charge a commission from them.

For the simple shipping of smaller boxes, you can create a segment in the application where people choose the type of package they want to send and deliver it.

7. Uber for Babysitters

Parents of youngsters are rarely able to go through with a last-minute plan.

Why? Because locating a babysitter requires a plan.

An on-demand babysitter application is an excellent business ideas app to solve this obstacle and make it easy for parents to find experienced babysitters for their kids.

It helps parents maintain their lives a little better and allows babysitters to find loyal and safe homes to earn a little extra capital.

On top of that, you make a great profit through all the bookings made on the Uber-like app.

 8. Uber for Tutors

Tutoring is an amazingly profitable business, with hourly rates increasing every year. However, education is an area in which nothing unusual has happened for decades.

The Uber for tutors could be examined and applied to bring something unique to the table.

An on-demand tutoring app ideas can help you benefit other people and revolutionize the education industry quickly

With customized tuitions and better possibilities, it becomes relatively easy for students to grasp complex concepts at the last minute.

It also helps more brilliant students earn money as a part-time profession.

 9. Uber for Cleaners

Uber for cleaners is an excellent idea for an Uber-like app that can help you make millions.

Giving professional and skilled staff for house cleaning can be a great business idea if carried out perfectly.

Using Uber for cleaners, people can state their conditions through the app and demand a cleaner. Cleaners in the region who are accessible at the time will get a request.

If they allow the proposal, the app will direct them to the house they should clean.

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10. Uber for Mechanics

If you’ve ever had your car break down on the freeway or when traveling through the woods, you’ll know why this one is essential.

You see it all the time – cars breaking down in the center of nowhere, accidents, cars going down the ditches, flat tires, and so many other mishaps.

The closest mechanic is miles away most of the time, and there is no way to call him to the car.

Using an Uber-like on-demand application for mechanics or technicians can help so many people stranded nowhere in the middle of the road.

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It will also help the mechanics reach a wider public.

11. Uber for Pharmacy Delivery

Currently, we are facing an enemy who is invisible to our eyes.

The only way to overcome it is by staying inside as much as possible and using on-demand app services.

It is the reason why the use of the best on-demand apps has skyrocketed.

Assume that you have a fever. Would you like to go outside to buy medicines or send your close ones to go out and take the risk?

In these challenging times, prescription delivery startups can come forward and help needy people.

Uber for prescription delivery services apps or medicine apps lets people buy the needed medicines from a drugstore whenever they want.

It is one of the applications that are in demand.

The trend is here to stay because covid is not going away soon.

12. Uber for Fashion

What will one do if he is held in the office and has so much work that he cannot buy a gift for his wife on their anniversary?

The answer is simple!

Fashion apps are a one-stop destination for all last-minute orderings.

The eCommerce app development can bring you a lot of publicity, like Amazon.

Fashion trends are never going to finish.

The report from Statista shows that 23% of consumers love shopping online.

It keeps the force going as people continue to shop online.

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You can also add users and the latest features like a payment system, shopping cart, and push notifications.

13. Uber for Payment Wallet

The cashless transaction has become normal nowadays.

Applications like CashApp and PayPal have already set the industry norms by proving their worth.

You can also build a tremendous payment wallet with safe services, unique features, and the latest technologies.

Google Pay, which has become the equivalent of a daily online payment app, has enabled millions to pay just using their mobile phones.

If you consider building a payment wallet app or something similar, you should start working on it now.

14. Uber for Doctor Booking

In the middle of the nighttime, you fall sick.

You are not in the condition to drive or visit your nearest clinic for your checkup.

In such a circumstance, if you would have a doctor booking app on your mobile phone, you can immediately contact the doctors nearby your place through video, call, or voice call and describe your concerns to them.

Additionally, the specialists will help you with the medicine to buy without leaving your home through the app.

You can instantly connect with the doctor, and if there is an emergency, you can also ask them to visit your house.

15. Uber for Ridesharing

Since traveling has become extremely comfortable, most people cannot even think of functioning without travel apps.

You can effortlessly book a cab with the apps like LYFT, Uber, and Via in seconds and hit the highway.

Now, you don’t worry about standing in a line to book a ticket.

A ridesharing app is enough for you to travel a long distance.

Thinking of a business viewpoint, on-demand apps like taxis, buses, bicycles, logistics, and e-scooter are the possible startup ideas you can execute.

Since these apps enable you to connect with your customer, offer long-distance transport service at affordable rates.

How do I identify if my app idea is any good?


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It is an exciting question, but sadly not a very common one.

Most people who intend for a mobile application assume their vision is excellent and do not worry about asking themselves this problem.

And I don’t have any suspicion that most ideas are genuinely great, but that does not necessarily mean that the app will succeed.

It’s one thing to create an incredible product, but it’s another thing entirely to sell that product, market it, and get people to use and love it.

So if you do not have a plan for broadcasting the news about your app to a broad audience, you could have the most beautiful idea ever and still see just 100 app store downloads in total.

And the opposite is true as well.

A designed app can have thousands of downloads if they’ve marketed its application well enough.

After all, recognize this small fact: people who have not downloaded the application yet don’t know how great or common it is.

So while you can have your application go viral and grew through word of mouth, if just a few people find the application excellent, it is by no means the only factor to think about when making a good app.

And if you are counting on your application making the rounds online, you might not be placing yourself up for success.

Part of what makes an app great then is not just the idea of the app itself, but just as much the idea of how they will do the marketing of the app, how it will be maintained and updated, and how it will affect the lives of the people using it.


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Uber-like App Ideas to Start Money Making Business

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